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What To Do When A Girl Blocks You


A girl blocked you, huh? And now you’re left wondering what to do? No doubt that has to hurt a little. Waking up and seeing you can no longer access her content, when yesterday everything was peachy keen, definitely has a certain sting factor to it. But we are here to let you know that it’s all going to be okay. Before you start freaking out and sending her messages that you may regret, there is a few different things that you should consider.

Ask Yourself Why

Think long and hard about the past few days leading up to her blocking you. You want to put on your detective pants real quick and start by retracing your digital footprint with her. What was the last conversation you had with her like? Did she seem upset by anything? Did you say something that you maybe shouldn’t have? It’s important to consider these types of things so that you can get to the bottom of this mystery. Finding where it all stemmed from gives you the best chance and repairing the relationship between you.

You will also want to think about what platform she blocked you on.

Here’s why:

Snapchat: She may have blocked you on Snapchat because she doesn’t want you to see something she posted. Usually when someone blocks you on Snapchat it’s only temporary. They can take the block filter off anytime they’d like or leave it on as long as they want, without actually removing you from their friend list. This is usually done to certain individuals if the user feels like the content might upset them or if they are trying to keep their snaps during that time more private.

Facebook: When it comes to Facebook there are two different types of blocking mechanisms. Users have the option to block only messages from their friends, while still keeping them on their friends list. You will discover this if you have tried to message her on Messenger and your messages are denied by the autobot. Users can also choose to fully block their friends, which will not only block messages, but will also remove you from their friends list and prevent you from even finding their profiles again.

Instagram: Instagram offers the feature of removing someone from viewing your profile. She may deleted you off of here if you are leaving too many comments or if she no longer wants you viewing her content.

Phone: If she blocks you on the phone it means that you may have offended her in some way. She’s not playing around. Blocking you from texting/calling her is the worst case scenario.

Reasons She May Have Blocked You

  • You have offended her somehow: Think back- Did you say something to her that may not have been okay to say? Have you teased or taunted her recently? Did you do something to embarrass her?  These are all reasons why she may have blocked you.
  • You post content she doesn’t like: We all unfollow feeds that bother us. Maybe the two of you don’t share similar political views and she finally had enough. Maybe your content is inappropriate or reaches out to an opposite audience.
  • She’s playing hard to get: It sounds strange, but it’s entirely possible that she is playing games with you. She may want to see how you react to her blocking or removing you. She may test you to see if you will find another way to communicate with her. If so, she’s ultimately measuring how much effort you are willing to put in to talk with her. It’s not the nicest thing to do, but some girls will do it.
  • She has a boyfriend: She may be taken by someone else. Either her or her boyfriend may not like you trying to start conversation with her or liking /commenting on her stuff.  They may have felt it necessary to remove you entirely.
  • She’s just not that into you: Oftentimes women will block someone because they are simply not interested in the advances you have been making on her.

What Should You Do Next?

Now that you have had a chance to think about why she may have blocked you, it’s time to think about the next steps you can take.

  • Whatever you do, don’t be a creep: Coming on too strongly after she has blocked you will most likely just push her further away. Don’t blow up her phone if she blocks you on social.media and vice versa. Be patient.
  • Try to reach out another way: The best thing you can do is to simply reach out to her in some other way. This will be impossible if she has blocked you on every platform.  However, if she hasn’t, go ahead and write an appropriate message asking her why she felt it necessary to block you.
  • Use good grammar: Besides using proper sentence structure, try to keep the message short and to the point. Feel free to express you are hurt by her blocking you, but do not make her feel bad for it! Acting resentful is a good way of turning her off of you.
  • Make your case: Tell her that you are sorry for whatever you may have done, especially if she tells you that you’ve offended her. Give her a couple reasons as to why she should continue to keep you unblocked. However, don’t get pushy with her.

Remember the time rules: Send your message and wait. Wait up to 24 hours. If she doesn’t respond by then, it’s okay to send one more text when the day is up. If she doesn’t respond after the second message, it’s safe to say all hope is lost between the two of you.


  1. I just shifted to new city, I installed tinder and matched with a girl.
    Here in India tinder is not really meant for just hookups
    the girl I matched has a name Maira

    we started talking a lot initially, I thought she is just another girl who will talk for day or two then will disappear but we kept talking and she started texting me more and more
    She has never met a guy before through tinder or any other dating app. So I was the first guy she was talking to through tinder and the first guy who met her.

