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When To Get A Promise Ring?


Falling in love can be an exciting whirlwind. There’s always that time between dating and engagement where couples often want to declare their love, but aren’t ready for the plunge of marriage. That’s often where a promise ring comes into place. Promise rings are a tradition between young lovers show the depth of their love, without having the connotations of an engagement ring. The meaning is in the name, of course. You are ‘promising’ yourself to this person, for however long you’re together. It can often be a step between simply dating and getting engaged.

Getting or giving a promise ring is a big step, and shouldn’t be done lightly. After all, a ring signifies many different things, and when most people see a ring on your finger they’re going to associate it with being engaged or married. If you’re trying to figure out whether or not you should get your partner a promise ring, you should first decide if you’re committed to them and want to express that you’re in it for the long haul. However, there are other things to consider about the perfect time to express your love with a promise ring.

1. You’re in love

Of course, you shouldn’t be getting a promise ring for just anyone. If you’ve only been dating a couple of weeks, now is probably not the time to go running out and dropping money on a promise ring. However, if you’ve been with your partner for some time and your love is simply overflowing, then you should consider getting a promise ring. If you’re simply overflowing with the amount of affection and love that you feel for your partner, then it’s a good indication that you should start thinking about getting a promise ring. Of course, you’ll want to be absolutely sure that your partner feels the same way about you. However, if you’re really in love, there will be no doubt in your mind.

2. You can’t afford an engagement ring

Let’s face it, times can be tough. Engagement rings tend to cost thousands of dollars, and many people have to open up store credit cards just to buy one. Promise rings, however, tend to be on the less expensive side of things. If you want to propose to your partner right, but just can’t afford an engagement ring, then a promise ring can show that you’re serious about the relationship without breaking the bank. A promise ring will show your partner that you’re eager to be together for the rest of your life, and that one day you’ll be replacing it with something more appropriate and stunning.

3. You’re not ready for engagement

Getting married is a big step, and even if you feel like you want to be with someone forever, you may just be too young or not yet financially stable for marriage. However, getting a promise ring can be a step in between dating and getting engaged that can let your partner know that you’re planning on being with them for some time. So, if you’re too young for marriage but want to express the same sentiment, a promise ring is a good first step. All the same emotions can still be expressed through the promise ring, but there’s no pressure to rush through an engagement to the alter.

These are the main reasons that you should get a promise ring for your partner. However, if you’re still not sure what the difference is between promise rings and engagement rings, you’ll want to know a little bit more before you walk into a jeweller and take the plunge. If you’ve already decided that you want to express your love and committed, here are things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect engagement ring.

1. Don’t use wedding rings or bands

Not only will this be confusing to your friends and family, it can also confused your partner. If you want to express that you’re ready to commit to your partner but not ready for an engagement, you’ll want to resist putting an engagement ring on their finger. Promise rings don’t have to be fancy or expensive. They can be simple, antique or hand-me-downs. Hell, you can even get it from a pawn shop if you like. As long as the emotion and sentiment is clearly expressed, any ring in the world can be a promise ring. Just make sure that you save the engagement and wedding rings for when you’re actually ready to start walking down the aisle.

2. A promise ring isn’t generally worn on the ring finger

The left hand ring finger is the one that most people put their wedding rings on. While it may seem like the obvious place for your partner’s promise ring to go, it can cause some confusion with friends, family and strangers. In fact, it might even confuse your partner. If you’re trying to be romantic and slip the ring onto their finger, they may get a shock thinking you’re about to propose if you use the left ring finger. Promise rings can be worn on the right hand ring finger, or any other finger. Of course, this is only a suggestion. If you don’t mind explaining that it’s just a promise ring, putting it on the left hand ring finger is just fine, too.

3. A promise ring comes with a promise

The same way that the engagement rings comes with the question, “Will you marry me?”, a promise ring should come with a spoken and clear promise. When you give your partner a promise ring, you should have a specific promise in mind, whether it simply be to love and cherish them as long as you’re together, or the promise that one day the two of you will walk down the aisle together. A promise ring without a promise can be confusing to your partner, so you want to make it clear why they’re getting the ring. It doesn’t have to be a long speech, but expressing yourself will help make the moment that your partner gets the promise ring even more meaningful.

4. Be sure about your decision

A promise ring can be just as important and significant as an engagement ring. You want to consider the ring extremely carefully, and be sure about your decision to give your partner this ring. You don’t want to give an engagement ring to just anyone. It should be an important person in your life, and you should be sure that you want to spend a good long while with your partner after you’ve give them the ring. While relationships don’t always last, the point of the promise ring is to give it to someone you foresee staying in your life for a good long while.

5. Don’t be cheap

Promise rings don’t have to be super expensive, but you don’t want to give something to your partner that is going to turn their finger green! A promise ring is an expression of your love, and you want to make sure that your partner is going to want to keep wearing it, and enjoy wearing it as well. When you give your partner a promise ring, you want to make sure that it’s something that they can be proud of. After all, if your expression of love is cheap or falls apart, what does that say about your feelings for your partner? If you can’t afford something fairly decent, it’s okay to wait and save up before making the plunge and purchasing a promise ring. After all, the point is that they’ll have the ring for a while. You want to make sure that they can be as proud of it the day you exchange it for a wedding ring as the day that you gave it to them.

Final Thoughts…

Choosing to get your partner a promise ring can be one of the most exciting and romantic times in your life, perhaps right after both getting engaged and your wedding! It’s a pure expression of love, and something that your partner will cherish for their rest of your relationship – sometimes, that means for the rest of your lives.

It’s important to be ready for the commitment that comes with a promise ring. It’s also important to make sure your partner is ready, too. Even though you may be ready to express that sentiment, they might not be. So make sure that you and your partner are on the same page before you get that promise ring. In the end, you’ll be much happier that your symbol of love is well received and that the both of you are ready to move forward with your lives together.


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