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What To Do When A Girl Blocks You


A girl blocked you, huh? And now you’re left wondering what to do? No doubt that has to hurt a little. Waking up and seeing you can no longer access her content, when yesterday everything was peachy keen, definitely has a certain sting factor to it. But we are here to let you know that it’s all going to be okay. Before you start freaking out and sending her messages that you may regret, there is a few different things that you should consider.

Ask Yourself Why

Think long and hard about the past few days leading up to her blocking you. You want to put on your detective pants real quick and start by retracing your digital footprint with her. What was the last conversation you had with her like? Did she seem upset by anything? Did you say something that you maybe shouldn’t have? It’s important to consider these types of things so that you can get to the bottom of this mystery. Finding where it all stemmed from gives you the best chance and repairing the relationship between you.

You will also want to think about what platform she blocked you on.

Here’s why:

Snapchat: She may have blocked you on Snapchat because she doesn’t want you to see something she posted. Usually when someone blocks you on Snapchat it’s only temporary. They can take the block filter off anytime they’d like or leave it on as long as they want, without actually removing you from their friend list. This is usually done to certain individuals if the user feels like the content might upset them or if they are trying to keep their snaps during that time more private.

Facebook: When it comes to Facebook there are two different types of blocking mechanisms. Users have the option to block only messages from their friends, while still keeping them on their friends list. You will discover this if you have tried to message her on Messenger and your messages are denied by the autobot. Users can also choose to fully block their friends, which will not only block messages, but will also remove you from their friends list and prevent you from even finding their profiles again.

Instagram: Instagram offers the feature of removing someone from viewing your profile. She may deleted you off of here if you are leaving too many comments or if she no longer wants you viewing her content.

Phone: If she blocks you on the phone it means that you may have offended her in some way. She’s not playing around. Blocking you from texting/calling her is the worst case scenario.

Reasons She May Have Blocked You

  • You have offended her somehow: Think back- Did you say something to her that may not have been okay to say? Have you teased or taunted her recently? Did you do something to embarrass her?  These are all reasons why she may have blocked you.
  • You post content she doesn’t like: We all unfollow feeds that bother us. Maybe the two of you don’t share similar political views and she finally had enough. Maybe your content is inappropriate or reaches out to an opposite audience.
  • She’s playing hard to get: It sounds strange, but it’s entirely possible that she is playing games with you. She may want to see how you react to her blocking or removing you. She may test you to see if you will find another way to communicate with her. If so, she’s ultimately measuring how much effort you are willing to put in to talk with her. It’s not the nicest thing to do, but some girls will do it.
  • She has a boyfriend: She may be taken by someone else. Either her or her boyfriend may not like you trying to start conversation with her or liking /commenting on her stuff.  They may have felt it necessary to remove you entirely.
  • She’s just not that into you: Oftentimes women will block someone because they are simply not interested in the advances you have been making on her.

What Should You Do Next?

Now that you have had a chance to think about why she may have blocked you, it’s time to think about the next steps you can take.

  • Whatever you do, don’t be a creep: Coming on too strongly after she has blocked you will most likely just push her further away. Don’t blow up her phone if she blocks you on social.media and vice versa. Be patient.
  • Try to reach out another way: The best thing you can do is to simply reach out to her in some other way. This will be impossible if she has blocked you on every platform.  However, if she hasn’t, go ahead and write an appropriate message asking her why she felt it necessary to block you.
  • Use good grammar: Besides using proper sentence structure, try to keep the message short and to the point. Feel free to express you are hurt by her blocking you, but do not make her feel bad for it! Acting resentful is a good way of turning her off of you.
  • Make your case: Tell her that you are sorry for whatever you may have done, especially if she tells you that you’ve offended her. Give her a couple reasons as to why she should continue to keep you unblocked. However, don’t get pushy with her.

Remember the time rules: Send your message and wait. Wait up to 24 hours. If she doesn’t respond by then, it’s okay to send one more text when the day is up. If she doesn’t respond after the second message, it’s safe to say all hope is lost between the two of you.


  1. Well that’s going to be a story. I don’t know if it’s worth trying to still be friend of her after recently she blocked me.