    So here’s the thing after 3 weeks of constant texting and calls I met her, she is adorable we talked and talked it felt like there’s something between us.
    So here’s the thing she broke up with his ex 4 months back.
    and his ex his captain in army which itself his very prestigious job in here and she too will be going to join army next year
    and I’m still a student but yet we clicked
    her last relationship was of 5 years, she told him his ex is very conservative type that’s why she broke up with him
    so yeah we met we talked
    she seems happy, I was happy. it all pretty went even we made out at the end of the day
    after the date day she is going back to her hometown after 3 days
    she started texting me more start telling me that she like to talk to me and like to spend time with me and even told me we just can’t do this fwb thing often because according to her she’ll get attach.
    like she was all into me and even i like her so much
    now the day has come she board a train and via his journey to her hometown she was going to cities to travel with her course mates, we are still talking and the texting was just getting more and more.
    so on 20th April we were texting and she is in the cab all alone going to board a bus for Manali and she was like I’m missing you and then sending me pictures of herself and sending me voice notes with songs for me
    and suddenly after half an hour of my last text
    she blocked me on Whatsapp and put my no. on reject list
    I tried reaching her through my different no. she blocked that one too.
    finally I sent her a mail, because this was the last option to reach her.

    I still don’t know what went through her mind in that half an hour.

    • There are many potential reasons for her actions. Regardless of what led to her decision, she decided to block you. She is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with you. Make a decision about what you want for your future without her. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. This will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Rohan!

  2. I blocked a guy I work with as I am leaving and I am in love with him. I made an argument and blamed him for something which may or may not be true but is irrelevant to be honest because I just did it to put an end to all this. We’re both in relationships. I don’t think he feels the same but he started this within me I feel by playing games. I’ve been crazy about him for nearly a year and I have gone through every emotion there is. Today I feel heartbroken but its a hopeless situation. I love him and I feel I always will and I miss him so much my heart actually aches. I blocked him on everything but I still want to speak with him but I know it will go around in circles and I’ll ruin things again, I’m half hoping he will do his best to contact me but I feel he couldn’t care less anymore. So its best to block him and try to move on even though I wish I could be with him forever. Its all one-sided though. 🙁

    • You decided to end this relationship and block him. It is clear that the two of you are no longer maintaining a relationship with each other. Determine what you want for your future without him, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. This will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Candice!

  3. So my case is a little bit weird. I was dating a girl for about two months – things seem to be going in a good way until one day she blocks me. I chased and begged for another chance, etc. I learned after that I should not do that to any girl. So after four months, she follows me in Instagram and we talked. Conversation was going fine, I was relax and wasn’t begging her or telling her that I miss her. Well, after I send her a funny meme she blocks me. I think she wants to see how I react because I chased her in the past. Now I’m going no contact and moving on with my life because once you show them that you don’t care about her. She comes crawling back to you like a Zombie.

    • She has blocked you twice. You are right to not attempt to maintain a relationship with her. Determine what you want for your future without her, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times. This will help draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Daniel!

  4. Well I just asked a girl who is my classmate (and she is hot too) hi do you have shalom’s number (shalom is my friend) and she just blocked me + no blue tick for two days. It tore me whole apart

    • She has decided to block you. Your question was inappropriate, and the question likely confused her. She decided to block you, which means she is not interested in maintaining a relationship with you at this time. Learn your lesson from this experience, and apply that knowledge to your future relationships. Have a great day, Anon!

  5. I was was recently talking to a girl. Things were going smoothly. she was extremely interested it seems. Intimacy on the first date and what not. On down the line after a great weekend with her( at least i thought) she told me she just wants to be friends. I agreed gave it few days and she was back. she said she was just scared of her feelings for me. It shocked me. I was ready to move on and she came back. I gave it a second chance and she was then saying i didnt seem ready. I was just nervous she would leave again. she gave me time to think about it but before i could even say i want to be with her she said its best we are just friends again. This time she was saying she was still hurting over an ex. I figured i could help her get over it. She started distancing herself. I began to get extremely. ( I am extremly lonely no family or frineds just my job and goals. I really want attention from a woman at times.) After long deliberation I told her i was in love with her.( That was dumb. It felt like i was in love. It was infatuation but the feelings is still there.) She said it was something else she needed to tell me and that we would talk on the phone about it. She followed up with a luke warm definition of what love is and how she knows i am not. I simply told her i know what i feel. She started rambling on about how good of a guy i am and how i have such a bright future in front of me and the time i was spending on her was a waste of my time. She said she doesnt feel the same and to make matters worse she is still in love with an ex. Also that the longer we dont talk the more her feelings fade for me. ( I do not know where they stand its been a few days since this happened.) She blocked me from text/calls and on social media. Saying she need to distance herself from me.I dont want to contact her it just hurts she felt she needed to go so far.

