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What To Do When He Doesn’t Text You Back


In older times when mobile phones do not exist yet, people don’t have any problems with not receiving a text back! But now that the modern world has evolved, this event is quite a biggie. When a guy that you used to text with 24/7 suddenly stops to bug you, you feel worried that something is up and that a disaster is on its way. You feel incomplete without those random messages that checks up on you.

You begin to analyze things and arrive with uncomfortable conclusions. You immediately assume the worst and instantly enter your self-destruct mode. But you mustn’t! Your value as woman should not be dependent on the text backs that you receive. A guy can stop texting you for a number of reasons. But for all these reasons, the path to take is still the same. Here are the things that you should do when he suddenly stops texting you:

1. Do not overthink things

I’m sure you’ve been in the worst possible case already but do not linger on these thoughts. While it is true that something came up that might have changed his feelings, it might also be possible that the littlest issue has occurred. He could have lost his phone and has no way to contact you. He might been very busy and swamped that he forgot about the other people and other things in his life.

His phone might have been broken and he’s currently in the service center to have it fixed! I know that these are not valid excuses because you’re worrying too and he could have made Band-Aid solutions for those. But what I’m saying is just give your guy a break and hold those ugly thoughts for now. Just for now. He might have stopped texting you for some hours only and there you sit wallowing in the worst of your thoughts. But in case it’s already days or even weeks since he last texted you, you can…

2. Try to reach out in person to discuss

He has been avoiding your messages so trying to reach out to him in person might be harder than what you expect. But there’s no harm in trying! Try to think about his schedule – where he is during this time of the day and where he stays during weekends. Pay him a casual visit. But don’t force him to face you when he cannot and he doesn’t want to. When you talk to him in person, you will have a clear view of what’s going on inside his mind.

Does he seem bothered and unhappy to see you? Does he appear like he’s regretting what he’s done? You will have a clue. And more importantly, you will have answers that can give you an idea for your next step. If he seems regretful, maybe giving him another chance is what you should be doing. On the other hand, if he seems completely over you, well…

3. Do not harass him

You will feel a violent urge to see him again or maybe bombard him with messages on the least. After all, that jerk deserves to know what a garbage he is! But do not be the crazy one who pushes him away even more. If you want him to change his mind and you see a chance of this happening, you will just annoy him when you act desperate and clingy. Keep in mind that he is a grown man who can make decisions on his own. Begging him and forcing him to text you again will get you nowhere.

4. Do not wait around for him

He might or might not text you back again. Who knows? Don’t put your life on hold, gluing your eyes and hands to your mobile phone that may not beep again. Do not give that man the power over your life. Claim it back, girl! Divert your attention to things that are more important and don’t focus on the guy who doesn’t deserve to be waited on. Don’t cancel plans with your friends just because you think that he will call and ask you out again soon.

Don’t make excuses for him. These are far-fetched thoughts that you deluded yourself with so you’ll feel better. Invest your time and effort in a man who invests in you too. Find someone who can communicate effectively, someone who takes the time to answer you no matter how busy things can get. Texting may be a small platform but if he can’t commit into texting you back, maybe he can’t do so in bigger things. If there’s a silver lining, it’s good that you already see who he really is now. It saved you from bigger heartaches.

Final Thoughts

The general rule of thumb is that what you see is what you get. When you have doubts about this guy because he isn’t consistent, trust your guts and move on. When he wants to talk to you, believe me, he would. Other men would move mountains just to keep in touch with you. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who can’t even send one simple text to stop your worrying.


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