    The story is like we met someday outside we changed facebook profiles and after some day We went on some short walk which brought us making love. The point is She was really into me that day and days later. But somehow after a while She started having like an emotional hangover or something. She underlined a lot that there will be nothing between us and we are friends. I accepted it and I really enjoyed spending time with her. After that emotional rollecoaster we made a love another time which brought us to long night messaging. I started to feel something to her but I had in mind that She will not want to get into something deeper. After some time we met another time which was so so but I kept talking with her decided we should give a break eachother. After I went on some holidays for 1-2 weeks. She wanted to meet me, she said how much she missed me and something. We met some days after I went back to my city. It was a short walk. She brought me some gifts including self-made heart that had “I love you” words inside. I was really happy seeing her again, but after I escorted her and hugged She really wanted to run from me. But the very next day she told me that she’s got a boyfriend well I accepted that. But thats not the end of the story. I just wanted to keep our contact alive and asked her If she is going to hang out somewhere some time. Then she decided to block me. I think it’s not worth waiting until she breaks up with her boyfriend. To sum everything up there were days that she really was into me and she was the one who starts converstation and some days that she just wanted me to go away. I guess it was because she was flirting with her boyfriend. Could it be that she wasnt really sure which one to choose?

    • The two of maintained a romantic relationship. Afterward, her feelings began to change. She informed you that she has a boyfriend. Since she is in a relationship, you should focus your emotional energy elsewhere. If her relationship naturally ends, then reach out to her in the future. If not, then determine what you want for your future without her. Regardless of your decision, ensure that your share your kindness and compassion at all times. Have a great day, Anon!

  2. Hello, this will not be in the exact words that she and I have said on snap chat because since she had blocked me I can’t go back to the message and see what exactly what we said. So, I’m going to do my best to tell you what happened. This might be too long I hope didn’t overdo it.

    We first met at this church with our college buddies. There was a Christian event at the church, several colleges were heading to this church. We both went to different places to sleep for the two day weekend. During my time at the church, we had an after-party inside the church gym. It wasn’t like a real party because they set out some sports and games stuff for us. I wanted to do a shoot around with a basketball. When I saw a soccer ball come by me I went to go get it and bring it back to this group of college students who look about the same age as me. I wanted to be as friendly as I can be to retrieve the soccer ball and give it back to them. That’s when I saw her staring at me. She looked amazing, Friendly, and kinda shy. She gave me that smile and turn her face back towards her friends like she was shy to see me or maybe she like me. I didn’t want to fall for her, so I went back to playing basketball. When the soccer ball came towards me again I went to retrieve the ball again and when I gave them back the ball she started to stare at me again. I thought about it so hard and realized that I didn’t just come here to have fun I also came here to make friends as well if I can. I decided to play soccer with them. I introduced myself to them and I was able to talk to the girl who was staring at me. We had a decent conversation until we didn’t know what else to say to each other because we are so new to each other. After two days were about to pass I decided to get her snap chat just so we can keep in touch with each other. We left and as soon as my friends and I got on the road this girl and I started texting each other constantly. Everything seems to go well so far until one day she didn’t respond to me when I was wondering how she’s doing. I kept asking her “Is everything all right?” “You can talk to me if you’re going through something.” I was completely worried about her. I posted something the next day just to post something. She viewed it so, my senses were telling me that she was ignoring me and I went to confront her about it and said that “If you didn’t want to be friends with me you could have just said so.” I went on saying that “this is why I keep my circle short because of people like you.” I felt like I went too far. She responded saying “I’m sorry I was so busy for these past two days, that I felt there was no point of being on social media right now. I apologize as well and respected her decision. I felt like I was in the wrong for telling her that she was fake. She didn’t deserve to hear that. So, I gave her some space. After several days later I decided to text her again to see if she is available to talk. She responded in saying this “Hey Justin, don’t take this anyway, but I can’t maintain a friendship with you because of two reasons a few of the topics you said made me feel uncomfortable and that we are far away from each other that maintaining a friendship with you isn’t possible. I’m sorry, but if we do in up meeting each other in the near future I’m happy to do some catching up. I hope you have a wonderful second semester.” I responded by saying “I’m sorry that I made you feel uneasy and I understand that we are far from each and yes I will be glad to do some catching up in the near future. I hope it won’t be for 2 days I hope it can be more days than that and I hope you have a good second semester as well.” After that, she didn’t respond again. I only send her morning quotes every Monday. I don’t just send them to just her, I send them to most of my friends on Snap chat. I like to motivate people every Monday morning because of what they are going through. She accepts the morning quotes and saves them. it’s been 7 months since I texted her and it is summer. I was hanging out with my friends I told them that I wanted to text this girl that I liked, but IDK whats a good time to text her because she already told me we can’t further our friendship because how distance we are. My friends told me to text anyways because I don’t have anything to lose. When I was nervous to talk to her and I finally decided to talk to her it seems like she didn’t want to talk to me IDK why. After the reply from her saying “hey”. I went on asking her “How are you?” just a simple question. She didn’t respond to that all-day Saturday and my friends told me to just wait because she could busy and I agree. I had posted something when I was still out with my friends and she just now view my snap that I just posted. I told one of my friends that she just recently view my snap and I ask him “What should I do or say?” he told me to say something funny to her to get her to respond I didn’t think it was a good idea at first. So, I waited until I got home to say something like “Hey are you alive?” again just to let some humor out in the conversation. Still no response. So the next day closely at 11:00 or 10 am I saw her points on snap chat you know going up. So that means she on talking to her friends, so I decided to get her attention just in case she forgot just by typing a little something, but not sending it cause you can still get the notification when someone is typing. I did that twice and still, no responds. I waited at 7:00 or 8:00 pm to see if she will respond now. Nope still nothing, then I decided to text her that “Can we at least have a short conversation. We don’t have to have a long conversation if you don’t want to. I honestly don’t know what I did wrong.” Then she blocked me and that got me so confused. I wonder if I am in the wrong or she in the wrong?