    • She has decided to block you. You are aware that she still has strong feelings for her ex. You stated that you do not want to contact her. It is clear that you should not attempt to reach out to her. Determine what you want for your future without her. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Paha!

  6. So my case is very weird. I met a girl at work. We both are girls n we became super close in no time. She is married bt i guess she wsnt getting the emotional connection. We did got romantic with each other and she used to call our hang outs as Date. We have had fights too bt we always used to come bk. Now she got pregnant in Nov 2018. She has been ignoring me since Dec..We had huge fight in Jan. All of a sudden one day in March she blocked me on Fb. I asked her bt got no response. I continued giving her my support/care as i knew sje wss going through somethings and pregnancy n all. Now all of a sudden on 17th May, she blocked me on instagram n whatsapp. I was shocked and hurt. I spoke to one of her friend and she too wss shocked by her behaviour as she has never seen her act like this (they both know each other since 5 years). What im not able to understand is why block in parts? Why wait for 2 months n then block me everywhere? Im really unable to understand her behaviour. Im not sure if she blocked me willingly or had to block me due to pressure of family. I know she is on different life path but blocking me like this in parts mskes no sense to me

    • The two of you were maintaining a relationship while she was married. She then became pregnant. At that point, she likely decided that she was interested in focusing on her family. She decided to block you. Determine what you want for your future without her. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life, as this will draw positive people and energy toward you. Have a great day, Anon!

      • Thanks. Yup…i guess its better this way and yes we did had a relation i guess cz it was not plain friendship. Im interested in only friendship with her but i guess thats not possible right now considering our history and her current situation. So i have backed off for now. i deleted her number so i dont get tempted to call/text her. Im focusing on my life. Im sure she will contact me again once she delivers. It might tk months but i know she will contact me again some day

        • It sounds as though you have made a healthy decision. If she reaches out to you in the future, then speak with her about your thoughts and feelings at that time. For now, determine what you want for your future without her, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Draw positive people and energy into your life by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. Have a great day, Anon!

  7. My case is very weird. I met a girl at work and we became super close
    in no time. Im a girl too and she is married. I guess she wasnt getting the emotional attachment so we got close. We flirted and stuff and used to go on Dates n all. We have had fights but we came bk always. She got pregnant in Nov. Since Dec she has been distant. We had fight in jan bt she kept saying “I cant text/call you”. Then one random day in March she blocks me on fb. i was hurt so i asked bt got no response. I thought sh might be going through sum things n pregnancy and all and at work too things arent that great for her. So i sliently showed my support n care. I used to send her nice motivational texts n stuff. And offered my help anytime she needed. Then all of a sudden on 17th may she blocked me from instagram. I was again super hurt. i tried to talk to her but got no response. Then after 2 hours she blocks me on whatsapp. Im not sure what to think of her behaviour. I spoke to her other friend and she too was shocked as she has never seen her behave like this anytime (they know each other since 5 year). Now im not sure if its pregnancy or sumthing else, but this girl’s behaviour has completely changed. She used to be very jovial person but now she is completely opposite. She is very slient doesnt mingle around at all. Even her friend once told her that what she was before n what is now its completely opposite.

    She hasnt blocked anyone other than me. Im not sure but i feel her husband doesnt like our friendship. Im not sure if this girl started liking me more than she should and may be thats why blocked me or its just plain simple that she doesnt want this friendship anymore. She looks at me a lot of times at work(we work at same place). I have seen her getting jealous too when im with others. So im really confused and hurt by her behaviour. We were best friends and now she blocks me that too in parts. What do i do now?

    • The two of you were maintaining a relationship while she was married. She then became pregnant. At that point, she likely decided that she was interested in focusing on her family. She decided to block you. Determine what you want for your future without her. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life, as this will draw positive people and energy toward you. Have a great day, Anon!

  8. I met a girl in my college and she was so nice to me I felt like she has crush on me,,she is cute and she hates people to talk about her,,one day she asked if I will ever like a girl like her in the future I laughed and said why not I felt like she wasn’t completely comfortable about my reaction so she blocked me for no reason and we haven’t talked for like half year now.

    • She blocked you because you launched when she asked about your feelings toward her. The two of you have not spoken a year and a half. Make a decision about what you want for your future without her. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. If she reaches out to you in the future, then speak with her about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Omy!

