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What To Bring And Not To Bring To A Concert


We all love when we have important events coming up. Festivals, parties, birthdays and especially concerts! Concerts always get our blood boiling in the right type of way, because it usually means that we are on our way to see one of the musicians or bands that we truly cherish! Also, they are just a jolly old time altogether. What’s not to love about them? You and your friends will definitely find yourselves having a blast when you attend a concert together! There is no better joy than jamming out to the music that you love, with the people that you love. But it can be a little nerve wracking the very first time that you plan on going to one, right? We totally get that! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to plan out new things. Like vacations or, well, concerts! And if you get too stressed about it you might miss out on the important things you need to bring with or the things that you should not be bringing with. We understand and that is why we suggest you have no fear. That is exactly why we are here today! To help you be as prepared as you possibly can for a concert, anytime and anywhere. You are certainly going to have the time of your life! You just have to know what to bring and what not to bring. And we have the perfect list to help you figure that out.

What To Bring To A Concert

What To Bring To A Concert

Concerts are great, but they might end up sucking if you don’t know what you are doing or what you should bring with. You might think that it is a good idea to just up and go, but we highly advise against doing so. There are going to be times when you are there that you will find yourself really in need of something super important and you might not have it. That can rain on the entire parade! So be loaded up with the right supplies and have the time of your life instead. However, it is important to keep in mind what type of concert that you are going to. There will be outdoor and indoor concerts. Each type requires different supplies. We will label which items go with which types to help you!

Sunglasses-  (Outdoor) An outdoor concert can be a pain in the eyeballs if you don’t have proper gear for it. Such as sunglasses.  You are going to want to have a way to shield your eyes from the sun or you might get tired of straining them. Especially if it is really sunny. A rainy day might not call for them, but they might be useful on the drive there anyways! You also want to ensure you can see the musician or band if you are facing the sunlight.

Money- (Outdoor and Indoor) We suggest at least bringing 20-30 dollars with you when you go to any type of concert. You never know what you might need when you are there. Since most concerts do not let you bring in outside food or beverages you might want to have some cash in case you get thirsty or hungry. Not staying hydrated during any kind of concert can be dangerous. So supply yourself some h2o with the money you bring.

Comfortable Shoes- (Outdoor and Indoor) We know that you might want to look your best and wear dress shoes of some sort. We suggest that you do not do that. Your feet will start killing you at some point. Unless you are going to be sitting the entire time, that is! You want to make sure that you are going to be comfy while standing throughout the whole thing. You want to avoid waking up with blood blisters the next day, right? So wear some sneakers!

A Bag: (Outdoor) Outdoor concerts often have booths and such around where they give out free samples. And you are more likely to be walking around a lot more if the show is outside. You will definitely want something to store your stuff in or you are going to get tired of holding it! A small sports backpack is always a good idea, but a large purse works, too.

Chapstick: (Outdoor And Indoor) This is mainly a suggestion for outdoor, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring it to an indoor concert either. You will get dehydrated in the sun and so will your lips. You might find yourself wanting some blistex at some point!

Sunscreen: (Outdoor) Sunscreen is an absolute must for outdoor concerts. Sunburn and skin cancer are no joke! Being in the hot sun all day can turn out to be a really bad thing. So be prepared. You can opt for lotion or spray, it really does not matter. Just ensure that you protect your skin!

A Hat Or Bandana: (Outdoor) Like we mentioned above: The sun is no joke! You can and will burn your scalp if you do not protect it. This is why we recommend wearing some protective headwear like a hat or even a bandana! Trust us, you will thank yourself for it later.

The Right Clothing: (Outdoor and Indoor) Often clothes get dirty or ripped at concerts. So wear something you don’t mind ruining and something that is comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. You might also want to bring a sweater or light jacket in case you need it! There will usually be a coat check if you are worried about lugging it around.

What To Bring And Not To Bring To A Concert

What Not To Bring To A Concert

Flip Flops, Sandals Or High Heels: (Outdoor and Indoor) Any of these types of shoes are going to be a terribly bad idea! You want to make sure you wear something comfortable and something with a closed toe. Why? Because no one likes getting their toes stepped on, right?

Too Much Money: (Outdoor and Indoor) Bringing a little money for emergencies or merchandise is a great idea, but do not bring an excess amount of money. Wallets and bags often get pick pocketed or lost at large events. You don’t want to go home totally bummed you lost 500 bucks, do you? We doubt it.

Glasses: (Outdoor and Indoor) We think it would be a great idea to switch out your glasses for contacts for the day (if you can), because they often get lost, broken or stepped on at these types of events. And we all know it is a pain to go without them on the drive home.

Hanging Jewelry: (Outdoor and Indoor) This might seem like a totally weird thing to say, but it’s not. The last thing you want is someone moshing or dancing next to you and ripping out your earring by accident.


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