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What You Should Say When She Asks “What Are We?”


You know you’ve seen this question coming, but you’ve never really thought about what to say. You like how things are going with the girl you’re dating, but you’re not sure if it’s the right time to make your relationship more serious.

she asked me what am i to you

Below, we have given you several things to say depending on how you want your relationship to progress. Decide first if you want your relationship to remain as they are or if you want to take it to the next level, and then pick out the response you believe would be appropriate for your situation.

What to say when you don’t want to be in an exclusive relationship

what to say when a girl asks what you think of her

“Do we need a label?” This is an evasive response that makes use of the cool and aloof millennial trend of not labeling relationships. It implies that there is something going on between you, but you don’t want to put a label on it just yet for fear of jinxing it. If she says that she would like a label, say something just as evasive like “We don’t really need one, do we? We’re okay as we are.” And hopefully this will help her understand that you don’t want your relationship to progress just yet.

“You’re you, and I’m me, and we’re us.” You can use this response to highlight how you would like to be more independent as opposed to feeling tied down to a significant other. You’re basically telling her that you want to be your own person and you would like her to be her own person without muddling your relationship with labels.

“We’re just friends.” If you have been sort of dating for a while, but you’re not really a couple yet, this response can help her understand that you would prefer to just be friends with a little dating on the side. These days, being friends with benefits has become more popular than being a relationship for the long term. By saying this, you’re letting her know that you don’t want anything serious just yet.

“Let’s just see how things play out.” She might interpret this to be “not so fast!” With this response, you’re asking her for more time to get to know each other before giving your relationship a more serious label. By saying this, you’re saying that you just want to see how things go before you commit to each other.

“We have a good thing going. Let’s not rush things.” This is the same as above, but with the implication that you don’t want things between you to change just yet. Maybe you’re just having fun with what’s going on between you and you don’t want to muddle it up by getting into a serious relationship.

“Yeah, about that…” This is one response you can use when you want to end things. When she asks you to label your relationship, you might say that you have no intentions of doing so. If she’s not okay with that, she’s basically consenting to breaking up. However, if she is okay with it, you can just keep things going the way they are and leave it at that until one of you changes your mind.


What to say when you want to be in an exclusive relationship

when a girl ask what do you want from me

“We’re a couple, haven’t you noticed?” If you want to skip the whole dramatic scenario of confessing your undying love and asking her to be your girlfriend, this could be the perfect response. It’s like you’re saying that you’ve always thought you were already a couple this whole time. What this does is make her feel that there’s no more need to worry about the uncertainty of your status, and it also helps to cement your relationship as one that’s serious.

“I’m just a man, and you are my world.” This one is a declaration of love that you probably wouldn’t want to blurt out just out of the blue. By saying this, you’re telling her that you are already committed to her, and there’s no more question about what your relationship is. Of course, you don’t need to use this exact phrase, but it helps when you say something just as romantic.

“I’m just a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him.” This is a classic line from the movie Notting Hill. In this movie, two uncertain people find themselves to be deeply in love despite their different backgrounds. With this line, Hugh Grant confesses his love for Julia Roberts while also telling her that he hopes she feels the same way. It’s short, sweet, and romantic!

When a woman asks you that dreaded question, she’s saying the ball is in your court and it’s time for you to decide where to take your relationship. So as you read through these responses, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want out of your relationship.


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