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What Does It Mean When A Girl Call You Papi?


Listen up guys! I know you’ve all been around someone who used a few terms that threw you for a loop before, right? What is especially tough is if it’s a girl throwing around those words and you don’t know whether to move on, ask her out, or get pissed off.

Trying to decipher what she’s actually saying can be pretty tough because men and women just don’t think the same way. Every culture has its nicknames that are used and leave everyone from other groups confused. Can you imagine the chaos that you could create if you went to Italy and called someone a jerk?

For them, trying to translate exactly how that is supposed to be taken would be pretty rough and undoubtedly funny to watch. Here in America, we are a mixing pot of cultures and, despite being that way for a very long time, that can create a lot of confused expressions during conversations.

Have you ever been called “papi” by a girl? While the context gives away a lot most of the time, the term can leave you fishing for clues. I would say to listen up before you get scared off by the nickname but, let’s be real, you weren’t going anywhere anyway. If a girl just called you papi, here are a few ways to translate it as told by Hispanic chicks.

1. She is flirting. Not just casually flirting, but seriously putting it out there that she’s into you and seeing how you feel about it. If you’re into her, “mami” is the return name which means mommy.

2. She is saying that she wants a relationship. Papi means daddy in Spanish, so it’s the equivalent of a girl calling you daddy in English and girls typically only call a significant other daddy. Besides their actual father, of course.

3. She’s a prostitute and you are her pimp. I’m pretty sure you can rule this one out fairly simply though. What a conundrum.

4. She is calling you by your gang name being that you are the leader. Of the gang. Seems like it would also be pretty easy to cross out this option as long as you haven’t formed yourself a group of guys who participate in criminal behavior and loiter on street corners.

5. She is telling you that you are hot. This doesn’t always mean she wants a follow-up, just that she’s acknowledging your swagger. Smile a sexy smile and walk away. If she comes back for more, then try talking to her.

6. You are dating and she’s calling you baby. Papi is frequently used as a term of endearment like honey, boo, or sweetie. Don’t over complicate it by overthinking it.

7. The two of you are related or close friends and she’s giving you a nod of loving respect. Kind of like a small confidence booster. If she’s staring at your biceps while she says it, then it’s not a simple nod.

8. She literally uses that nickname as a filler to call every guy that she doesn’t hate. Pay attention and see if she is using it with other people. If she is, then it means nothing to you unless it’s said with a whole different tone.

9. She’s thinking about some after dark behavior. If she’s calling you papi, looking you up and down, and practically licking her lips, then you should go ahead and make your move because she’s already warmed up and ready.

10. If the two of you are already between the sheets when she says it and she says “oi” before it, it means keep doing what you’re doing. If she says “ai, papi,” she’s telling you to slow your roll a bit. Maybe she’s uncomfortable or something is hurting.

11. If you’re thinking that things are definitely looking up and you can make your move, slow down. Some girls apparently just call all of their guy friends papi. Thanks a lot girls. To figure out if she’s just casually throwing it around, pay attention to the way she looks at you when she says it. Are her eyes sparkling? Is she smiling?

No matter what words are used between people, the context and the inflection of their voice is what really gives it away. You could say “pull that thing out” and it could mean get that snake out of the garage, let me help you with that splinter, bust out the PowerPoint presentation, or let’s get down and dirty right here.

It’s all about the way it’s said, and the look in her eyes when she says it. Remember that body language is the most important part of any conversation and you’ll be able to speak female in no time. But probably not fluently because even females can’t do that.


    • This woman mentioned your age differences, which may mean that she was thinking about her social connection with you. It is possible that she is attracted to you, and it seems that you are attracted to her as well. Both of you are adults, so any consenting relationship between the two of you would be appropriate. Speak with her about your thoughts and feelings, and give her an opportunity to share herself with you as well. Have a great day, Pedro!

  1. A women at my job has been calling me papi and smiling when she says it. Im 26 and she’s 35 she just recently called me papi chulo she’s married with kids

    • It definitely sounds like she thinks you are attractive, although that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to do anything or act on that attraction. Considering she is married with children, I’d probably do my best to let the comments slide–if they bother you enough, you can always ask her to stop.


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