  9. Hey there, last year I got blocked last year in April. She didn’t want to hear from me at all.
    That was until I sent a happy birthday Text in December. I got a reply saying thanks John, I did the Same for New Years, she replied thanks John, happy new year to me.
    She came in my work days after, not knowing that I was there. I said her name standing meters behind her, she saw me we talked for 20 minutes. In good banter, she said I can message her again.
    We texted each other for weeks, until she wanted to do a pt for me. She’s a personal trainer, I unfortunately cut my thumb. So I couldn’t do that, I did say I can do whatever ever else’s Got no reply, I’ve seen her play football games and more texts still nothing.
    The past Saturday I saw her and her sister play local football, I said hello to her and stuff. She got annoyed of my presents near her. We talked but she didn’t say goodbye when she left.
    What do I do next or what can I do even.
    Her sister doesn’t mind me hanging around here, when I watch her play football. She also didn’t say goodbye tho
    Am I slowing getting in the good books again with either or not really

    • The two of you share a social relationship. Her behaviors are not indications that she is interested in maintaining a relationship with you at this time. It is possible that her feelings for you will grow. Make a decision about what you want for your future. Determine what you believe is viable. Nourish this relationship by spending additional time with her in person. Have a great day, John!

  10. I was working yesterday, I saw them. Said hello to one of there friends and mum. As they were watching, I they were playing netball next door. I waved at her sister she nodded back, when they were going to leave. I stood twenty yards out, to say bye. There mum drove up to me and told me to stop it, stop harassing them. I told her I was working right next door. She told me to go, so I went.

    Now I didn’t think I was in the wrong on what I was doing, there dad was at the match last week. He had no problem with me hanging around.
    Am I doing things to fast to soon and need to slow down. Or not really, the sister hasn’t blocked me I. FB or instagram. But the one I got blocked from, didn’t want to be around me at all yesterday

    • It sounds like the mother is aware of her daughter’s feelings regarding your actions. She has informed you of her feelings and likely the feelings of her daughter. Since this person blocked you, it is clear that she is not interested in you reaching out to her. Her sister seems to be friends with you, though this may not be the time to reach out to her. Allow thoughts of the person who blocked you to fade. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times, but do not contact the person who blocked you at this time. Have a great day, John!

  11. I saw her during the lecture in the classroom… And in university also….. I texted her msg on whattapp…. She blocked me on whattapps and facebook also…… I never talked to her face to face ….. She has blocked me but still see me and smile a little bit…. I don’t know what i will do……

    Can you tell me??

    • She is probably smiling just to be polite and to hide the awkwardness she feels. If she blocked you on WhatsApp and Facebook, you can pretty much guarantee that she is not interested in you in any way. All you can do now is just move on. Best of luck, Unknown!

  12. Ok then thanks, how long do I wait for. To see if her sister, wants to be friends. Two weeks, month or more.
    Is it to late to be friends with the one who has blocked me. Oblivious I would have to wait a longer time to see if, she wants to be friends.
    Would I be able to watch them play sports again in a few weeks or it’s a no go

  13. I was an intern in a company and there was a pretty girl that I like . I spend a week over there , we spoke but not much. I was kinda feeling that she liked me. I didn’t have a chance to ask her out so I decided to follow her on Instagram and texted her. We texted briefly and I asked her out instantly . She said she didn’t have time in weekend .The following day , she followed me back and 2 days later. I said do you wanna go Latin night and do salsa .She blocked me after that message . It has been almost half a year . Do you think I should text her on another platform .

    • She blocked you half a year ago. It is possible that she is simply not interested in maintaining a relationship with you. It is possible that she will be happy if you reach out to her. Make a decision about what you feel is appropriate and viable. Speak with her about your thoughts and feelings. If she ignores you, then you are aware of her feelings regarding your relationship. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times. Have a great day, Mustafa!

  14. Well in my case I met a girl at university we were classmates and good friends too. we were friends till September 2018. it was for about 2 years. she relied upon me so much … I felt we both have a feeling for each other. I made a trip with her family after a few while I approached her best friend to confirm what is real feelings of her later she came to know it and listened about anger. immediately she unfriended me and blocked from Instagram. after February 2019 we both were doing our projects to different teachers coincidently we met several times on days during the project I just let her to have time to be cool down so that I can talk to her later. and almost 8 months later of the unfriending she blocked me even her sister’s id also been disappeared in the mean while i wanted to contact her but didn’t . On june 22nd we had viva for project submission we again met… she just stared at me for a while but we didn’t have any talk… i wanted to let her not be embarrassed …

    • It seems like she did not feel the same way about you, so she wanted to make her feelings as clear as possible. Unfortunately, judging from your comment, it does not seem like she has changed her mind. I would not worry about her feeling embarrassed because she seems to be primarily focused on avoiding you. All you can do now is move on and hope to find someone who wants a relationship with you like you do.

