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What To Do When A Guy Stops Texting You


There’s no question as to whether it sucks getting blown off by a guy or not. It definitely does. And sometimes we don’t really understand why we are suddenly getting radio silence when we have been chatting with a guy through text for a period of time. Why did he suddenly stop responding? Did he lose interest? And what do we do now? Do we text him again?

Just wait. Don’t jump to any conclusions and don’t start flooding his DMs with insane messages.

We will help you figure it all out!

Keep reading the follow tips and tricks to help you know what to do when a guy stops texting you.

Put On Your Thinking Cap

We might feel like we are being ignored when in reality we are not. How so? Well, since you are not with this person and instead are texting them, you might not be aware of what is going on in their life at this moment. Review your previous conversation to figure out if he mentioned any upcoming appointments or events. Did he mention that he was going on vacation soon? That might be exactly why he hasn’t been replying lately. You never know if the reception sucks where he is or if he dropped his phone in the ocean. The options of mishap are endless.

He could be at a family reunion or busy with a long day of work.

Keep in mind that most people’s lives don’t revolve around texting.

He may just not have the extra time to shoot you a message at this moment.

You might be important to him, but he also has other important things in his life that he has to pay attention to.

Ask Him What’s Up

But don’t be pushy about it. You don’t want to be jumping down his throat about why he hasn’t sent you a text lately. Ask him politely and almost teasingly what the deal is.

You could say something like, ‘Hey handsome, get sick of me or something? Haven’t heard from you in awhile.’

Or, ‘Man you must be really busy if you can’t make time for someone like me ;).’

Be playful not rude. We know it hurts to get ignored, but what’s going to hurt even more is if he’s turned off by a sour attitude.

They have an expression that says you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and that can totally be applied to this situation!

Don’t Be A Creep

Sure, the thought of him going out with someone else is unsettling, but how are you going to be sure that is what he is doing? You can’t be. But we don’t suggest going out and stalking him. That’s just simply not cool! It’s also a great way to ensure he won’t be sliding into your inbox ever again.

You might feel the urge to play detective, but we advise against it.

Hitting up his homies in hopes of getting some info on the situation is a bad idea.

Not only will he think you are a total creep, but his friends will now think you are weird as heck. It’s a good way to let them see your crazy side and the last thing you want is them all talking about you behind your back.

Also avoid asking his family what his deal is! You two are probably not close enough for that type of thing. Even if you are, there is no reason for you to involve his family unless you believe he is in danger or has become a missing person.

In this case, he probably just hasn’t gotten around to replying to you yet.

Just let him tell you himself by waiting for his response.

What happens if he never responds? Then he wasn’t interested in you and it’s time to move on homegirl.

Give Him A Call

But it’s very, very important to understand ratio when it comes to calling a guy that you have been texting. How many times have you texted him since he stopped texting you back? It’s best to not call if you have sent a few texts already. Unless he is blind he will see them at some point.

It’s a good idea to call if you have sent one message and not gotten a response within 24-48 hours. That way you can see if his phone service has been disconnected. Who knows, maybe he forgot to pay his bill?

However, if you have already texted him a bunch, calling may just seem desperate.

If it’s been several days since the last time you texted him, it’s okay to give him one call. We suggest one and one only no matter the situation. Blowing up his phone with calls is definitely much weirder than texting him. Especially in this day and age that seems to be ruled by technology.

Remember The 24 Hour Rule

When you stop talking to someone that you like it can be hard to not try and continue conversation. No matter what the cost. But it’s crucial to keep yourself cool in this situation and resist your yearning to text and text until he texts you back. You never know why he has stopped talking to you. Unless you want to blow your chances, you should pay attention to the 24 hour rule. That means that you should only be sending one text per every 24 hour period. That way you don’t seem to clingy to him. It’s okay to send another text once if it’s been a whole day since you last sent him a message.

If he hasn’t responded after three days and three separate texts, there is a great chance that he probably isn’t ever going to. Which is a huge bummer for you, but a huge loss for him! You deserve someone with the decency to at least send a goodbye text!

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

The most important thing to remember when a guy stops texting you is that it is not your fault that he stopped. That was his own decision. Maybe he got busy or has his sights set on someone else. That’s okay! Keep your confidence level up. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea, we promise!


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