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What to Say When He Finally Contacts You After Disappearing


You were doing great just a couple of weeks ago. You’ve talked about all your favorite things, and all the awesome adventures you want to have. You’ve opened up to him about losing contact with your best friend and he has opened up to you about his gripes about his terrible boss. You were just about to mention the prospect of yet another great date with him when you suddenly get no response.

what to do when he reappears after disappearing

You send him a good morning text and you’ve been seenzoned. You liked his photo on Instagram and he didn’t so much as like your new Facebook profile picture. It’s like he’s ignoring you all of a sudden.

And just when you figured you might as well call it quits, there he is again being all sweet like he never ghosted you for an entire week. What should you say?

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1. “Hi.” He might just get frostbite the minute he gets this chilly reply. This response makes it clear as day that you’re not pleased to suddenly be ghosted by the likes of him. I mean, the nerve of him to keep you hanging for an entire week (or more!) and then send you a sweet text like he entered some sort of time lapse. Make him feel like he should be begging your forgiveness for making you wait for him. Make him see just how cold you can be when someone tries to come crawling back into your good graces. You’re not going to get all sweet and giddy that easily!

2. “Oh, I thought you died.” If you want to send an even colder response, take it down by a couple of degrees and this is what you might come up with. With this response, he’ll be a fool not to feel the sarcasm. He might say something trite like, “Haha. Of course not.” And then you can say something like “Well that’s the only explanation I can think of for you to not send a single response for an entire week.” And bam! You didn’t actually ask for him to explain his whereabouts for the week he was gone, but it’s implied that he owes you an explanation.

what to say when he reappears

3. “Hey, you.” Okay, so maybe you’re not so sore about being ghosted for a week. After all, did he really think he was the only guy you were texting the whole time? How naïve! His little disappearing act might actually be his way of trying to get you to miss him, and by giving him such a nonchalant response, it’s like you’re saying, “how cute of you to think that I missed you.” While yes, maybe you did miss him and being left hanging for such a long time can be a drag, but it’s not like your world crumbled when he was gone, right? Show him you’re a strong independent woman by giving him a kind enough response that won’t betray how annoyed you were that he disappeared.

4. “Awww, I missed you!” Are you the sweet girl to whom forgiveness comes easy? Oh, you darling saint. If you missed him while he was gone and you’re not afraid to let him know, then sure, this could be the response you’ll give him. And it could prove to be effective too because this response might make him think you’re a keeper because of how forgiving you are. If you genuinely did miss him and you’re sick of playing the tired old dating games people play, then this response is for you.

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5. “Can’t talk right now, brb.” He might be thinking that you’d be falling head over heels for him once again when he finally graces you with a reply after days of absolute silence. Give him a taste of his own medicine with this cool and calculated reply. What does this response achieve? First, you’re showing him how easy it is to reply to a person no matter how busy you are – there’s the moral high ground. And two, you’re showing him what it’s like to be brushed off.

6. *seen* Speaking of being brushed off, if you’re mad as hell that he disappeared on you, why not give him a taste of his own medicine by not replying at all? After all, he did the same to you all week – not a single hello, not a single reply, and no word on when he might be free to respond to you again. So go ahead, open his text, read what he has to say or what flimsy excuse he could give you for ghosting you. And when you’re done reading, hit the back button and try to forget about him for a while. Let’s see how he likes being ignored.

No one wants to be kept hanging. But that doesn’t mean you have to be vindictive about it all. But of course, when you show him too much kindness after what he did, he might think it’s permission to just walk all over you. So pick the response that best reflects how you feel.


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