  15. So I was trying to talk to a girl that I liked, and I texted her and said hi, she then responded and said that it was weird that I liked her and should go for someone else. I responded the next day saying sorry and she said that she forgave me and that what she said was a little harsh and we agreed to be friends. I tried to text her about 4 days later, and she didn’t respond. I started to text her about once every one and a half weeks. There was one day where I tried to text her just saying hi again, and that time, it never said delivered and I knew she had blocked me. I have only mail to contact her with, but I’m scared she won’t respond and I never see her in person. What should I do?

    • It sounds like she is not interested and has done everything possible to show you that she does not feel the same way. There is no way to know why she feels like this. All you can do is work on moving on and hope that you find someone who likes you as much as you like them. Best of luck, Anonymous!

  16. So I’ll start by commending you guys for an amazing job you’re doing.

    My story sounds wierd but here goes.
    I’ve been seeing this girl for close to 6 months now and we’ve basically shared intimacy (I’ve been her first love and first kiss) but none leading to sex. We talk a whole lot on calls, social media (Facebook) and even written paper letters. About a month ago she changed cities to live with her sister and then communication became slightly difficult. Most times we’d have little quarrels concerning this but they didn’t exceed or escalate to the point where a simple “sorry ” couldn’t fix it.

    A few days she had sent me messages on FB but I wasn’t able to reply because I was busy and when I was free I figured I’d call as I saw it as thr right thing to do… She responded she couldn’t take calls and that if I did miss her and wanted to talk to her I’d come online and text, it felt wierd reading that text and I asked why she would say so. Maybe I asked that in an annoying manner I reakky can’t tell but I got blocked.

    Now I’ve learnt over time not to beg a girl over things like this so I only asked if she could send messages on her FB as mine wasn’t going thru (just to get her reaction). She switched her phone off and hasn’t responded since.

    I’ve got a lengthy message lined up stating how appalling her action was and how I’ve eventually seen how much esteem she holds me in for her to act that way, then apologize and move on.
    Or do I just ignore completely and go ahead to focus my emotional energy somewhere else.

    • Sending her a lengthy message saying how appalling she was is probably not going to make her come running back to you. The only problem is that she kind of does need to hear that her behavior is not okay–it sounds like you tried to reach out to her by phone when you couldn’t respond right away otherwise, and telling you that you had to get online to talk to her “if you missed her” is just weird. If it were me, I would move on. You’re having to communicate more often via the internet or phones because she is in a different city, and the long-distance aspect means this kind of experience is only going to happen more often. You can try talking things out with her if you want to, but you may also want to think about whether this is exactly what you want out of your relationship or not.

    • She has decided to block you. There may be many reasons for her behaviors. It is possible that the gift caused her to have feelings which made her feel uncertain. It is likely that there is something else in your life which caused her to behave in this manner. Regardless of her reasons, she is no longer interested in maintaining this relationship. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Arjun!

  17. I had played this very well in the beginning but I really messed up with neediness as you’re about to see. Shes from Asia and Islam. (20m, 18f)

    I met her after getting off the bus to talk to her. We had this mutual connection from the start and I thought she was fascinating! I walked her home that night, exchanging numbers and going home.. We texted for a few days and her texts back seemed very engaging. We talked over the phone for hours! I had asked her about her availability very frequently (shes busy), then a day arose where we could meet up. Met her at work, then walked around town and talked for a bit. She was doing Ramadan so no food 🙁 We had an interesting conversation that day and she seemed to be enjoying things (smiling a lot, physical interactions). We had gone home and had another long phone call.

    She had texted me Good afternoon 6 times then I told her she worried me and it was annoying that she responded late (oops.) she apologized and told me how I reply late as-well and she has no problem with it. I realize this mistake.

    To my surprise, she had still texted me good morning the next day.

    “Good morning to you too. Its a nice day outside! Plan something with your friends.” I said. She replied “ If I don’t, what will you do?” I replied “Busy but if you change your mind about us meeting up let me know :)” She said “I want to stay home.” I didn’t reply till tomorrow.

    Next day, the day of her birthday. I offered her to take her to any restaurant of her choice! To her politely replying no thank you. I said “that sucks, maybe another time”. To her replying “Never.” (Bruh..) I replied “Okay” Radio silence for 4 days. She usually hits me up first. During these 4 days, I found out she had a boyfriend when she had previously told me she had none and I wanted to confirm it.

    I asked her to call me and she asked “why?”(first time showing resistance..weird) I tell her “just to talk” and she says “I cant”. She told me her parents were sleeping, which is weird since usually the best time to talk. I wanted to get my confirmation badly and asked 3 times to talk. (yep..). The last message I received from her was “I cant talk why don’t you understand that” I told her I was being inconsiderate and sorry for it.. Radio silence… I said nothing to her because I didn’t want to be needy again. 11 days go by without me or her initiating and I was worried. Between day 10–11 I noticed she had decided to blocked me on Insta, Snap, and 99% sure my phone.

