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What To Do When He Comes Over


Maybe this is the very first time that your guy is coming over your home to visit you and this has always been pretty big for you. Imagine, he’ll be seeing you sans your dating clothes and probably with lesser make-up. He’ll see the house in which you grew up in and where you still spend your days on.

You don’t want to be overly dressed and too unnatural for the occasion! At the same time, you still don’t want to overwhelm him by showing up in your pajamas in a messy bun. So here are some tips that you can follow when your guy is coming over. Follow these and you’ll have a sweet smooth-sailing home date you’ll never forget!

Prepare a meal for the two of you

Your guy just came to your place to visit you. He might have quite the journey and he might have travelled long. Be accommodating enough to ensure that you two have something to eat when he comes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie when it comes to cooking! Nowadays, there are already millions of YouTube videos about meals that are easy to prepare that you can follow. The worst that you can do to him is make him think about what he wants and where he wants to eat after he endured that journey for you. He must be starving the minute that he shows up in your doorstep!

Remember to take a shower

I know that you won’t be missing this! But just in case you’re listing things to do, do not forget to include this. Give yourself enough time to bathe before he comes. It would be a big disaster to hear him knocking on the door already while you just finished cleaning your house! Taking enough time to shower before he comes will make you feel good and you’ll surely look a lot better. Be sure to use the shampoo that he adores and don’t forget to put in some lotion too so you’ll smell good the whole day.

Pick some casual clothes that you’ll be comfortable in

Take the time to raid your closet and pick out something nice but casual. Don’t go out there looking like you’re going to a theatrical play or a 5-star hotel date. Your guy is actually expecting to see in your home clothes. Maybe some shorts and shirt is okay? Just check for holes in your shirt because that’s not classy at all! You can also style your hair and put on a bit of make-up. The keyword here is “a bit”. Give those smoky eyes a rest!

Clean your house

Whether you like it or not, your guy will have not-so-good impressions on you if your house is kind of messy. This might not be a deal-breaker but it’s just nice to make a good impression on him. No matter how pretty and tidy you are, when your house is a disaster, these things won’t matter. I am not talking about a general cleaning and a major repaint project. You can tidy up by putting things where they’re supposed to. Maybe those dirty clothes should not loiter in the living room, don’t you think? You can also sweep the floor, dust the furniture and clean up your pantry. Treat your house like an extension of yourself because it is what it really is. Give your house a make-over like how you would give yourself one.

Prepare things that you can be busy on

Because your guy is coming over to YOUR house, he is counting on you to know what to do around your area so make sure that you’re prepared for this. When you are determined to just stay at home, maybe you can marathon a series or some movies, or bring out your brother’s PlayStation so you two can have a battle! If your guy is up to it, you can also bake or cook something together. A cake that you can design on sounds good, doesn’t it? By doing this, you are also preparing a snack or even dinner for the two of you. Talking about checking off items in your to-do list! When the weather is good, maybe you can take a walk to the nearby park and have a laid-back picnic near the lake. You can also bike around the area so you can tour him on the village where you grew up in.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you’re stressed out right now because your guy is coming over and you have no idea what to do. Follow the tips we’ve shared with you and just remember to have enough rest. When you tire yourself too much, you won’t have the energy to entertain him during his visit. Also, it will show on your face! So just remember to stay calm and in control of things. Take it easy! I’m sure everything will turn out perfectly.


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