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What’s Something All Grown Women Should Know About Men?


Before you start to date a guy, you want to know what you are getting into. While the stereotype is that men can never know what women are thinking or what they want, the reverse is just as true. You cannot possibly read his mind, so you are never quite sure what he wants. You want to be the best date or girlfriend possible, but you can only do that if you really understand what motivates him and where he is coming from. 

Most likely, you have already figured out a number of things about guys. Before we dive into some of the things all women should know about men, we should offer a word of caution. The following tend to be gender stereotypes. Like all stereotypes, there are certainly times when the stereotypes are not true. Individual people have different interests, personalities and passions. It would be impossible for any stereotype to fit every person in a single group. With that said, the following things are generally true about most guys.

1. They Have Three Cycles: Eat, Sleep and Sex

The average guy is pretty happy as long as he does not have too much to worry about. If you feed him, let him sleep and give him sex, he will generally be quite happy. All you have to do is avoid causing stress or fights, and he will generally be quite happy.

2. He Likes Compliments

There is this macho stereotype that guys are confident and don’t need a pat on the back to feel good. While there might be a few guys out there who don’t, most people like to know when they are doing a good job. You like to hear that you are smart, beautiful or funny, right? So does your boyfriend. The only way he will know that you like him or find him attractive is if you tell him. If you don’t tell him that he has been doing the right things, then he will never figure it out on his own.

3. If He Does Something Wrong, Tell Him

Guys cannot read your mind. If you are hoping that he will get the hint, you will be waiting forever. If you want a certain gift or want him to do something for him, just tell him. Likewise, you have to tell him (kindly) if he is doing something wrong. If you are trying to hint that you hate it when he leaves his socks on the floor, he will never, ever figure it out. Obviously, you have to be nice when you tell him to change his behavior, but you should definitely tell him outright instead of beating around the bush.

4. Don’t Play Games

When someone is playing games with your mind, it puts you on an unequal footing. You don’t know if you are actually supposed to do something or if they were just messing with your mind. That’s assuming, of course, that you even guessed that there was a hidden motive. Playing games and being manipulative put the relationship on a bad footing that it may never recover from. The best relationships are based on communication and honesty. Don’t play games if you plan on keeping your guy.

5. Guys Like Presents, Too

At Valentine’s Day, it seems like all of the marketing is targeted at gifts for women. This is unfortunate because guys love getting gifts as well. You don’t have to buy him an expensive watch or a costly shirt. Just get him something that shows that you are thinking about him. For my husband, I generally buy him the snacks he really likes or cook his favorite meal. If I notice that his jacket is getting threadbare, I’ll surprise him with a new one. My husband isn’t particularly interested in fancy gifts, but he does love getting a thoughtful gift that was chosen just for him.

6. Guys Have Feelings

This is changing over time, but there is still a common misconception that guys do not have deep emotions or feelings. While they might be raised not to express their feelings as much, they certainly have them. They can feel pain just as much as you do. A careless word or angry gesture can leave him in turmoil. Be kind and think of how he feels before you do something.

7. Guys Generally Mean What They Say

Unless you are having an argument, you can generally expect your guy to mean exactly what he says. Most guys do not play mind games or try to manipulate their partner—if your date does this, you should leave him because this is a sign that he is a narcissist, a psychopath or just trying to use you. Assuming that you are not dating an unstable or manipulative guy, then you can basically trust that he always means what he says. He might not say all of his thoughts if you seem upset, but you can trust him at his word for the rest of the time.


  1. My ex is also my Dentist. He broke up with me. He tried to talk to me again but I ignored his text and call because he was asking about hooking him up with my friends to do business. I felt like if he broke up whither me be didn’t need to deal with my friends. He has called me since then, I talk a little bit but I only text him. I never call. I told him recently to send me a pic of him because I miss him. He did.We haven’t talked on the phone since . I cancelled my dental appt because I still have feelings for him and can’t see his face or I’ll feel bad again. I did tell him I think about him often and he was surprised.

    • Take this time to determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Tamala!


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