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What To Do When You See Your Guy Crush


Accidentally running into your crush can be a nerve-wracking experience. Especially if you are not prepared for it. There’s nothing that throws you more off your guard than seeing someone that makes your heart want to jump out of your chest. Not only does your heart start racing, but your palms get really sweaty and you suddenly forget how to speak. This makes for an all around terrible situation. We understand that it’s not easy to navigate this type of run in. That’s exactly why we are here to help you out and give you some advice on what to do if this ever becomes a reality.

Sure, you’re fine with running into them at school or work, because you had time to get all dressed up and make sure your breath doesn’t smell. But when you see them in other places and you are not prepared, it can cause you to panic.

Remember that panicking doesn’t do anyone any good and will probably lead you to look like a bumbling fool.

So, as they say, just ‘chillax’.

It means to chill and relax, all at once. We have faith you can do it.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Okay, fine I’ll try to stay calm, but what do I do?! Tell me!’

Okay, okay, we’ll tell you.

Just follow these simple tips and you will do fine, even if your crush runs into you in the most unexpected place, at the worst time.

Choose What To Do

There’s a good chance you can avoid a no makeup, all pajama type of encounter if you see your crush before they see you. If they haven’t seen you yet, you have the opportunity to just make a run for it. Don’t be too obvious. If you try to get away too quickly, you may become loud and clumsy and he may just catch a glimpse of you looking silly. If he knows you and sees you running away, he may take offense that you didn’t want to say hello. Truthfully, most guys do not mind if you are in your pajamas and have a naked face. However, if you haven’t formally introduced yourself, you might be worried about this being your first introduction, as well as his first impression of you. So, we’re going to let you know right now that it’s okay to make a break for it.

What happens if he sees you?

Play it off as if you didn’t see him and you were in a hurry to do something else. Make sure you think about a good reason before you just start blurting things out.

Making up something unbelievable might lead him to think you are a little weird. It also makes it obvious that you were trying to avoid him. He might not understand it’s because you like him and instead may come to the conclusion that you actually dislike him a lot.

However, if you are feeling on point today, clothes and makeup alike, go ahead and continue on with what you were doing before you saw him. Let him notice you first. If he makes eye contact, go ahead and give him a little wave. Include a small smile, too.

Don’t make it too apparent that you like him. Keep your wave and smile as small as possible. When you are pursuing someone, it’s best to just give them a little tease, not give yourself entirely away.

Don’t Try To Incite Jealousy

He’s your crush, so he may or may not harbor feelings for you just yet. Trying to make him jealous by hanging on another guy, pretending someone else with you is your boyfriend or getting too touchy, feely with anyone is a bad idea. Doing these things will make it appear as if you are already taken. He isn’t going to want to try and approach somebody else’s partner/girlfriend. You will only lose his interest that way.

A playful touch to a friend or a giggle is acceptable.

Although you shouldn’t try to make him jealous, letting him know that you are flirty and charming with another man might peak his interest in you. Especially if he already likes you.

A little playfulness with another man is okay, but keep the motions simple and almost platonic. That way it doesn’t look like you are entirely involved.

Keep It Focused On Them

There is a great chance that your crush might approach you and initiate a conversation. That’s great!

There are a few things to keep in mind if that happens, though.

It’s important to keep the conversation focused on them.

Feel free to answer questions they ask about you to them, but keep trying to center the discussion on them. Ask your crush a lot of questions, but don’t get too personal.

Mirror their body language while doing so.

It will make your crush feel good and he will appreciate the fact that you want to get to know him. This will lead him to want to get to know you in return.

He might even try to set up another time to talk with you!

If you focus only on yourself, he might think you are too self-involved or that you do not care about him at all. This will guarantee that he will not be setting up anymore times to talk with you.


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