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What To Do When You See Your Girl Crush


A pretty girl can knock the breath out of anyone for a split second, but when it’s your crush it feels like you can’t breathe at all. Seeing them unexpectedly can make it feel like you’ve forgotten how to operate your lungs and your mind at the same time.

Which is unfortunate, because the last thing you want to do is come off as a mumbling fool in front of someone you really like.

You might be prepared if you run into her at work, school or a mutual friends. However, seeing her outside of those known environments is much different than running into her abruptly can really have you feeling taken aback.

So, what do you do when you see your girl crush in an unforeseen fashion?

Although it feels like it is a difficult situation to manage, it’s actually quite simple.

A lot of what is going to get you through this is up to you and how well you can control your nerves.

Keeping calm is the most important thing that you can do.

If you don’t stay calm and collected, you might risk looking like a mess in front of her. You could blurt out things that you don’t mean to say. You could run into a something because you aren’t focusing on where you are going. You could start dancing, because you feel pressured to do something.

Just don’t. Stay where you are and remind yourself to take ahold of your nervousness.

So what do you do next?

Follow the following tips and you’ll be maneuvering run ins with your crush like a pro in no time:

Take Action

Now that you have seen her, what are you going to do? There are a few different ways that you can deal with an encountering your crush randomly.

Are you not feeling up to talking with her? That’s okay! If you happen to spot her before she gets a chance to see you, then you are golden to just get the heck out of dodge as fast as you can. Avoid making eye contact as you make your getaway, so that if she catches a glimpse of you leaving, she won’t think it’s because of her. She will just assume that you didn’t happen to see her.

However, if she’s already laid eyes on you, it’s a little bit more difficult to just turn away. If you do that, she may think that you do not like her and are avoiding her for some reason unknown to her. If she caught sight of you and you don’t want to talk, just wave and nod. Then continue on with what you were doing. This way she knows that you are not hostile towards her. She will also get the drift that you might be too busy to have a conversation, without it hurting her feelings.

Do you feel up to speaking with your crush today?

Go ahead and initiate contact with her. Wave to her, with a nice smile and then motion for her to come to you or head towards her.

Don’t Be Weird

It’s going to go against everything in your nature, but don’t get weird on her. Try to keep in mind that no one likes to be harassed with cheesy pickup lines while they’re picking up their dry cleaning or while they are buying eggs at the store.

Besides corny pickup lines or weird winks from across the room, you should also avoid becoming obnoxious when you see her.

We get that you like her, but a good way to turn a crush off is by putting too much effort in.

Boasting loudly in front of her can make you seem arrogant.

Putting your hands or arms on her to flirt is also a no-no. You don’t want to come on too strongly. At this point, she may or may not reciprocate your feelings, but because you do not know this for sure, don’t risk pushing her away by becoming ‘clingy’.

Body Language

Body language is important when you are talking to someone you like. You don’t want to straight out shout to them that you have a crush on them, do you? Because you are testing the waters with her, you will want to let your body do all the talking.

Keep a good distance from her so that you do not invade her space. You want about the distance of another person into between you. Any farther away and she might think that you don’t want to be near her, but any closer and it will come off as invasive.

Mirror her body with yours. When she leans, lean with her. When she uses her hands, use yours too. Keep the motions subtle. When she catches on that you are mirroring her, she will then understand that you are really paying attention to her and what she says.

Talk About Her… A Lot

Keep the conversation focused entirely on her. Of course, she may ask about you and inquire about your life. But keep it vague. This will only peak her interest in you and might even provoke her to want to get to know you more.


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