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Cool Whatsapp Group Names List 2018


With the endless amount of apps and informations our phones provide us at the palm of out hands, staying connected with people is the easiest thing in this day and age. There are social medias like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so many more. Then you have those communication apps like GroupMe, Messenger and WhatsApp. 

Out of all these apps, WhatsApp is the most commonly used especially internationally. You can meet people from every corner of the world and there is a high chance that he or she has WhatsApp. With that being said, WhatsApp is a great way to keep the friends, family and all your loved ones close, without physically being close.

The great thing about WhatsApp is the group messaging option that allows you to talk with more than one person at a time. This can be a family group chat, a group chat of people you met in a certain country or simply a group chat with your friends from home. With this option, messaging can get messy and confusing as you might constantly open up the wrong group chat. Who know? You can be a person with an endless amount of WhatsApp groups but none of them have names.

This is another reason why WhatsApp is a convenient communication app to have since it allows you take change to group name into whatever you want. You and those in the group can change the chat to something that fits your relationship and that will make it easier to find the group chat.

For this upcoming year, here are some cool group chat names that will have you changing the name of your group chats. There are names for all types of group chats whether it is between you family, those from school and many other options.

Group Chat Names for Family

group names for friends with meaning

The first group chat you will have will mostly likely be with your family. It is the easiest way to know what is happening, whether you live with your family or not. Also, it is nice to know how everyone is doing throughout the day or what is going on in each’s other lives. No matter the relationship between your family, here are some cool group chat names you can use with them.

  1. My Family
  2. Mi Familia
  3. The Home Team
  4. Family Ties
  5. The Home Squad
  6. La Familia
  7. The “Surname” Family
  8. The Best People Ever
  9. Strong Ties
  10. The Fantastic Four (for families of four)
  11. The People I Live With
  12. Modern Family
  13. Fam Bam

Group Chat Names for Siblings

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Whether you get along well or not, your siblings will always be your siblings. And when you do not want to include your parents in your conversation, group chats are the best way to talk without them finding out anything. Sibling group chats are also a way to build a relationship stronger because you can talk about anything without holding back. It is a way let each other know what is happening in your lives or simply just to make jokes with one another.

  1. My Blood Share
  2. Brother from the Same Mother
  3. “Parents’ Names” Seeds
  4. The Roast Zone
  5. The “Surname” Siblings
  6. Your Favorite Siblings
  7. The Best Children Ever
  8. My First Friend
  9. Brother & Sister
  10. The “Surname” Kids
  11. The Bros

Group Chat Names for Cousins

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Siblings are not the only people who are great to talk with but also your cousins. If you are a part of a large family, then having a cousins group chat is a fun way to stay connected with one another – no matter the distance. Unlike your siblings, it can be a bit harder to talk with your cousins because, in most cases, they do not live with you. Get your group chat with your cousins started and to make it easier, here are some cool group chat names to go along with it.

  1. Whaddup, Cuz?
  2. World of Cousins
  3. Lovin’ the Crew
  4. The Homies
  5. The “Surname of All Cousins” Crew
  6. Family Gang
  7. Cousin Love
  8. Far But Always Close
  9. Forever Ties
  10. The Cousins Crew
  11. Across Borders
  12. Chat With Cousins

Group Chat Names for Best friends

Of course no best friend can go without talking to each other for less than 24 hours. Because of that, you can guarantee best friends are always talking to each other. These group chats consist of the hottest topics where everything is exposed and told. But better believe – what is said in these chats, stay in the chat. Here are some of the coolest group chat names you can have with your best friends.

  1. Sister From Another Mister
  2. We Tie Until We Die
  3. The Homies
  4. The Go-To
  5. Soul Sister
  6. The Bomb Squad
  7. Fabulous Friends
  8. Friends For Life
  9. Fab Five (if there are five of you in the chat)
  10. The Crew

Group Chat Names for Ladies

Women are always talking with one another and about all different types of topics. You can find chats about love, fashion and just random topics in general. Women love being updated on those they care about and simply staying connected with one another. They might talk about gossip here and there but what group chat does not gossip? Whatever you might talk about, these are some cool group chat names that will make you squad even cooler.

