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What To Do When A Girl Is Late For A Date – Instructions For You


She’s late for a date, huh? That bites man. We all know it doesn’t feel the greatest when someone is not making the effort to make you a priority in their life. You went out of your way to get all dressed up, make a reservation and you spent the gas to drive to the place, but she’s nowhere to be found. Waiting sucks, but what sucks even more is when you realize it’s been half an hour and she still isn’t sitting right in front of you. Not to mention it gets boring! And oh no, is that a rumble in your stomach? We feel you man. It hurts.

However, it doesn’t always mean that she isn’t interested in you or she doesn’t consider you a priority of some sort in her life. Stuff happens. Life gets in the way of a lot of things and inevitably sometimes you are late to important things, including dates. But it can be difficult to identify whether her being late is a bad sign or if it even means anything at all.


The first thing that you need to do is try to remain calm. Being nervous may cause you to build up anxiety and can even make you start to sweat! This will only create an awkward atmosphere for when she does finally arrive. If that happens, the date might go all the way downhill at the very beginning. You also may want to prevent yourself from sweating and looking nervous as it is a date and obviously impressions are important. Both physically and mentally, of course.

You will want to remain confident and ready for her when she finally does show up. That way you can glide smoothly into conversation with her. You have to remember that she may have been held up reluctantly. The last thing that you want to do is make her feel uncomfortable, because she probably already feels bad that she was late and the date is already off to a rough start because of it.


The second thing that you will want to do is keep an eye on your mobile phone. Not only will you probably want to use it to keep you busy while you wait for your late date, but you want to see if she is letting you know that she’s going to be late in anyway. A heads up is definitely an important thing to give when you are going to be late somewhere.

Has she had the courtesy to call? That’s a good sign. It means that she wants you to know she’ll be late and she’s hoping that you won’t leave before she gets there. She intends to show up. And she wants to make you feel less offended. An apology usually comes along with a phone call.

Even if she hasn’t called, has she at least sent you a text message? That is also a good sign.

What isn’t a good sign, is if she pulls a no call no show on you simultaneously.


The third thing that you might want to do is think of the relationship that you have with her. How long have you known your soon to be date? Is this a first date?

You need to think about these things for a few reasons.

If this is your first date, her being late is probably a very bad sign. However, that all depends on the reasoning she gives you for her being late.

Is her excuse vague? As in, there almost isn’t one given.

I.e, “Sorry I was late, but now I’m here!”

Giving no reason is definitely a bad sign. A vague excuse indicates that she may not have found it important enough to be on time. She may just not care. That means she doesn’t care about what you think or about wasting your time. That certainly gives you the feeling that she isn’t into you as much as you might be into her. This is a red flag. First dates are the most important dates. They leave the long lasting, crucial first impression that will ultimately help the two of you decide if you want to pursuit more of a relationship with one another.

Is he excuse sounding pretty valid, realistic and detailed?

I.e, “Oh wow, I’m so sorry, I had a meeting with a client that just would NOT end!”

That’s a pretty good sign that she isn’t lying and she probably was really caught up at work. Work, schooling, family and appointments are all good things that you should be thankful to hear. These are totally understandable excuses that make people late for things everyday. She could be lying, but it’s not likely.

How do you know when she’s lying?

Her excuse may be a little too detailed.

I.e, “I was busy rescuing this old man and giving him CPR. Everyone came and there was even this one woman who gave me an award for my good deed.”

If it doesn’t sound likely, it probably isn’t.


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