    • The two of you shared similar interests in regards to education and faith. Overtime, your relationship grew and the two of you spent time together. You then made the decision to call her fake. You messaged her and she has not responded to you. She is not interested in maintaining a relationship with you. Determine what you want for your future without her, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Have a great day, Justin!

  3. Hello,
    Here is my sad story.
    I really like this women who was my colleague for 6 months and then we moved back to our country. I knew she have a bf but i just want to be a friend. So i initiated the chat and we were texted each other since 1 month and it was good. Although she mentioned “she is not a good chatter and will not reply immediate but at some point for sure” so she replied sometime after 6 hour, 1 day, 2 day. Even i asked her phone no, she gave. Even the numbers of messages exchange was also good but after a day or 2 day. I told her i want to know her etc but did not say anything about i like her or any feelings. She might have any guess but i did not mention anything clear. So one day i asked her “she have boyfriend or not ” she replied “Yes i have boyfriend but we can chat as a friend if it is ok for you that i don’t answer immediately”. So just to confirm more i asked her “Why no nice women available for relationship? with smiley” and “How long she knows her boyfriend and when they are getting married ?” Also the next one i knew later it was a bad one. I asked “Don’t you think you should ask your bf about we can chat or not because i am sure he will not like it and if i would have a gf i would have think in the same way so please stop texting me” with smiley. Then for 4 weeks no reply from her and even i didn’t send any.

    So i texted her in whats app first “Why she is not texting back?” with friendship day wishes but no reply so then one day after i texted again in messenger “Why she is not texting back? Is she OK? You ignore my whats app text ! nice ! Don’t ignore, be more direct” and the disaster one which i should not write i understand later “I guess sometime the reply you sent are just for courtesy and not you wanted actually. Right ?” With all this i don’t have any intention to hurt her feelings, this was just to make her reply that’s all.

    Next day she blocked me in facebook and whats app. And now i am curious what happened suddenly? I really liked her and i want to apologize truly so i called her next day thrice but no answer.
    I can’t be in peace with a guilt that i hurt a women’s feeling. And the most important thing i don’t know when i can meet her again. I just want to say sorry to her if she hurt and to know she is really not interested to talk with me. I will move on but not like this curiosity, confusion and misunderstanding. Its been two weeks she blocked. I don’t know but whatever i feel this is first time i am feeling in my life.

    So please suggest as a view of women, what can be the reason she blocked me and how i can approach to apologize if she hurt and if she want keep friendship with me in future or not ? My only available communication is through call (hopefully not blocked) or mail. Please please help me.

    • The two of you maintained a social relationship. She has a boyfriend, and it should have been clear to you that she wasn’t interested in maintaining a close social relationship with you at that time. Your messages to her were wildly inappropriate. She then made the decision to block you. You should not reach out to her. Learn this lesson in regards to your behavior, and apply that knowledge to your future relationships. Have a great day, SD!

  4. Worked together for 8 years, dated for 1 year. Talked and hung out together all the time. Traveled together stayed overnights together, basically in a relationship for past year.

    When I asked what she considered us, she began with the I don’t have time for relationships, I have things to work on. I told her I was not going to be just friends with someone I had feelings for.

    She totally blocked me from all contact and told supervisor at work I was harassing her about a relationship. So we went from spending everyday together to her filling a complaint at work on me.

