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What to Say When She Says She has a Headache


You’ve been looking forward to seeing your girl all week, and when she opens the door you are greeted with her wince of pain. She’s got a headache and your date needs to be cancelled. Don’t worry about it too much because below we’ve listed down the things you can say to help her deal with her headache.

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1. “Want me to get you an aspirin?” It’s not the most romantic response, but it sure is a practical one! Yes, she can obviously get the aspirin herself, but offering to get it for her will make her feel better. Just keep in mind that if she’s PMSing, it’s best not to ask her if she wants aspirin. Instead, just tell her you’ll get to save her the trouble of having to answer a dumb (perhaps in her mind) question.

2. “Hey, you remember that thing we were talking about the other day?” Distraction is a nice way to help keep her mind off the pain. Talk about pleasant things and stuff she likes to talk about to help her get through her headache. For instance, you might mention that new painting class she wants to try out or that new restaurant in town. Keep her mind on pleasant thoughts and make plans for future dates that you know she’ll love and it might ease the pain.

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3. “Good thing I’m here to make it go away!” She’ll probably groan with exasperation, but she won’t be able to help but laugh inwardly at the cuteness of this statement. She might ask exactly what you’ll do to make her headache go away, and you can go into a tirade of ridiculous home remedies that are sure to get a laugh out of her. Given, laughter can make a pulsating headache feel worse, but she might be too thankful for your positivity and your humor to mind it.

4. “I’ve got your favorite takeout menu right here, and I’m not afraid to use it!” Food always helps. When someone has a headache, they often don’t want to eat for fear that the headache will make them throw up. But still, a gal’s got to eat, right? Whatever you do, don’t ever ask her what she wants to eat because that’s probably just going to make her more annoyed, and it will make her headache worse. Instead, say something like “I’m ordering from the Chinese restaurant nearby” and see if she tells you she doesn’t want it. Just keep mentioning where you’ll get takeout from until you get a positive response.

5. “I’ve got a minty salve that might just make it go away.” When her headache is pretty mild but still annoying, you can offer to give her a quick scalp massage. Minty salves have a soothing scent that also helps alleviate headaches, and when paired with the movements of your deft fingers against her scalp, it’s absolutely heavenly!

So She Says She Has a Headache

6. “You still look beautiful even if you have a headache.” It’s a silly thing to say, especially when she feels like she just crawled out of hell, but it might put a smile on her face. Most women don’t want to look completely haggard in front of anyone, and telling her that she still looks lovely might help to make her feel better.

7. “Here’s the softest pillow in the house and the Netflix remote.” Let her pick her mode of distraction by making the couch extra comfy and giving her free rein on what she wants to watch. Since she has the headache and she needs a bit of a pick-me-up, you have zero right to complain if she wants to watch Bridesmaids or Say Yes to the Dress. Just give her this because it will make her feel better.

8. “Want me to let you do your thing so you can get some shuteye?” She might not be in the mood for company at the moment, so ask if she’d like to be left alone for a bit. Some people recuperate better on their own as they do their own thing, but they might be apprehensive about saying it out loud. To save her the trouble of telling you to go, just make the offer.

my girlfriend has a headache is she pregnant

9. “Hey maybe we should get that checked.” If she has had persistent headaches that don’t seem to go away, it might be time to get it checked. Who knows, she might be so distracted with pain that she doesn’t realize just how common her headaches are. Chances are, a doctor would figure out what’s wrong and even give you tips on how to help her out. Just remember not to be too insistent about it now because that might just stress her out even more.

Show her your most caring and compassionate side by trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible. When her headache is gone, she’ll definitely remember what you did to make her feel better.


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