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What to Say When Your Boyfriend Asks Why You Like Him


Let’s say that out of the blue, your boyfriend suddenly asks you why you like him. Liking is such an immediate and visceral response that it might not be so easy to put into words all the reasons you’ve fallen so hard for him.

what to say when a guy asks why do you like me

For all you girls out there who don’t know exactly what to say, we highly suggest just saying some of the first few things that come to mind when you think about your guy. But when you’re truly stumped for the right things to say, below are some responses that are sure to get a great response out of your boyfriend.

You’re reliable. Every guy wants to be the guy you can count on. Naturally, you can’t count on him for everything, but he’d like to be there to at least do some things for you. It’s inherent for most men to want to rescue the “damsel in distress.” Not only does it boost his ego, but it makes him feel like he’s accomplishing something for the woman he loves. So when you tell him that he’s someone you can rely on, you’ll know he’ll take it as a compliment.

I trust you. No relationship would be complete without trust. Trusting your partner is about as important as loving them, if not more important. When you tell him that you trust him, you’re telling him that you know you can count on him to be faithful and to always have the best for both of you in mind. Everyone wants to be a trustworthy person, and your man is no different.

You’re attractive. Looks may seem like a shallow basis for liking someone, but we all know it matters. When your guy asks you why you like him, you want to always mention your physical attraction to him. Many women tend to get compliments about their looks, but with men it’s a lot less common. So it’s always a good idea to tell him that you’re physically attracted to him. Also, attraction plays a huge part in the chemistry between couples, so when you tell him he’s hot, you know that it’s going to turn him on.

what to say when a guy asks why you like him

You’re talented. We all take pride in our accomplishments. We want people to notice the things we’re good at. That’s why you should also mention the things he’s skilled at. You can mention his talent for budgeting money. You can mention how he’s really good at driving. You can also mention how he’s incredibly skilled at his job. These are skills that your man has worked on, so it’s always a good idea to acknowledge them.

You make me laugh. Looks fade, but a sense of humor is always there. This is why they always tell girls to go for a guy who makes you laugh because it’s the best medicine. So if your boyfriend is quite the comedian, make sure you tell him how much you appreciate it. After all, every guy wants to see the pure unadulterated joy in their girl’s face when he cracks one of his silly jokes.

You make me feel safe. In terms of evolution, the men of the species are known for keeping their family safe. This is also evident in human romantic relationships. Your man wants to keep you safe because you mean a lot to him. And when you tell him that it’s one of the reasons you like him, you know it will make him happy.

You listen to me. In relationships among women, talking is their way of building bonds with each other. This may not often be the case with men. However, when you tell him that he’s a good listener, you’re telling him how much you appreciate his openness to communication with you. For men, talking for hours on end might not be appealing. But when you thank him for listening to your stories, your little rants, your accomplishments, and everything else you talk about, you’re telling him that you acknowledge how he goes out of his way to keep communication lines open between the two of you.

what do you say when someone asks why you like them

You’re one of a kind. If there were other men in the world with the attributes we mentioned above, you know you would still choose your man. He’s more than just the sum of all his traits and his looks because he’s a unique man whose whole identity makes you fall more and more in love with him. Tell him that there is no one else in the world like him, and even if there was, you know that you’d still pick him.

It’s not that he’s fishing for compliments. Maybe he just genuinely wants to know why you’re attracted to him. And if you’re so tongue-tied with how much you like him, the things we mentioned above are sure to make him believe that you truly are in love with him!


  1. I like to tell my bf he is my sanctuary, it goes along with “you make me feel safe” and he does. He is the one for me, no doubt. And this does help, it puts some of my thoughts into words. Some things may be hard to explain but at least you know you love him and you know why 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. It is certain that your experiences will support other members of our community in the future.


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