    My last text to her was of a funny koreans face with “The face I make when I realized you blocked me”. Tried to play it off cool just maybe she’d reply..she didn’t. Gone.

    A random guy on Insta messages me asking if her and I have dated, how I met her, have a relationship, or are only friends. Told him we were friends but she’s gone now. I later found out after researching that this guy was a friend of the supposed boyfriend. Also that she’d been online dating him before she met me and he’s currently in a different country.

    Well, I know the best option is to let go and never talk to her again but I truly liked everything about this girl. Her style, her morals, her voice, the way she looked at me, her giving spirit, her playfulness, and mainly how innocent yet adventurous she was. I’ve been looking for a celibate woman that I’m attracted to because I’m also celibate and it’s hard to find girls like that in NYC. I truly felt like this could of gone further. .

    Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

    • The two of you shared a strong social relationship. You asked her numerous times if she wanted to see you, and she informed you that she didn’t want to see you. You chose not to respect her wishes after she told you many times that she doesn’t want to maintain a relationship with you. She decided to block you. Because of this, you should focus your emotional energy elsewhere. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. Have a great day, Anon!

  18. Hi so my situation is extremely weird.
    I dated a girl for 1.5 years, crazy in love we went to different countries together, when I met her I only liked her as a friend, and was still grieving my ex passing away. Eventually I started to like her and next thing you know we were dating.
    She went to school to another country (which I visited once, for 6 months) during that time she cheated on me and when I found out (i was there) I wanted to leave and end the relationship but she cried and begged me, and told me she regret it more than anything in her life and that it wouldn’t happen again.
    She cameback to the country and moved in with me. We were living together and everything seem fine. She stopped taking her medicine and became distant with me (she’s bipolar) she started distancing herself which started to grow a rocky path for us.
    She wanted to be out partying while I was experiencing a depressive episode and stuck not wanting to do much of anything.
    I still wanted to work in the relationship. Asked her if she also wanted too and she did. We were together and still sleeping together at least 3 times a week.
    She admitted to had been seen and hearing things andi could see her emotions all over the place. Eventually I found out she cheated on me wand made out with someone else, and me still loving her i tried to understand its due to her manic been at its peak and asked her to please take her medicine and if she didn’t want me to let me know and I would be gone.
    We spent our last weekend together and noticed a guy I knew calling her (he’s a drug addicted, has a kid, it’s a bum) and it was 2 am I asked her why is he calling you this late her replied was that he was probably looking for her friend and well I let it go. Come to find out a day after dropping her off and her telling me that she loved me so much, while we had sex that she had been spotted with the guy. Hooking up with him.. I got angry and contacted her and asked her about it and called her names and freaked out… told her to block me on social media and get out of my life. Because at this point I started to feel played she kept saying sorry and that she loved me. When she came to pick up her last things from my house I freaked out on her (I truly regret it) and called her names and such but eventually I calmed down and told her I was just hurting and so we broke up. She said she had an appt for the psychiatrist and that she was going to work on her mental health.
    ( I told her I was seen someone else. Which I wasn’t I only told her that because I wanted to her to feel like I do) and she saw the girl when she was leaving before she left I told her that it’s just my friend who will watch after me getting drunk. She said maybe in the future we kissed.
    I asked her to unblock me from Facebook and she promised she would.
    Well I posted a snap with the girl and shortly after she deleted me of Snapchat. (My number was already blocked) I don’t even know what to do in this situation. I found out then that she was dating the kid. And I know for fact they met about a month ago. And it just sucks. I don’t know why it feels like she didn’t care for me. But a part of me tells me she does and will eventually reach out.
    My pictures are still on her social network (she feels strongly that you shouldn’t have pictures with your ex unless you’re not over them) so I just don’t understand. I haven’t tried contacting her. I saw her at a bar but I didn’t talk to her or looked at her much. I want to talk to her at least to patch things up. I was left very heartbroken. And she seems fine. But I also know she is manic.
    So I don’t know. I guess my question is will she ever talk to me again?
    I never loved anyone as much as I loved her. And according to her I was her first love.
    We have many memories together and I hate the idea of her just not caring about me at all anymore. It really hurtsi

    • The two of you once maintained a strong social relationship. She stopped taking her medication, and you withdrew into yourself while she went partying. She made the decision to cheat on you. You informed her that she should block you. You verbally abused her. Various other decisions that you took are a clear indication that this relationship is no longer viable. Determine what you want for your future without her, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Have a great day, Anon!

