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What To Do When A Woman Is Mad At You?


You know the saying, “She can’t stay mad at you forever!”? Unfortunately that has no truth to it, she certainly can stay mad at you. Maybe not forever, but for a very, very long time. Women are tricky, yet mysterious creatures. They have the skill and talent to hold a grudge without even flinching when given an apology. They also seem to have the ability to fight you and win using nothing but the cut of their tongue and a cold, hard stare.  That may make it kind of hard to get them to stop being mad at you once they have started. Once the anger ship has sailed, you’ll certainly feel like there is no hope for forgiveness. However, that’s just simply not true. There are plenty of different things that you can try and do to get back in the good graces of your lady love.

You might find yourself at a loss right now. It’s difficult to figure out what you are supposed to do next. That’s why we have these simple steps laid out for you to help you know what to do when a woman is mad at you. Just follow these guidelines and you soon will have an anger free woman on your hands!

Step One: Find The Root Of Her Anger

This step is probably the most difficult one of them all and that is why it comes in at number one. She may expect you to know what the problem is without having to tell you. This may make it burdensome to find out what is bothering her, as well as discovering what has made her this mad in the first place. Woman love talking and sharing emotions (usually), but piss her off and she’ll be silent for days. She has no issue with waiting for you to figure out where you went wrong. What you have to do is you have to think long and hard about the past fews days leading up to her getting upset with you.

Were you disrespectful to her in anyway?

Think about all of the conversations the two of you had leading up to her blowout.

Did you say something that you shouldn’t have? Did you touch on a subject that is usually off limits?  

Ignoring her requests to not discuss something may cause her to angry with you. Saying something that is rude or insulting to her also may have gotten her upset. Rejection, adultery, insultive teasing, betraying her trust and making an important decision without her may all be reasons for a woman to be mad at you. Have you done any of these things? Can you think of anything you may have done or said that fits along these lines? If so, you may have found the root of her anger.

Step Two: Give Her Space

Although you may find yourself itching to be near her, trying to fix whatever went wrong, you need to remember that she probably wants a little bit of space. It’s also a good idea to give her some extra time just to cool down. That way when the two you go back to talking she isn’t going to be in a full on rage. She needs time to collect her thoughts, think about what she wants to do and to ultimately cool off. Not giving her the proper time or space she needs may push her to say things she shouldn’t because she isn’t not thinking rationally. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Blinded by rage”? It is a very true phrase that applies to almost anyone.

Step Three: Discuss and Apologize

Now that you have hopefully found the root of the problem and you have given her the space she needed, you can go ahead and plan a time to talk with her about all of this. She may be resistant at first, but it’s up to you to convince her that the reason you want to see her is to apologize. Sometimes words aren’t enough, so maybe consider buying a card, writing a letter or bringing a gift. Gifts are helpful when apologizing or trying to reconcile. It means that you are truly thinking of the other person and that you actually feel bad about what happened.

Remember to avoid placing blame when the two of you are hashing it out. Blame only makes tensions rise and puts both of you on edge. Plus it might just make her more angry with you. Keep a calm tone. You will want to ensure that you are participating in active listening with her. If she doesn’t feel like you are listening to her or trying to get an idea of why she is mad, things may only get worse. You want to keep her calm and let her speak her piece.

Now you have all the steps that tell you what to do when a woman is mad at you. Follow them step by step and you’ll be on her good side again in no time!


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