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The Different Colors of Ghost Orbs and Their Meanings


If you’re interested at all in the paranormal, you’ve probably heard the word ‘orb’ before. Orbs are thought to be ghosts or spirits coming to earth in the form of light, trying to communicate with the living human world once again. These small spheres of transparent light have gone under much scrutiny and debate when it comes to whether or not they are truly ghosts or spirits, and everyone will have their own opinion when it comes to their validity. Once more, everyone will also have their own thoughts and opinions on what the different colors actually mean.

Orbs are typically found in photographs and videos, but there are several other reasons why this tiny circle of light might appear. Film photography can create an orb due to the coloring of the camera lens as well as dust specs, rain, bugs, or other spots found on the camera lens. When it comes to the case of orbs found in videos, this can be caused by infrared lights reflecting off of certain objects to create an ‘orb’. For this reason, many do not believe in ‘orbs’. However, when it comes to orbs found with the naked eye- especially in places known to be ‘haunted’- orbs are more believable. But what do their colors mean?

Clear Orbs

A clear orb is commonly known as the orb that signifies communication. The spirit in this orb is trying to talk to you. They are trying to tell the human, living world that something has happened in the specific location in which the orb is found. They want to move on from the event, but they need to talk to the human world to try and get passed it. For a believer, it may be important to try and communicate back with this orb so they can move on to the spirit world.

White/Silver Orbs

There are two different reasons why an orb may be colored white or with a silver hue. For one, white and silver is known to be a connection to a higher power. That being said, white or silver orbs can be a sign that the spirit of this orb is still in this plane and needs help to move on to the next life. On the other hand, white or silver orbs can be a sign of protection to everyone in the area. This may offer some peace to those in the human world who witness this type of orb.

Black Orbs

The color black is usually associated with darkness or negative vibrations. A witnessing of a black orb is an important one to note, as the spirit may be warning you that the location is unsafe or has a high negative energy. You would be wise to stay away from a black orb, especially if you feel unsafe the closer you get to it. Black orbs, even brown orbs, can be a sign of evil- although that’s not always the case. Still, it is best to use caution when coming near the black orb at all costs.

Red Orbs

For most, the color red is filled with extreme passion, deep anger, and intensity; however, in the spirit world this is NOT the case. Paranormal investigators believe that red is actually a sign of safety. If you see a red orb, this spirit may be trying to protect you and keep you safe. They are not to be afraid of.

Blue Orb

Unlike red, blue is a very calming and welcoming color; and that is true into the spirit realm as well. Blue orbs are said to be a spirit that is very calm and happy. They are visiting this world with bright, positive energy. They are not to be feared. Some paranormal investigators also believe that blue orbs are brought to this world to help guide the living.

Breaking it down a bit, light blue orbs are a sign of tranquility, pilot light blue offers shielding, and dark blue is supposedly a shy spirit with a survivor spirit.

Green Orbs

A green orb is simple: it is the presence of a human spirit. Unlike other orbs, which may represent a spirit that never touched this world in the first place, a green orb was likely an actual human at one point. They are happy and visiting this world with the intent of love and happiness. Green orbs are also very close with nature.

Yellow Orbs

The majority of paranormal investigators associate a yellow orb with ‘caution’. If you see a yellow orb in a certain location, it may be warning you to proceed with caution- and that’s exactly what you need to do. If you feel disturbed or unsafe, leave the area immediately.

Lavender Orbs

Lavender orbs are incredibly peaceful and at peace with God. These orbs are typically just visiting and observing and are not there to offer anything to the human world, good or bad. They are simply enjoying the world.

It is important to remember that everyone has a different meaning when it comes to orb colors and what they truly mean. If you see an orb, use your own distinction to determine what this orb is trying to communicate with you, simply using the list above as a guide. If you feel a positive energy from an orb, don’t be afraid of it. However, if you feel any sense of negativity coming from the orb, it would be best to simply stay away from it and try not to make contact or get too close. As humans we are able to feel energies from spirits, so use that when you happen to come across an orb in your day to day life. Remember: this is JUST a list of what most paranormal investigators believe!

What are your thoughts when it comes to orbs? Have you ever seen an orb? What do you think the colors mean? We would love to hear your thoughts below- share your stories!


    • Black orbs may be a sign of negative energy. This means that you should move through your life with compassion and kindness. The only way to prevent and reduce negative influences in your life is to filled with positive energy. Allow this orb to influence you in a positive manner. Have a great day, Kaleb!