  19. So I met my friend in elementary school, but didn’t reconnect until high school, in which we became FB friends. When we were friends, I liked to send her funny shit, but at one point, when I sent her a meme, she blocked me (that was on Christmas Eve). 2.5 years later, I found out that she unblocked me, so I waited a month until I sent her a friend request. A week has passed, but she has not responded. Should I let it go for the best of us?

    • She once blocked you. Later, she made the decision to unblock you. She has not responded to your request, and this may be for many reasons. Allow her to move at her own pace. If she ass your in the future, then share your kindness and compassion with her at this time. You will find benefit in focusing your emotional energy on your current social relationships at this time. Have a great day, Bob!

  20. I can see why; truth be told, people may not necessarily add others right away due to many factors. In fact, I have done that to some friend requests, since for some people, I feel that they may be trolly, and for others, I feel that it wouldn’t be compatible being FB friends. Then again, it’s just one person, and time will decide. I will just do what makes her happy, since I care about her being happy and don’t want to piss her off again in the end. I think she has cooled down since I went NC, but not enough to the point where she’s comfortable being FB friends.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. It is certain that your comment will support and guide other members of our community. We look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Bob!

  21. My case is smh weird:

    I met this girl, we talked and fixed a date to meet. We met, talked and hosted. It was the first time I had time with her since we just met. The both of us were happy together, and we talked about a range of topics. I invited her for lunch the following day and she consented. I was happy, she hugged me and bided me bye. The following day, when I called her the number wasn’t going(I suspected it was blocked). The next day, as I continued trying the number, it still wasn’t going through. I call with other line but the phone is going through, except my own line. I messaged her on WhatsApp but she didn’t reply.

    I’m bothered what could be the reason. Except WhatsApp n voice call, I have no other way to contact her. I love her, but I did not tell her that in that first meeting, I hoped to disclose that the following day we agreed to have lunch, but now she blocked me, and doesn’t reply my text. What’s the way forward for me? Thanks.

    • The two of you shared a social interaction. You attempted to call her, and she did not respond. You attempted to contact her through other means, and she is not reply. You then found that she blocked you. There may be various reasons for her behavior. Regardless, she has made it clear that she is not interested in maintaining relationship with you. Determine what you want for your future without her, and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Have a great day, Rakid!

  22. Hi Web Admin, if that person unblocked me last month on FB, and her insta profile is public, then what are ur thoughts on following her?

    • She has made the decision to unblock you. This may mean that she is interested in speaking with you again. It may mean that she no longer is interested in blocking you, but she may not want to maintain a relationship with you. Make a decision about what you feel is appropriate for this relationship. Regardless of what decision you make, you should share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Bob!

  23. Hi Web Admin, if that person unblocked me last month on FB, and her insta profile is public, then what are ur thoughts on following her?

    • She has decided to unblock you. This may be for many reasons. She may have decided that she may want to reach out to you in the future. She may be interested in hearing from you. Determine if you believe that it would be appropriate for your to reach out to her. Speak with her about your thoughts and feelings, and give her an opportunity to share herself with you as well. Have a great day, Dan!

  24. I am not for a relationship, but a friendship. After all, I would like to reconcile at best. Would u think that it is still possible that she may block me on insta or even FB when I follow her public profile?

  25. So my situation is interesting. So this girl and I were hanging out and talking for 2 months. We probably saw each other 3-4x a week and texted every day. One night I was finding I was really into her but I didn’t think she felt the same way so I told her I think I needed to distance myself from her for a while. She called me and told she had feelings for me she just doesn’t want to be pressured into anything. We continue hanging out and a couple weeks go by and I see she’s starting to talk to this other guy, then after talking to him all night sits down with me. She can tell I’m upset, and walks with me and tells me how much she likes me and that she eventually wants to date but she is busy right now and asks me to be patient. A couple nights later I find out she hooked up with the other guy and has been telling me she’s been busy with work. I got upset and told her off and said she should have been honest with me. after we had been drinking. When I came to the next morning I was blocked on everything. Now I really miss her friendship but have no clue how to get her back.

    • Instead of really needing you to be patient, it sounds like she wanted to spend some time single and playing the field. There’s nothing wrong with that, but she really should have just found the guts to be honest with you. You did nothing wrong in getting upset with her–she knew you liked her and expected that you two would date soon. She also had an opportunity to say that she was dating around when you saw her with the guy, and she told you that she planned on dating you instead. While I understand you like her friendship, she doesn’t sound like someone who is ready for a real relationship at any point in the real future and her lack of honesty is a major issue. I would give her space for at least a few weeks and maybe a few months so that she has a chance to think things through and mature a bit. In the meanwhile, spend some time dating around and see if you find someone who is ready for a relationship. Good luck, Alex Jorgensen!

