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What to Do When Girl Have Periods


If you haven’t grown up in a house full of women, then you may be in for quite a shock when your girlfriend has her period. Now, you probably don’t know a lot about periods, which is completely normal, but it’s good to educate yourself on how periods work. Every 28 days, or around 28 days, the uterus sheds itself causing cramps, bloating, mood swings and headaches. Now, the symptoms are different for every woman. Your girlfriend may not experience any menstrual symptoms and her periods will sail smoothly. However, many women suffer from at least one of these symptoms, if not more. Now, this usually lasts for the first two days of her period and then things start to settle down. But, there are some things you can do to make her periods less painful.

How a Man Should Deal with a Woman on Her Periods

Don’t make her feel guilty

Maybe you two had planned to go for dinner or to a concert but her period came and she’s telling you she doesn’t want to go. I know you’re pissed off but don’t blame her. You won’t get anywhere productive. And honestly, she’s probably in a lot of pain. Women can handle pain quite well, we have it every month, so if she’s saying she can’t go out, listen to her.

Write down the dates on your calendar

She’s going to have her period every month, so you might as well make sure you know when it’s going to happen. Now, some women have irregular periods and their cycles differ from month to month, but many women are regular and their periods come on the same day, every month. Write the dates down in your calendar, that way, you’ll be able to make more time for her, especially during the first two days.

Have her favorite snacks and drinks available

Many women have cravings during their periods, especially in the beginning. So, find out where her favorite foods and drinks are – don’t worry, she’ll probably tell you. Before her period, make sure you have some of these foods and drinks at your home. That way, when she’s craving them, you’ll have them ready to go!

Be patient

She may be cranky towards you, but it’s not her talking, it’s her period. She’s probably in a lot of pain, so if she doesn’t feel like talking or doesn’t want to be touched, don’t get angry. She just needs some space for now. Don’t worry, once the pain is gone she’ll be all over you again.

Have a hot water bottle 

If she’s having cramps, the best thing to soothe them is a hot water bottle. She’ll be able to lean back, place the water bottle on her sore tummy and relax. It’ll help her cramps subside and ease the pain.

Things You Need to Know about Her Period

Have some Midol available

For many women, Midol is their god of all gods. When you’re experiencing severe cramps and nausea, you want it to go away as quickly as possible. This is where Midol saves the day. She’ll most likely have some in her purse, but if not, it’s always good to keep some at your place as well, just in case.

Make her feel cosy

She’s not having a good day, her body literally feels like it wants to kill her. So, try to make her feel cosy. She’s probably not going to want to go out, so instead, make her night fun without having her leave the couch. Get some movies on, bring her favorite snacks to her and a warm blanket for her to snuggle in. She’ll love you even more if you this, it really shows that you’re understanding of what she’s going through.

Don’t bring up conversations that will upset her

Maybe you want to go on a break or you want to tell her that you broke her hair iron, well, these are conversations that you can leave for a later time, just give it a couple more days. Normally, she’s easy going and understanding but when her stomach feels like it’s being stabbed with knives, now is definitely not the time. Her response isn’t going to be what you expected. She’s not going to be understanding, so, it’s best you just wait a day or two before you talk about anything that’ll piss her off.

what to say when your girlfriend is on her period

Don’t talk about her period

She knows that she’s having her period right now, so you reminding her of it probably won’t help. In addition, don’t ask her if she’s acting in a certain way because of her period – you’re not going to get a good response. Instead, be understanding but avoid the topic of her period unless she brings it up. Most likely, if she does bring it up, it’ll end with a question. So, be ready to help her out.

Get her exercising

Do drag her along with you for a walk or to the gym on the first day, but a couple days into her period, you should try to get her outside. Exercise can release endorphins which help fight against pain. She doesn’t have to do a crazy workout, but going for a walk will certainly help her with her bloating and cramps.

Ask her what you can do

At the end of the day, all women are different and require different needs. You can do all these things on the list, but maybe she just wanted to read a book and drink some tea. The best way to figure out what she wants is for you to ask her. Plus, it’s always good to be on the safe side of these things, so if you know exactly what she wants, you can’t screw up.

When a woman is on her period, she’s not having a great time. But, you can make these rough couple of days much easier for her. Just remember to be communicative and not judge her because she has her period. She can’t help it. Plus, if you’re there for her when she needs you, you’ll win huge brownie points for being the best boyfriend ever.


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