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What to Say When He Says “I Miss You”


Missing each other has its own set of pros and cons. On the one hand, it gives you time to anticipate that sweet, sweet moment when you can finally reunite. On the other hand, waiting for that moment sucks!

what does it mean when a guy says he misses you too

If your man says he misses you, there are few things you can say to make the situation better. Not only will it allow you to communicate with each other better (something that’s always good to practice in any relationship), but it also heightens that anticipation when you finally see each other.

Below are some responses you can give your guy when he says he misses you.

The Good Situation

This is when you’re either just getting to know each other when you’re already in a relationship. Responses in this category can range from innocent to downright flirtatious.

I miss you too. Why play coy when you can tell him how you feel? This might seem like a great response if you’re already in a relationship, but it still works wonders if you’re just starting flirt with each other. When you’re getting to know each other, it’s important to express how you feel. This allows for open and honest communication between the two of you, and that’s a great foundation for any budding relationship.

But why? Okay, playing coy might not always be a good idea. But if you know your guy is up for it, why not? He might already see this response coming based on how well he knows you. For one, asking him why he misses you will force him to be creative with his response. And no matter how corny his response is, keep in mind that he tried to come up with something sweet to say, so be nice with what you say back!

how to respond to i miss you text from a guy

Come on over! Maybe your guy is a little shy. Maybe he wants to see you, but he just doesn’t want to be too forward. Then take the wheel and be the one to tell him to come over. These days, ladies and gents have equal footing when it comes to making the first move. So if you really want to see him, invite him over and settle it!

What would you do if we were together right now? If you can’t see each other any time soon, use this moment to get flirty with him. In an imaginary scenario, anything goes, so get your creative juices flowing by imagining what you would do when you’re finally together. This is great for building up anticipation for when you finally meet again.

Why can’t we meet up? Ask him outright why you can’t just see each other. However, only use this response if you genuinely don’t know why you can’t meet up. Maybe he’s been meaning to explain to you why he’s been unavailable, and he just doesn’t want to look like he’s making excuses.

Explain why you can’t meet up. If the reason you can’t meet up is from your side, explain to him what’s up. This will clue him in on what you have going on in your life. It’s always good to explain why you can’t see each other as opposed to just letting him guess and get paranoid.

when a guy says he misses you does it mean he loves you

The Bad Situation

These responses are for when you’re either in a fight or if you’re already broken up. These are the types of responses you should give when you don’t necessarily want him around anymore.

You should have thought of that before (what he did). Uh oh, he did something bad and it’s enough for you to consider cutting ties with him. However, all hope is not lost because even if you’re angry about what he did, you’re still responding and giving him a chance to explain himself. However, if his response doesn’t satisfy you or if he tries to downplay what he did, take it as a cue to sever ties with the guy.

I miss you, but… When your heart still belongs to him despite a bad situation, there’s no shame in admitting that you miss him too. This might be enough to goad him towards working harder to make your relationship last. However, keep in mind that the guy you’re dealing with is manipulative, he might take this as a sign that you still have feelings for him and that he can still manipulate you.

Ignore, unfriend, and block him. If you genuinely don’t care about him and how he feels, just ignore him. But if he’s insistent on imposing his feelings on you, it’s time to completely obliterate his existence from your life so you can move on to better things.

A guy saying he misses you can come from both a place of love and a place of malice. Know the difference between them and respond accordingly!


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