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What to Say When He Asks if You Miss Him


It’s weird when someone asks you if you miss them. It’s like fishing for a compliment in the most halfhearted way. You may be tempted to tell him that yeah, sure you missed him even if you don’t just to get him to shut up about it. But why do that when you can say one of these 8 responses?

how to tell a man you miss him

1. “Yes, definitely!” If you miss him, tell him! There’s no use beating around the bush and playing hard to get. If the guy who asks you if you miss him is someone you actually do miss, why not just get it out of the way and admit that you miss him? Not only will it make him feel great, but it will also let him know that he means a lot to you.

It doesn’t matter if he’s been gone for a day, a week, or a month. Missing someone can happen the moment you wish they were there with you again. So when your guy asks if you miss him, straight up tell him!

2. “Just a little.” Okay, so you missed your guy, but you didn’t miss him THAT much. You can still say that you missed him just a little. While it’s better if you just say that you missed him as much as he missed you, this response implies that you didn’t really miss his presence when he was away. The reasoning behind this is a whole other story.

3. “Hmm, maybe.” Playing a little hard to get, are you? Well it can go both ways. He might just be fishing for some affection from you, and you might be the type to dangle it in front of him before giving in. If this is the game you like to play with each other, this is the perfect response. It keeps him in suspense just enough to want more, but it’s still sweet and playful. Remember that when he has jumped through enough hoops to deserve more of your affection, you should also give in eventually!

how to respond when a guy asks if you miss him

4. “You weren’t gone that long.” As mean as it sounds, this is actually a gentler way of telling him that you didn’t actually miss him. You didn’t say that you didn’t miss him, but you did say that he wasn’t gone that long. It implies that he wasn’t away long enough for you to crave his presence. It could just be your honesty telling you to say this, or you just want to be a little mean because he did something you didn’t like.

5. “I’ve been really busy.” Like the response above, this implies that you hardly missed the guy. It’s like you’re saying that time passed by so fast that you didn’t even notice his absence. Yes, it’s a brutally honest way of telling him you didn’t miss him at all, but hey, at least it’s not too obvious that you didn’t miss him. Who knows, it might go right over his head and he’ll let it slide.

6. “Why do you ask?” Now why on earth would the guy assume that you miss him? We can’t answer that, but there are a ton of reasons why he would assume that you miss him. Maybe he thinks you’re better friends than you actually are. Maybe he thought you had a connection. Maybe he thinks his presence is just something you’re likely to miss. When you give him this response, it’s like you’re telling him, “Why on earth would I miss you?”

7. “What’s there to miss?” Uh oh, he did something bad didn’t he? By saying this, you’re telling him that you were better off without him. You don’t miss anything about him, and in fact, you wish you could just tell him that things have been better ever since he went away. This response tells him that first, you don’t miss him at all, and second, that he’s a fool to assume that you would even miss him given what he’s done.

when a guy ask if you miss him what does it mean

8. “Miss who?” If you really want to blow a hole through his inflated ego, this is the best response to give. Just imagine him, sashaying up to you with that confident smirk, knowing that he’s someone you’d miss. He sits next to you and says in his smarmy voice, “Did you miss me?” Instead of reacting with disgust as you are super tempted to do, give him this one liner – “Miss who?” Not only does it tell him that you don’t miss him at all, but it also tells him that he doesn’t even take up any space in your memory. Now that’s one mean way to shoot down an overconfident guy!

If you miss a guy, there’s no reason not to say so, especially if you know that he feels the same way. But when a guy just assumes that you miss him, you better have a clever response to really let him know how you feel!


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