    Now she tells other co workers that nothing really was going on between us and that I pushed the relationship stuff on her. Basically telling everyone I’m a stalker. It’s like she did not want anyone at work knowing what really happened when we were together.

    So now my best friend of 8 years does not talk to me at all.

    • Her behaviors are wildly inappropriate and potentially harmful to you. It seems that you need to address the complaint, just to provide background for the story. Do not speak with her at this time, and avoid her at the workplace. There is no reason to potentially cause harm to yourself and to your career. Allow thoughts of her to fade, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Have a great day, JB!

  5. Hi there,
    A girl studies with me in high school she is my junior i requested to her on Instagram but she rejected and blocked me as whenever i goes after her sometimes she smiles after looking me or just stares me or stares me while talking to her friends,while we get in park she is with her friends and i have been with my friends whenever i haven’t been there she looks for me here or there and when she sees me inside the park she also gets inside the park

    • You spoke with this person about your thoughts and feelings. She made the decision to reject and block you. Her behaviors may be indications that she is uncertain about her feelings toward you. Her feelings may be growing. However, give her an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Speak with her about your thoughts and feelings at that time. Have a great day, Karab!

  6. I want some advice.

    She want answer not sure if she likes me too.

    I told her about about my feeling, i said im not yet ready for ralationship and i want to know her more.

    Were good also our conversation, we both laughing and share some joke and she said she want to hangout with me but later on she blocked me.

    • The two of you shared a strong social relationship. You informed her that you are not ready to maintain a romantic relationship with her. She eventually made the decision to block you. Since she has blocked you, determine what you want for your future without her. You will draw positive people and energy into your life by sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Thanks!

  7. Hello, I am looking for some advice.
    Me and this girl we’re dating for about two months over the summer and recently we kind of broke up. I’m not exactly sure what we are because I asked her if we are broken up and she said we are seeing what happens. She has stated that she wants to get into the school year and needs a break from guys to decide what she wants.
    We kind of had a falling out because I discovered she was sleeping over at another guys house although she says they didn’t do anything. After I found out, the next day she came down to my house and we hung out and tried to make things right. It was ok but I didn’t get all the answers I was looking for. Since then we texted regularly for about a week and then she suddenly stopped replying to me. I’ll admit I might have sent a couple extra texts asking her what’s going on and that I wanted to talk to her. On top of that she texted me late last week and then blocked my number. I reached out to her over Facebook asking her what I did wrong so that I can move on and she didn’t respond to that. However she messaged me on Facebook about a different topic.
    So she has been blocking/ unblocking my number and yet she has been messaging me on Snapchat and Facebook. I’m just not sure how to handle this situation and if she is testing me or playing games with me I’m not sure. Is she just trying to see how I act when she blocks me because I honestly have no idea what she wants or is doing with me? I still have feelings for her and I think she knows that too and is maybe just trying to keep me around for a while until she decides what she wants but I’m not sure.
    Do you have any advice as to how I should handle this situation going forward? Should I try and text her again? Thanks for your time! I appreciate it!

    • The two of you were maintaining a social and emotional relationship during the Summer. The two of you broke up, and you found out that she was maintaining a relationship with another man. She has blocked and unblocked you numerous times, which is an indication of her uncertainty in regards to your relationship. Do not reach out to her time. Give her an opportunity to share herself with you. If she messages you, then speak with her about your thoughts and feelings at that time. Have a great day, Jack!

  8. So here is my story: I went on a date with this girl about 3 years ago. Fast forward to about a month ago and she said she missed me and wanted me to go to her birthday. I was out of town and told her I did want to see her but I could not at this time considering I was out of town.
    I messaged her a couple times since with not a lot of traction. Then I saw her post something on Facebook and I commented “cute”. Now keep in mind prior to this comment I had reached out to her to ask when she wanted to see me. I texted her on the phone and Facebook messaged her in tandem.
    I texted her again on both platforms and then texted her on my work cell because I noticed she had blocked my regular personal cell phone.
    She then blocked my work phone and also Facebook messenger. I can still view her Facebook for now.
    She had read all my messages and completely ignore me without saying a single word of explanation. I believe I am able to text her again on my personal cell which I did and apologized for sending my 15 texts and messenger messages. She left me again on read.
    This whole thing has me kind of torn up. The whole reason I went to the extent I went to (albeit I got carried away with my 15 or so texts from both personal and work cell phones and Facebook messenger messages) because she said she missed me and was excited to see me. Now it’s been over two weeks approximately since she has responded to any of my texts.
    Thank you for reading and responding. Really could use an unbiased opinion. One thing I never did was say anything derogatory but I did ask toward the end of my texts if she could please just let me know if she was no longer wanting me to see her or ask about seeing her. I’m fairly confused and saddened.

