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What To Say When Your Girlfriend Calls Herself Fat


Everyone has those days when they are just not feeling good about themselves. Especially when it comes to the way they look. We often become hard on ourselves about our appearances. Sometimes it’s because of our height- We’re too tall or too short. It may be because of our teeth- Maybe we feel they are too crooked or yellow. There are even times we may get after how our voices sound or the way our hands look. And a lot of times these low self esteem issues arise from the way we feel about our weight. Although guys have these issues, it is most commonly found that women are the hardest on themselves about their weights. With the “picture perfect” body popping up everywhere we turn, from the internet to the magazines we read, it’s hard not to become a little insecure if we do not look like those models.

what to say when a girl calls herself fat

You may have heard your girlfriend call herself fat before. You may have heard it a few different times. She may have expressed how jealous she is of another girl and how skinny she is. How she feels inadequate around her or around others who may appear thinner than her.

This happens all the time.

But what can we do about it?

As her partner, you might find yourself concerned with how she goes about talking down on herself over things like weight.

This might stress you out.

Again, what can you do about it?

Although it isn’t easy, there are many different things you can do to raise your girlfriend’s confidence back up.

What are they? Well, just keep reading to find out.

Don’t Disagree

What does anybody want when they are feeling insecure? Validation. Everyone wants to feel like their opinion, especially about themselves, matters. When you invalidate them and what they say about their weight, you are only going to drive them to not believe you. Of course, that isn’t saying you should agree with your girlfriend when she calls herself fat. You just want to sit back, listen and never disagree. Then you can work from there. Let her vent about it. She will appreciate it. We promise.

What To Say When Your Girlfriend Calls Herself Fat

List The Good Things About Their Body

So she is not feeling herself because of her weight. Understandable. But that is where you come in and start listing all of the things that you  love about her body. Remind her why you think she is beautiful. Let her know exactly what turns you on. This is going to start raising her self esteem, even if it’s just a little at a time. And don’t stop at just once. Tell her every single day the things that you love about her body.

And The Good Things About Not Their Body

And it’s important to remind her that her body is not all she is worth. Remind her how smart she is, what she’s good at and what she’s doing right in life. This is going to take negative focus off of her body. She will start to think, “Well, maybe I feel a little chubby, but at least I’m special in all these other ways.”

Calling herself fat

Reassure Her

Reassure her that you love her just the way she is. And that everyone has days where they do not feel good in their bodies. That she is not alone. And even if she feels this way, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to feel that way forever. She might just be having an off day. Tell her she’s beautiful and loved. Reassurance is key here.

Relate To Her

It may even help immensely to let her know that you have days where you don’t feel comfortable in your own body either. That sometimes you wish you could change something about yourself. It will help her to realize she is not alone.

Girlfriend says she's fat

Provide Productive Options

Now, you’re going to want to be pretty careful about this one. You don’t want to just blurt out, “Well if you think you’re fat why don’t you hit the gym?”

This will only reinforce the thought in her head that she needs to lose weight.

Instead gently bring up things like working out and healthy eating. Make it seem like it’s something you want to do and ask if her if she would like to join you in these things.

Make Her Feel Sexy

Try taking her out to do something special. Buy her a form flattering outfit and hype her up when she puts it on. Ask her to put on her favorite makeup and take her on a super romantic date. Compliment her as often as you can. Really let her know that you think she is sexy! This is going to help her feel more confident and loved. Soon, her weight will start to not matter as much, because she knows you love her and find her attractive just the way that she is.


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