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What to Say When Your Girlfriend Asks Why You Love Her


It’s one of those questions that seem innocent enough at first, but can turn into a full-blown argument when you don’t give her the right answers. When your girlfriend asks you why you love her, you better have the right answers for her because generic answers like “I just do” or “just because” aren’t going to cut it! why do you love me answers

If you find yourself posed with this difficult question, you need to answer with something that’s both genuine and appropriate enough to appease her. Thankfully, below are some of the answers that are sure to get a positive response from her.

You are beautiful. Beauty is not something that you can see with your naked eye. Instead, it’s a combination of what you can see and what you can feel. When you tell your girlfriend that she’s beautiful, she’ll instantly swoon. But when you combine that with all the reasons you find her attractive physically, emotionally, and mentally, you know that it’s enough to convince her that you really do love her!

You are funny. Humor can never be forced. When you have a connection with someone that’s centered around your sense of humor, you know that you’ve found someone special. That’s why when you tell your girlfriend that you think she’s hilarious, she’ll take that as you acknowledging that you’re both on the same wavelength.

You are smart. Growing up, most girls are brought up on the idea that they should be pretty in order to find someone who will like them. Erroneous as this may be, that is something that’s still very common. However, when you acknowledge her intelligence, you know that you’ll get a positive response from her. Women want to be seen as more than just a pretty face. They want to be seen as someone with a mind that’s capable of coming up with all sorts of brilliant things. So tell her that you love her for her mind because she’s sure to appreciate it.

she asked me do i love her

You know how to get things done. Most men want to be seen as the guy who’s reliable enough to get things done. But women also want to be seen in that way. Women don’t want to perpetually be perceived as the damsel in distress anymore. They want to show the world that they’re capable of doing things on their own. So when you tell her that you love her for her independence, it’s a huge boost to her ego.

You are passionate. The most interesting people in the world have a passion. They may be passionate about the arts. They may be passionate about history. They may even be passionate about their jobs. So tell her that you love how passionate she is about things because she’ll see this as you acknowledging all her interests, no matter how unique or obscure they might be.


You make me happy. Who can resist being told that they are the reason for your happiness? Love may not always be good times, but when you really love someone, you’ll go through all the trials because they make you happy. When she asks you why you love her, tell her that it’s because her mere presence in your life is enough to make you forget all the sorrow in the world. Tell her that her joy is your joy, and that you want to spend the rest of your life making her happy because she does the same for you.

she asked me do i love her

You inspire me. We could all use a little inspiration in life, right? In your case, tell her that it’s her that makes you feel inspired to do all the things you do. On days when you don’t feel like going to work, tell her that she inspires you to get up and work towards being a good provider. On days when you feel lost and alone, tell her that she inspires you to be more optimistic. And on days when you feel like everything is going wrong, tell her that she’s the inspiration that reminds you of all the good things in the world.

I can see a future with you by my side. Lastly, what is love without talking about the future? When you love someone, you do your best to build a future for the two of you wherein you’re both happy and accomplished. When she asks you why you love her, tell her that you love her because she’s the only one you see yourself with in the future. This should be enough to make her realize how much you truly love her.

Before you start listing all these things down, make sure that the answers you choose are the one that you genuinely mean. You can’t just give her answers that will please her because sooner or later, she’s going to figure out that you’re lying and that’s going to be the start of quite an argument!


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