    • She reached out to you, and you informed her of the reasons why you could not see her. She made the decision to block you of various social media accounts. You sent her fifteen messages, which likely caused her to make the decision to block you. Do not reach out to her again. If she reaches out to you, then speak with her about your thoughts and feelings at that time. However, you should restrict your messages until she responds. Apply this knowledge to your future social relationships as well. Have a great day, Patrick!

  9. she blocked me.
    I asked her IRL why you blocked me girl?
    she confessed that it was really immature.

    So, next day she unblocked me.
    I’ve sent her this message: See. No reason to be so childish.
    She sent me a smiley face.


  10. Long story short me and my ex (I’m 21 she’s 19) were happy together for 5 months no arguing or anything and 2 days after a date one day she calls me and breaks up with me cause she was stressed, and all she could think about was me. She decided to block me because she felt like she would get back with me if she didn’t. It has been 2 months and a half now with no contact. I did reach out once on the month and a half mark through email but i got no response. Will I ever get to talk to her again?

    • It looks like her decision to block you so that she wouldn’t try getting back together with you worked. She has figured out what she wants, and she successfully achieved her goal. After two months, she has probably managed to heal and move on. Unfortunately, this means she probably isn’t coming back. 🙁

    • Sometimes, things like this happen. She has decided that school is her priority, and she wants to focus on just school. If she had stayed in the relationship, she wouldn’t have been happy and wouldn’t have been a good girlfriend for you. Now, you can find someone who has the time and energy to spend with you that you deserve.

  11. Here is my story. The past 2 weeks I have been seeing this girl. We had been going on dates, texting throughout the day everyday. Everything was good. Then about 5 days ago she blocked me on snapchat and Instagram. The day before she blocked me she didn’t message me for the whole day and I simply asked if I had done anything wrong?. She messaged me that night saying that she was sorry for not messaging me but she had been having a rough day. She would not tell me why though and didn’t want to pressure her into telling me so I just simply offered her support if she needed it and hoped she was okay. She offered for me to meet her family and I said I would like to. Next day I am blocked on snapchat and Instagram. It has left me pretty fuked up because I liked this girl a lot and I had no explanation. She told me in person the week before that she has been having problems with her ex boyfriend and that he has been getting with one of her friends and I think she has a court date coming up for some problem. I just dont know why she would block me though. I dont know whether to wait and or move on. Tell me what you think because it’s been 5 days and I havnt heard anything from her.

    • She made the decision to block you. You then made the decision to block her as well. It is clear that this relationship is no longer viable. Determine what you want for your future without her, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere.

  12. So I was talking to this girl on snap non stop for like 8 days I’m in high school.So we both talked and wanted to meet at school so we met at school that week.I was really nervous and kinda froze or like couldn’t bring that many words out of my mouth because this first meeting there were spot of people.so the conversation got awkward and she told me I could leave if I want which I did even though I shouldn’t have .Then she didn’t respond to anything the next day and after like 2 days she blocked me I only messaged her like twice.

    • You left. It is clear that your relationship is not viable. She made the decision to block you. Determine what you want for your future without her. Learn from this mistake, and apply that knowledge to your future relationships.

  13. Hai!! i have a different story here i met a girl who’s girl next door and she’s like 6years younger than me and she’s very attractive so we had a 5 months relationship and our story is going great until one of her owner saw me talking to her and informed our story to her parents and from that day she’s literally not talking to me as her father complained regarding my behaviour to my parents and its very likely that i have chance to talk to her. she said she need space and she’s having exams from december so after exams she said she will contact me and i did not listen to her and kept on texting her and she said she don’t want to talk to me and she hate me for what i have done.

    That incident happend this month 4th and her exams will end on Dec 19th so i don’t know wheather she will text me or not. she even blocked me on instagram and removed me on whatsup so am little scared if i text her on whatsup she will most likely block me. so i have decided to give her some space.

    so could you please help me out with my situation. i really need you advice

    • For various reasons, this relationship is not viable. On top of that, she has blocked you and has shown you that she has no interest in speaking with you. Abstain from nourishing relationships with people that are not viable for social or legal reasons in the future.

    • She made the decision to block you. It is clear that she is not interested in nourishing a relationship with you. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere, and determine what you want for your future without her.


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