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What To Do When A Girl Doesn’t Text You Back


Sending the dreaded first text to a girl that you are crushin’ on pretty hard be extremely nerve-wracking. Honestly sending a text to your crush at all, whether it’s the first or the one hundredth,  might have you a little worried all around. Knees get weak, palms get sweaty and your heartbeat starts racing pretty fast.. It’s not an easy thing to go through for anyone, girls and guys alike.

But you have finally gotten enough bravery and courage built up in you to press that send button and the text is now flying through cyberspace right to your crush’s DM’s. Then you are asking yourself what happens when the notification at the bottom says, ‘Delivered’ and she still hasn’t responded.

It’s a sad day when you are sitting staring at your phone wondering to yourself why she hasn’t taken any interest in the text that you sent her. The minutes keep piling up and soon it turns into hours. But you shouldn’t get to down on yourself! Just because she hasn’t responded yet doesn’t mean that she won’t. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t interested. There may be a few different reasons that she hasn’t gotten around to replying. Don’t start jumping to conclusions.

Why isn’t she responding?

Like previously mentioned, there are several reasons she may not be replying:

She lost her phone.

Women can be just as forgetful as men. She may have lost her phone and isn’t able to find it at this time. It happens to all of us at some point or another. Our phones wiggle their way down into the abyss of our couch cushions or get forgotten under the seats of our cars during a busy work day.

She doesn’t have phone service.

If you don’t know her that well, or at all, you may not be aware when she is taking vacations or has gone out of town. She could very well be somewhere that there isn’t great cell phone reception. Or she could have gone out of the country and maybe she didn’t opt for international coverage. It can be pretty expensive.

She’s at work.

Unless she has sent you a detailed schedule of her work hours, you might not know when she’s at work or when she isn’t. She could have been called in. Her job could be highly demanding and she could be stuck working long shifts. You never know! She could be a hard-working gal and not carry her phone on her while she’s at work.

She doesn’t like texting.

In this day and age there are so many other apps available to us to use for communication. Some people have stopped texting altogether and switched solely to Facebook Messenger or even over to Snapchat. She could even prefer to use Whatsapp. Some people don’t check their texts anymore.

So, she may not be ignoring you after all! Now that you have a few different things to consider, maybe you can take a deep breath and realize it’s not as bad as it seems. You also have to keep in mind that timing is everything. Ask yourself, ‘Did I give her enough time to respond?’

If it’s been less than twenty four hours, then no, you did not give her enough time to respond to you.

The general rule when texting a new woman is to give her at least twenty four whole hours to respond to you. This way you can guarantee your texts arrival to her inbox and you can almost be sure after a full day she has seen it. Unless she’s out of the country, of course. Women might be indecisive when they receive a text from someone new. She may want to be cautious or she may be trying to decide whether she wants to pursuit a conversation with you.

There are also those kinds of girls that like to play hard to get.

What happens if she is one of those girls?

You should wait until at least another twenty four hours passes by. Do not send two within twenty four hours and do not send three within forty eight hours. Sending too many texts gives a sense of desperation. However, sending one and then sending another one twenty four hours later let’s her know that you are simply interested and willing to give it another try. Sending the third text after the forty hour mark will be the last time you want to text her without receiving a response. If she still hasn’t responded after the third text then she is probably not interested. However, if she is playing hard to get she will usually respond after the second text is sent out or even possibly after the third. But with no response after the third text, you might just start to look creepy.

Keep your greetings in your text simple. Don’t make the sentences too long. Also be sure to use proper grammar. Some women are very picky about that and can be easily turned off with bad sentence structure.

Those are all the things that you need to keep in mind when a girl doesn’t text you back! Don’t worry, you’re doing great.


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