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What It Means When A Guy Texts You But Doesn’t Actually Say Anything?


So you’ve been texting a guy and it feels great when he replies, but the greatness starts to lessen quickly because you notice that even though he is responding he really isn’t saying much. Don’t worry, it happens all the time. If we had a dollar for every time this happened, we would be stinkin’ rich. All you have to do to fix this problem is identify why he is speaking like this to you. How do you do that? Read our seven reasons as to why he is texting you, but doesn’t actually say anything below to help you out!

The Reasons Why

He is just super bored: He might just be texting you, not because he likes you, but because he likes entertaining women in his DMs. This happens quite often when it comes to guys who text you, but don’t seem to actually have anything substantial to say to you at all. He might just like the digital company. However, if this is the case, you can be sure you are not the only woman that he is replying to (terribly, we may add), he is probably talking to several other woman and just responding better to the ones that he actually has interest in.

He does not have any interest in you: Or he could just be trying to be nice to you, because he does not want to hurt you feelings. He liked you when the two of you met each other, but he does not see you two developing a bond of any sort in the future. He has no plans of hanging out with you anytime soon. This is common when a guy always seems to respond to you, but he responds with things such as the following:



“Oh wow.”

“Really, that’s crazy.”


The one word texts can definitely be super frustrating, but be thankful for them because they actually throw out red flags that will help you learn what he is really like. Like you know if he is sending those types of texts constantly that he probably does not have any interest in pursuing anything with you.

He is bad at making conversation: There might be a slight chance that he is texting you, but not saying anything because he simply does not know how. Yes, not everyone was born as a blessed texter. Heck, some people didn’t even start texting until way late in their lives. Yes, we know it is 2017 and everyone should be a master of instant messaging, but that just isn’t the case. Some people just suck as making conversation. Some people just don’t know how to properly text. So he probably thinks that he is doing a good job, because he does not know any better. At this point it’d be up to you to tell him that his texts are not coming off as the best.

He needs you to start the conversation: There are certain guys who just wait and wait for you to spark up a conversation with them. Think of it as tiptoeing. They are tiptoeing around the conversation, because they are waiting for you to initiate it to the fullest. They want to essentially follow your lead. So if you are not giving him anything to follow, you may find that your discussion is in turmoil. Try giving him something to build off of and see if it helps. If it does, then you can be sure that this was the reason that he was texting you, but not actually saying anything of substance.

He is too nervous he is going to mess up: Unfortunately a lot of men are just as insecure as women are. There are definitely men who have a hard time saying anything, because they are totally nervous they are going to blow their chances with you! He might be trying to take things slowly. He wants to see where this whole thing is going to go. So once again, he is probably waiting for you to say something that he can build off of. Even then, he might tread lightly, because he really likes you and doesn’t want you to get weirded out by him.

He is very busy at the time: Have you been paying attention to his schedule? You never know, you could just be catching him at a bad time every time that you text him. He might be at work, with friends or with family. He could even be just running errands. You might just have bad timing with your messaging. It’s not that he does not want to be talking to you, but he just doesn’t have the time to go in depth with a conversation right now. To prevent this in the future make sure that you ask him if he is available to chat!

He is just very shy: Yep, some men are very shy. This can lead them to text you, but not really say anything. If this is the case, he is going to be quite reserved when it comes to texting women. You will definitely have to take things slow if this is the reasoning. Get him to come out of his shell! Try talking about his interests or even planning a date in real life so you can speak face to face.


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