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What It Mean When A Guy “Likes” All Of My Posts, But Doesn’t Text Me?


Social media has become a huge part of most of our everyday lives. We usually wake up and the first thing we do is check our Insta, Snap or Facebook, right? And sometimes it can be a huge let down, but other times it can make us happy! Like when we see a guy’s name pop up on your social media can certainly get your heart a fluttering! This leaves us in a weird state of bliss. Well, if you like the guy or he is super cute that is. But it can start to become almost disappointing when you see his name and yet you don’t get a single message or text from him. Guys do a lot of strange things that can definitely leave women baffled. Like when they like all of our posts, but they never text or message us. This is awfully confusing. Which is exactly why we decided to do a little research to find out exactly why they do this type of thing to us. We were sure it wasn’t to torture us. And we were right. There are actually a few different reasons as to why he might be partaking in this odd behavior. Want to know what they are? All you have to do is keep scrolling down!

The Answers

He’s Just A Lurker: There might be a strong chance that the guy who is liking your posts likes you, but he has no intention of ever acting on that feeling. That means that he does not actually like, like you, but instead he thinks you’re hot and he clicks with the stuff that you post. He is doing this almost as a weird form of flattery. He is saying, “I think you’re really cool.” And that is about it. He does not want to message you nor will he ever do so. He might have a girlfriend or have his sights set on somebody else entirely. And there is a good possibility that you are not the only girl on social media that he is doing this, too.

He’s Trying To Send A Message: Or it could be quite the opposite. Yes, there is a chance that he is trying to reach out to you. Not every guy out there believes in making the first move on a girl. Sometimes there are guys who want you to be the one to make the first move on them. He is patiently liking all of your stuff in hopes that you realize it is a signal. He is trying to reach out to you by doing this. He wants to make sure that you are interested in him, too. That way he does not have to message you and get rejected by you. Waiting for you to come to him is the safest way for him to not get his feelings hurt. Want to find out if this is the reason? All you have to do is get up the nerve to message him first. What’s the worst that could happen? He obviously already likes a lot about you if he likes all of your posts.

He’s Too Nervous To Talk To You: There is a chance that he could want to make the first move on you, but unfortunately his insecurity is preventing him from doing so. He might just be a little too nervous to pop into your DMs. He might be trying to work up the courage each and every time that he clicks ‘like’ on your stuff. This happens once in awhile. Because, just like girls, guys get nervous, too. He might always have wanted to say something to you, but each time he tries he gets scared. You might just be intimidating to him! You never know! Maybe give him a chance by starting the conversation first and see how it goes.

He Is Hoping You Do The Same: There are actually people on social media that will go out of their way to like peoples stuff, because they want someone to come like their stuff. This is often true for people who own businesses or make music. They tend to do this stuff on social media and hope to gain a following. He might think that by liking all of your stuff, you will in turn like his stuff and give him some recognition.

He Genuinely Likes Your Stuff: He could just really, really enjoy all of the stuff that you post. You might just be two peas in a pod when it comes to Memes, music and videos. That does not necessarily mean that he likes you romantically. He might just honestly find your stuff amusing. And maybe even all of it. This tends to happen a lot, but we don’t think of it right away. Which is exactly why it is the last one on the list!


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