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If She Doesn’t Text Back, Is She Not Interested?


You know exactly how it feels to be crushed by a girl. Now, you are waiting impatiently for your crush to text you back, but nothing seems to be happening. You do not want to send another text because you are afraid that you will seem demanding or clingy. At the same time, you wonder if the text could have been lost or delayed. Is she avoiding you? Is she just busy? Does she not like you? What is possibly going on?

While few guys like to admit it, this is an extremely common problem. You probably will not marry the first person you date, and you will probably also ask a number of girls out who just aren’t interested. Your problem is figuring out if behaviors like not texting back mean that she is not interested or if they mean something else. When you like a girl a lot, the worst thing is realizing that she is not interested.

if she doesn't text back should i text again

The good news is that you might be wrong. When you like someone a lot, it seems impossible that she would ever like you back. Luckily, this is not always the case. It is entirely possible that she is interested. She might just be distracted or busy right now. Don’t go overboard and send her a dozen texts while you wait though. For the moment, wait at least a few hours—and you should probably just wait until a day or two later—until you try texting her gain.

If She Doesn’t Text Back, Is She Not Interested?

if she doesn't text back for days

When she stops texting or calling you back, it can feel awful. It is like she disappeared off the face of the earth and was kidnapped by aliens. The right thing to do in this situation is to play it cool, wait things out and know that she will text you back sooner or later. The problem is actually following this advice. At the very least, you are probably checking your phone every other minute to see if she texted. In the worst cases, you have gone crazy and sent her 20 texts to make sure she received your last 19 texts.

There are a number of different reasons why she might not have texted you back, and only one of them is that she is not interested. We will go through a number of the different options, although it is always possible that your case is entirely unique.

The Reasons Why She Doesn’t Text Back

1. She Is Busy

This is one of the more common options. People have things to do in life, and your crush is not any different. She could be busy at work, going to class or working on a group project. It might be time for the family dinner, or she could be taking a shower. Even if it is late in the day, she may have slept in or taken a nap. Life is hectic, and there are many, many times when someone won’t notice their phone or have it handy. Whether she is swimming in the pool or going for a jog, she might not realize that you even texted her yet.

2. She Turned Her Phone Off

Sometimes, you need a moment of silence to meditate. Or, your family could be like mine. Even as adults, my mother makes us turn off our cell phones before dinner. She might have turned her phone off or put in on silent to be with her family, go to church or something else. Again, this does not mean that she does not like you. It just means that has no clue that she got a text from you.

3. Life Changes

Life can be distracting. Other than being busy, her life could also make her forget about you. If something important or unexpected happens, her attention shifts from the text you sent to the immediate problem of the moment. If you are lucky, she will remember to respond to the text when things die down. If not, be understanding and just let her handle things before expecting a response.

4. She Was Being Nice When She Gave You Her Number

This is a common, but depressing reason. She might be getting your texts and just does not like you. When you asked for her number, she had two options. She could be mean and tell you no, or she could be polite and give you her number. Unfortunately, option two means that you spend days wondering if she will text you back. At least you would have known right away with option one. In an effort to be nice and polite, she unintentionally made it so that you would spend days waiting for her call.

5. You Are Not the Only Guy She Talks to

Unless you are in an exclusive relationship, there is no reason why she can’t talk to other guys. If this is the case, she might have decided that the other guy is more interesting. She also may have just forgotten to text you back. If she was caught up in a conversation with another guy, one of her friends or a family member, your text might have slipped her mind.

6. She Was Bored by the Conversation

Don’t take this the hard way. Honestly, I have no clue how anyone could have a meaningful, interesting conversation via text. I write articles for a reason. If you confine me to 140 characters, I end up sounding like Scooby Doo or Homer Simpson. I just can’t communicate. At the same time, your lovely lady may be less open-minded about texts. She might have just become bored by the conversation and stopped responding. If she does still talk to you though, think of this as a sign that you should have more phone or in-person conversations.

7. She Lacks Phone Etiquette

It can be hard to know when a conversation is starting, ongoing or ending. If you ask her to meet you at 1 PM, she may assume that you already know she is showing up. She could assume that not responding means you will automatically think no. Or, she might just be a jerk. Whatever the case, she might not get how you should sign off from a texting conversation so that the other person doesn’t wait an hour before realizing that you are gone.