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What To Say When Your Girlfriend Says She’s Tired


The world is a busy place so it’s definitely no surprise that by the end of the day, we all get a little tired. But sometimes certain people get more tired than others. Like your girlfriend. Especially when the two of you are trying to be intimate with one another. She might always hit you with the, “Not tonight, babe, I’m sooo tired.”

she always says she is tired

Yeah, you’ve heard that before.

A lot.

And it’s probably starting to get old.

Every time you want to do anything with her, it’s always the same old response.

“I’m tired.”

So what are you supposed to do about it. How can you go about rekindling the passion that was once there? You might think that this means your relationship is starting to die. Panic is engulfing you at this point. Which is exactly why you have turned to us for help.

Well, pal, you have definitely come to the right place for advice.

We will absolutely help you get to the bottom of this mystery! Why is your girlfriend always tired when you ask her to do stuff with you and what can you say to her about it? What are you options? Well, we will get there.

But let’s start with the why of the situation. Because to get to the bottom of this, you must start at the top, right?


What do you say to a girl when she say's she's tired

Why She Says She’s Tired:

There has to be a reason behind why she is always so tired. Here are some of the options we came up with when discussing this topic.

She Is Actually Tired:

Okay, but really, she might actually just be too tired. Does your girlfriend work all day long before you ask her to do this or that with you? Does she have a trying job that might take a lot out of her? Does she deal with a lot of people every single day?

These might be some of the very real reasons she is tired by the time you get around to wanting to be intimate or doing anything with her. She could just simply be worn out. It happens to the best of us.

Of course, if she is telling you she is tired even after she hasn’t worked all day… Well, that might just be a different story. It’s easily believable that she is tired if she is busy every minute of everyday. But if she is telling you this as an excuse even when she isn’t busy every minute of everyday, you might want to consider the following options as the reasons instead.

She’s Avoiding A Task She Doesn’t Like:

So, she might just find whatever you are asking her to do to be too mundane to actually want to do it with you. Like maybe you are asking her to play a certain video game or go to a certain friend’s house that she isn’t really fond of. This could be why she is throwing that excuse out there. She might just not want to do it, but she doesn’t want to explain why. Therefore she is going to tell you that she is tired and hope that works!

What if she is saying this when it comes to sex? We hate to say it, but she might just not be digging the sex anymore. Things might have gotten a little too routine for her at this point. And she would much rather roll over and fall asleep than have to work the same position and rhythm as yesterday. We know that’s not exactly what you want to hear. But don’t worry! We will get to how to fix that problem shortly. Just keep reading.

She Isn’t Feeling Well:

She might just be feeling a little under the weather lately. Have you noticed anything else about her that seems off? Physically that is? She might be catching a cold or have an underlying issue. Keep an eye out for other signs and symptoms.

What To Do About It:

Ask Her About It:

The first thing we are going to tell you to do is ask her about it. Obviously this is the only way to get the real answer instead of just speculating. She might actually open up and tell you what’s been going on. This will save you a lot of trouble!

Try To Accommodate:

Girl says she's tired

If she is sick or just feeling ‘blah’ lately, try to accommodate  her. Convince her to see a doctor or try to cheer her up with her favorite things. Spark some light in her life and just be there for her however you can.

Spice Things Up:

Remember when we told you we would get to what you can do about a boring sex life later? Well this is it! If you have been dating for a long time, there are things you can do to spice up your relationship. Try something new. Surprise her with sexy candles or new lingerie. Get edible chocolate and put it on your bodies! Change up the positions you use or try a new move entirely! These things will help put a fresh perspective on an old task.

Avoid Things That Disinterest Her:

Stop asking her to go to your friend’s house or play that video game. Suggest new things you can do together that might also interest her too.

All in all, you will probably need to have a discussion with her about it. But we hoped these tips and tricks help! Good luck, friend!


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