  26. Hi
    My name is abdul i have a girl which I like and i call her everyday, she also call me if I didn’t call her, we study at thesame school, i like to buy things for her which shows her i love her.
    More over, as time goes on my friends knew i loved her and her friends are also aware of this, i often tell her friends to take care of her in the hostel as she also tell my friend(dabson) which is her course mate. So i was deeply in love with her and taught of telling her what i feel, i told her i love her but she replied “but you know i am studying” which made me confused. Did she love me or not?

    • You shared your thoughts and feelings with you. She informed you that she is focusing on her education. This is certainly reasonable. She may have feelings for you, but she does not feel that she can focus on her education and an emotional relationship at this time. Continue to nourish your friendship with her. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Abdulkadir!

  27. Hey.. She was my classfellow. I really liked her. I messaged her on insta and instead of texting me back she used her friend’s id to tease me. After two days she told me through her id that it was her teasing me. Then she started talking to me. After a week,I just started to pretend creepy and desprate just to tease her and to see her reactions. Instead she became too serious and just blocked me. I had another id and i used it to tell her that I was just pretending to be flirty and something like that. It was nothing serious in that. She unblocked me for one day but i didn’t text her and she again blocked me. Tell me what to do….say sorry to her or just let go for whatever??

    • The two of you were maintaining a social and emotional relationship. You made the decision to pretend to be creepy. You should abstain from ever purposefully behaving in a similar manner in the future. Because of your actions, she decided to block you. When she unblocked you, you spoke for a while, and she blocked you again. Learn your lessons from this relationship. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. You will draw positive people and energy into your life by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. Have a great day, Eagle!

  28. Hey..She was my classfellow.. I really liked her… I followed her to her house one day.. It was last day of our academy… Then I found her insta id and texted her there.. Instead of replying me she used her friend’s id to just tease me… Then she told me through her id that she was just teasing me… Then we started talking.. She was talking to me as she trusted me alot… Then after two weeks i just hit upon a plan to tease her… I just started to be more flirty and stared to be rude sometimes.. She started to avoid me… But i countinued my teaser.. But she replied to my every text… One day, i just blocked her for sometime and unsend my msgs on insta .. When she saw she asked me what happened??… But i send a rude msg.. She also unsend all her msgs… Two days later, i did texted her to tell all the truth in a funny way.. But she just blocked my id…. I had another account… I just told her from that.. And she unblocked my orignal id for a while but then blocked me again after a day… Now i m blocked for orignal id .. But she haven’t bkocked me on my second id… Should i really apologize her about my behavior or what should i do???

    • You chose to behave in a wildly inappropriate manner for no reason. You were rude to her. You blocked her. You deleted her messages. She made the right decision to no longer attempt to nourish a relationship with you. Learn your lessons from your behaviors, and apply that knowledge to your future relationships so you do not harm another person. Have a great day, Haroon!

  29. i knew a girl for almost 3 years, she is my bestfriend and fell in love for her in first year, we never met, we are from diferent countries but i told her how i felt, she told me wanted to be friends because don’t want to ruin our friendship. We kept talking and many times i tried to let her know nothing could ruin our friendship. We kept being good friends we talked everyday and everynight and we had a routine, we used to do alot of things toghter. Last year i got the opportunity to go visit her and we only met 2 times, i knew something was wrong but i am too in love for her and couldnt notice it. I tried to talk with her and she said everything was ok and she told me we were still friends. I was happy with that, but i still love her. Last saturday i found out other person from other country came to her and they were dating and she never told, it was theyr first time togheter, and i discovered it by myslef in social media. I was destroyed and sent her alot of messages, and i know that was bad but she replied and said he knew him for a year and than i understood why she was acting diferent. I was destroyed but i wanted to keep be her friend, we had a good friendship and last thing she said to me was we are friends till she blocked me. This happened on a sunday, its thursday and still nothing. I know she is happy, i saw her smiling like never saw before. I am happy and proud of her, but i really want my friend back. She blocked me on insta, my fb she didnt blocked but the messages appear as sent and nothing more. I dont know what to do, my friend tells me to forget and heal myself and give time to time, but i think she won’t come back it already is hard an heartbreak but losing a friend is just horrible. Thank you for your time.

    • The two of you were friends, and you told her your feelings for her. She informed you that she views you as a friend. She is not interested in maintaining a romantic relationship with you. Your personal feelings of destruction were your own, and your decision to message her about your feelings likely influenced her decision to block you. It is perfectly acceptable for someone that you are not maintaining a romantic relationship with to have a romantic partner. Learn your lesson from this experience, and apply that knowledge to your future relationship. Allow thoughts of her to fade and focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Have a great day, Luis!


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