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What To Do When He Blows You Off


A first date can be as nerve wracking as they are exciting. After all, they’re so full of potential! But making a first impression can be a bit intimidating. Usually, we all know where we stand at the end of a first date: either the date was good, or it was bad. Unfortunately, there’s always that middle ground where you might think the date went really, really well, but the guy that you went with ends up blowing you off afterwards.

He won’t answer your texts and ignores all your messages. It’s frustrating, and figuring out whether or not he really means to be ignoring you can be tricky. There’s always the desire to confront a guy after he pulls a stunt like like this. However, there are some key things to keep in mind after a guy blows you off

1. Stay calm

This is the most important thing to do when you’re confronted with a guy who completely blows you off after the first date. Don’t let yourself give in to feeling like you have to figure out what is going on right this second. Keep going about your daily business. If he’s worth anything, he’ll get in contact with you. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to stay chill and ignore the impulse to keep texting him or calling him or trying to figure out why he doesn’t want to talk to you. If he’s a good person, he’ll let you down if he’s not interested rather than just disappearing off the face of the earth.

2. Pay attention

If he’s blowing you off by being too vague to schedule another date, he may be trying to tell you something without actually saying it. If you thought the date went really well, but all of sudden his schedule seems to be full up of visiting family members and work deadlines that didn’t exist before, he may just be trying to ease out of your life slowly. Pay attention to what he says. You may have to learn to read between the lines to get to the root of the message. If it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in setting up a second date or seeing you again, then it’s probably time to just move on.

3. Stop checking up on him on social media

It can be really tempting to check up on what he’s doing. You may want to see if he’s going on other dates or if he’s mentioning you at all. For your own sanity, it’s time to just delete him off your friends list and stop checking up on him. The more you do that, the more you’re just going to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why it didn’t work out. There’s going to be other guys more worth your time, so don’t waste precious minutes of your day checking up on the ones that didn’t work out

4. Don’t corner him

If the both of you run in the same social circles, it may be probable that you’re going to see this guy at a party or social function. It can be tempting to go up to him and try to get an answer out of why he stopped returning your texts or just ghosted you altogether after your date. Resist this urge! It’s not worth it! Not only will it make you look (and feel!) kind of crazy, but it’s only going to feed into those negative feelings. If he didn’t want to see you again, then that’s that. While you definitely deserve an explanation, you may not always get one. The best option is to just show him you’re having a good time without him.

5. Don’t give him more time than he’s worth

A guy who blows you off isn’t the kind of guy you want to be in a relationship with anyway. It only goes to show that he doesn’t respect your time or your feelings enough to give you a proper explanation as to why it didn’t work out. So don’t focus all your energy on him. There are going to be plenty of guys who are worth your time, so learn to let the ones that didn’t work out go. Stay focused on the positive things you have going on in your life and move forward.

Final Thoughts

It sucks when a guy blows you off. Sometimes, there’s just no explanation as to why. If you’re struggling with the feelings of inadequacy after a guy totally ghosts on you, remember that there’s always going to be jerks in your life. It’s probably not even something that you did. Sometimes, guys will blow women off for completely shallow reasons – you’re too tall, or he doesn’t like your hair cut. The best thing to do is to just move on with your life.


  1. I’ve been with this guy for almost 5 years now everything was great up until November 2016 then he started going hot and cold on me 1 week he would be great the next week he would be mean almost like a bear with a sore head as he would put it he told me when he got this way to tell him I did that still have done it to this day and it made things worse just last week he was happy to be with me that I was his world nothing was more important than to us spending time together now this week after Valentine’s he’s been blowing me off completely once again I understand he works all day he comes and he takes a shower doesn’t even call me up or text me message me or anything just leave me hanging I mean what the hell did you just take a shower and go to bed and say the hell with me he’s completely blown me off this week I don’t know what to do about this situation anymore it hurts like hell I’ve been in love with him he told me he’s in love with me even asked me to marry him I don’t know what to do about this situation he was never like this with me for the four and a half years we were together but the last half year he’s been a miserable sob and I don’t know why I brought to his attention I’ve asked him I tried to talk to him like I said one week he’s great and I’m his world and he can go good for 5 7 10 days and then all of a sudden out of the blue be a total ass to me and blow me off I don’t deserve this it hurts

    • It sounds as though he is emotionally unstable. He may be uncertain or confused about his feelings. He may need to speak with a medical professional. Take this time to determine what you want for your future. The next time that he abuses you, speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. You do not need to remain in a relationship that is neglectful or abusive. Have a great day, Bella!


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