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What To Do When You Like A Girl Who Lives Far Away


Loving someone that is a little far out of your reach isn’t easy. But distance doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship and it doesn’t have to mean ending a crush. As long as you have the dedication and you really like someone, you can make LDR (Long distance relationship) work.

Liking someone who lives far away from you can wear you out, but it’s not impossible. It can be done and it can be done well. So, what do you do when you like a girl who lives somewhere else?

  • Make Sure She Likes You Back

It doesn’t seem important to have your crush like you back right away, but if she lives far away it’s a good idea to make sure she is just as interested in you as you are in her. If she isn’t interested in you, there is no guarantee that she will remain trustworthy and committed to continuing a LDR with you. There’s no point in wasting time trying to pursue something with someone who isn’t interested in you, especially if she is far away. So ask her. Be straightforward and ask her if she likes you, too. Then you can go from there.

  • Don’t Overdo It

You may feel like you need overcompensate some things, because the two of you are not together in person. But, you shouldn’t. Don’t overwhelm her. This may push her away from you. Since you are not there with you, it’s important to keep things at a steady, smooth pace. The distance gives her easy access to walk away from the relationship whenever she wants. Becoming possessive or clingy is always a bad idea. Just because she is far away, doesn’t mean you need to be texting/calling her all day, every day. Find out her schedule and discuss with her when the best times to talk will be. Like we said, the key to this is not overwhelming her.

  • Make A Plan

Just like you should be setting up when you are available to talk or when you would prefer to chat, you will also want to be planning some ground rules for the two of you. Keep your intentions with each other clear. Are you exclusive? Or is it okay to ‘date’ other people while you are apart. How does she feel about it? How committed to one another are you at this point?

  • Keep Things Interesting

Unfortunately, with distance comes a boring routine. Since you can’t go out on dates together, you will be relying solely on communication through your phones and/or computers. This means that you will have to get creative. Things can get boring and ultimately lead to disaster if you are texting or saying the same things repetitively. On top of your normal heys, hellos, good mornings and goodnights you should also be adding in some sweet messages here and there that catch her off guard. Sending a romantic paragraph or a special picture will let her know that you are thinking outside of the box, while thinking of her at the same time! You can go as far as setting up special Skype dates or sending her care packages through the mail.

  • Make Sure It’s Not All Digital

Although texting/calling/apps will be your hail Mary when it comes to keeping your LDR afloat, you will want to take a slight break from that once in awhile. Sometimes she will need some tangible to keep her interested in the relationship. Use the mail. We mentioned care packages before, but you can also write letters. How romantic is that? We’re certain she will think so, too. Sending a letter written by hand will let her know that you care enough about her to take the time to do it. She will appreciate the sentimental value and she may even start writing you back. Send her pictures in the mail, instead of just over Snapchat.

  • Spice It Up Every Now And Then

Yup, we mean get down and dirty with each other, but do it with distance between you. Just because you two are not physically together, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little intimate once in awhile. Dirty talk, sexting and NSFW pictures are all great ways to keep the flame alive when you like a girl who lives far away.

  • Make Time To Visit

This relationship is never going to work out if it’s solely through the mail or digital world. It’s just not possible to keep that going forever. So start planning to make trips to visit each other. We aren’t saying that it has to be every week or even month, but try making the visits often enough so that the visit is still fresh in her mind when you make your next one.


    • Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Ondieki!

  1. Nice article. But what if 2 persons live on separated continents, they like each other, text almost everyday, send letters, plan to visit, but they are afraid of overwhelming each other with too intense romantic words. Should they step over the border of this fear or just keep small talking like that?

    • The two of you need to determine what you want for your future. It is clear that each of you share a strong social and emotional connection. The best way to nourish this relationship is to attempt to visit him in person. Determine what you want for the future of your relationship at this time. Have a great day, Tender!


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