  1. Women of Wisdom (or WOW)
  2. Gossip Queens
  3. Open Book
  4. Hippie Chicks
  5. Beauty and Grace
  6. Lovely Ladies
  7. The Queen Bees
  8. Heart Catchers
  9. Queen Lounge
  10. The Shopaholics

Group Chat Names for Guys

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Guys might say that women talk too much, especially amongst each other but there is no denying that they talk a lot too. All guys friends have group chats in which they talk about an infinite amount of things – similar to women.

  1. The Bros
  2. Brothers from Another Mother
  3. Bros forever
  4. The Bachelor’s
  5. Best Dudes
  6. Wife Snatchers
  7. The Studs
  8. Kick Ass Guys
  9. The Go-Tos
  10. The Trouble Makers

Group Chat Names for Teammates

To those who are are a sport’s team, having a group chat is essential. It keeps you all looped in on what is happening on important days like game days. It always lets you know what is happening during practice, in case it ever gets cancelled and things along those lines. Every once in a while, a topic other than sports might come about but it is all good! That is what teammates are for. Not only are they people you play with but enjoy your time with. Here are some group names for those sport chats.

  1. The Winners
  2. The Champions (or Champs for short)
  3. Victory’s Secret
  4. The Kings of the Court
  5. Lords of the Pitch
  6. The Dynamos
  7. Dukes of Hazard
  8. The Slayers
  9. The Dream Killers
  10. No Place for Losers
  11. Ball Busters

Group Chat Name for Lovers

There is no doubt that lovers have a group chat. They always want to talk to each other and let each other know the slightest details of their day. If you happen to have a lover, this might be you most active chat you have! But since it is you most used chat, you might as well give it a cool name. Aside from having your lover’s name, you can make it cool by giving it one of these names.

  1. My Boo
  2. Loverboy
  3. Lovergirl
  4. My Other Half
  5. My Better Half
  6. Made for Each Other
  7. Soulmate
  8. Lovers together
  9. Love is Life
  10. Romantic Gossip
  11. Loving You
  12. My Whole Heart
  13. Lovers Paradise

Group Chat Names for Motivational Chats

These chats are super important to have in anyone’s life. A motivational chat are self-explanatory, they are made for motivation. Although, a motivation chat does not need to be made specifically for those to just motivate you. You might already be in a motivation chat without even knowing it. The chats with your family or best friends might already be a motivational chat. But if you have a chat specifically made for motivation, here are some cool names for your group chat.

  1. Every Morning Is A New Start
  2. Live Life to the Fullest
  3. The Dreamers
  4. The Go-Getters
  5. You Are What You Think

Group Chat Names for Any Chat

whatsapp group names

This group chat might not have a specific group of people that are considered anything to you. You might have been added to a group chat by a friend and you are not really familiar with anyone in the chat. Or this group chat is something that was made with people who you became friends with over an occasion and here you are, with a group chat. These are some random but cool names to re-name your chat.

  1. The Strangers
  2. Life of the Party
  3. The Insomniacs
  4. The Squad
  5. La Fiesta
  6. Free Birds
  7. The Elite Group
  8. Chat Lounge
  9. Feel Free to Write
  10. The “Location Where You Met” Crew
  11. Join At Your Own Risk
  12. You Know the Drill
  13. Top Dawgs
  14. Wandering Travelers
  15. Mission Planners
  16. Work Hard, Play Harder

These are some of the coolest group chat names of 2018 and its for all types of relationships you have with different people. You can choose according to your personality and the ones in your group chat. With the amount of names listed, you are guaranteed to find something that describes your group chat perfectly!


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