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What To Do When He Finally Calls


Imagine: you’ve just ended a first date and exchanged phone numbers. You’re pretty sure the date went fairly well, and now all you have to do is wait for him to call. The anticipation can be pretty nerve wracking – but exciting, too! Women for decades have all be agonizing over the same thing: what to say or do when he finally calls? It may feel like he’s taking too long to call you back, but don’t worry.

Men never want to seem too desperate after they’ve enjoyed a date with a woman. Often times, men will put off calling even if they want to call right away because they want to seem cool and collected. So, if he takes him two days or until the weekend to give you a ring, don’t worry! Stay cool, calm and collected and when he calls, know the right and wrong things to say.

1. Be cheerful

Even if you were worried about how long it was taking him to call you back, remember to be upbeat and engaging when he finally does call. Don’t let on that you were a bit anxious. Even men get nervous when they call a woman for a second date, so try not to let on that you were waiting for his call. Also, remember to stay engaged with the conversation. Men aren’t as good at talking about their feelings as women are, so if they may take any awkwardness on your end as a sign that you’re not really interested. So, make sure you talk to him the same way you would talk to an old friend. The more relaxed and upbeat you are when he calls, the more confident he’ll be.

2. Suggest another date

Listen, ladies: if a guy is calling you back after the first date, it definitely means that he wants to see you again. After engaging with him in some talk to relax you both, it’s totally okay to suggest another date! Especially if he’s kind of nervous and doesn’t seem to be able to bulk up the courage to ask you out again, it’s totally appropriate if you suggest a second date. After all, if he’s calling you it means that he’s interested. The thing is, he doesn’t know whether or not you’re interested. Make sure he’s not confused at all by taking the plunge and suggesting a second date. He’ll probably be relieved that he now knows that you’re interested in continuing to see him.

3. Don’t ask why it took so long

If he happened to wait a few days to call, try not to harp on him on why it took so long. Guys operate a little differently than women do. After all, society has made it so men have a harder time expressing their feelings, especially when it comes to feelings of romance. When a guy likes a woman, he doesn’t want to seem too eager, so it may take him a few days to call after a date. If you end up nagging him right away about why he didn’t call, it’s already a sign to him that you’re probably a little too high maintenance. It’s okay to ask how his week has been to try and suss out the reason it took so long, but don’t flat out ask him.

4. Don’t play it too cool

You don’t want to play hard to get right off the bat. Again, if you don’t seem interested, a man is probably going to assume that you aren’t. Men aren’t used to playing mind games, and aren’t really good at them, anyway. So make sure you don’t play it too cool when he finally calls. If you’re happy to hear from him, make sure he knows that. If you try to pretend that you’re not interested in order to get him to chase you, chances are that he’s going to feel silly for thinking you wanted a second date in the first place and just move on to someone else.

Final Thoughts…

Dating can often be considered an art form. Fortunately, it’s something that you can get better at with time. When a guy takes a little too long to call, there’s always a reason behind it. That reason being – he’s probably into you! Try not to let yourself get too worked up over how long it takes a guy to call you back – unless, of course, you’re waiting weeks. Then, it’s probably safe to say he isn’t interested. However, the thing you should always remember is: if he calls you, he’s interested in seeing you again. You can take that to the bank! After that first initial phone call for a second date, talking to him is going to get easier and easier, since the both of you now know that you’re still interested.


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