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Special Ways To Celebrate Your Boyfriend’s Birthday


Birthdays are supposed to be one thing and one thing only: Special. That’s why we tend to put a lot of time into planning them for the ones that we loved. However, since we have so many birthdays in our lifetime, we often run out of ideas on how to continue celebrating! So what do you do when you run out of ideas? Well, we have a list right here for you to take a glance at. The list below will give you some great ideas on how to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday in the most special ways possible!

Ways To Celebrate:

  • Plan A Theme Party:

A great way to celebrate anybody’s birthday, but especially your boyfriend’s, is by planning a themed celebration. This is going to take some careful planning and consideration. You don’t want the theme to be made up of just anything. To make it truly special you will want to make sure it is a theme that your boyfriend loves the picked out theme. Pick a theme that revolves around something that he is utterly obsessed with. To make it even more special you can make it a surprise party! Have a costume picked out for him for when he arrives! He will definitely appreciate all of the effort that you put into all of this.

  • Sports Event:

Most men, not all but most, have a strong love for one type of sport of another. Surprise your boyfriend with tickets to his favorite sporting event!

  • Celebrate In Nature:

Is your boyfriend a nature lover? Good! This gives you the perfect excuse to spend his entire birthday outside. Unless, of course, he is a winter baby. Then maybe it is not such a good idea to do so. Well, except if you like winter sports. That might make up for it. You can spend the day hiking, swimming in creeks or just checking out every local park that you possibly can. You can spend many hours scoping out each nature center, park and trail that you have in your town or even in the surrounding towns and cities.

  • Eat The Day Away:

Do you two consider yourselves foodies? Or maybe you just have a deep seeded love for food. Who doesn’t? If so, you can just spend the day eating! How do you do that and make it special? Well, we are not suggesting just sitting at home eating. Nope, instead plan to eat at several different places. Consider it like a pub crawl, but instead of drinking at bars you will be eating at restaurants. Check out all the appetizers and desserts you can before you get so full that it

hurts! It will be fun, we promise.  

  • Grill It Out:


Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t want to do anything big and super special, but we all know the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. Get out the grill, put on some tunes and set up the folding chairs in the backyard to have a nice, at home, picnic right in your very own backyard. Now, whether or not he wants to do the grilling or have you do it is totally up to you two to decide! It’s his birthday, so maybe let him pick.

  • Do Something Crazy:

It’s not everyday you have an excuse to go bungee jumping or learn how to skydive, but now is your chance! Do you two consider yourselves thrill seekers? Well, take him to do an extreme sport or event to get his adrenaline pumping and give him the birthday celebration of a lifetime!

  • Family And Friends Fun:

Has it been awhile since your boyfriend has seen his family or even his closest friends? This may be a great excuse to surprise him by calling in all of the people that he misses for one big, special celebration. There’s nothing greater, for some people, than getting to spend your day with the people that you care the most about. Some people don’t like to make their birthdays a big deal or do anything fancy, but they do want to spend time with their parents of best friends. This is especially true if your boyfriend’s’ family or friends live out of town.

  • Book A Club:

If you have the extra cash in your pockets, this is a great suggestion to make your boyfriend’s birthday truly memorable. Or maybe not very memorable if you have a little too much to drink. This is definitely only for those who have a lot of people to fill up the club. Or maybe your best bet is to rent out a small venue. It is totally dependable on how many people you want to invite. Either way it should be a lot of fun if you can afford the expenses of it!

  • Winery/Brewery:

Are you two connoisseurs of booze? Then number six might be the best, most fun way for you to celebrate your boo’s birthday this year! Take him for a day at the winery or brewery in your town. Get a little tipsy and have a few laughs! There’s never anything bad about that, is there? We don’t think so.

  • Volunteer:

Maybe your boyfriend is one of the good ones with a heart made of gold. If that is the case, he might actually enjoy if you sign him up to spend his birthday helping others. Now this isn’t fun for some people, but others really seem to have a blast doing this type of thing. Celebrate his birthday by lending a hand to those in need. Sign up to volunteer at the community center and be active with your community’s youth. You could also feed the hungry at a soup kitchen nearby. Whatever the cause, if this is his type of fun he will definitely have a good time doing it with you.

  • Get Kinky With It:

Your boyfriend might really think that spending the day with you is all he needs on his birthday. You can make that even more special by spending the day trying out new things together in the bedroom. What man doesn’t want that? We can’t tell you the answer to that.

  • See His Favorite Band:

What could possibly be more special than taking your boo to see his absolute favorite band in the whole entire world? Nothing much, we think! This is a great way to spend time together and let him have an unforgettable experience.

  • Shopping Therapy:

Who doesn’t love to spend the day splurging on themselves? Not many people, that’s who. Take your man on the shopping spree of the year. Let him spend as much money as he wants and go to whatever retailer he wants. He will appreciate you tagging along with him to keep him company. He will also feel some relief from all the shopping therapy he will be doing! It will be a ‘treat yourself’ type of birthday that he will definitely love!


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