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When to Kiss a Girl


You have found the perfect girl. You even magically got her to agree to going on a date with you. Now, your only problem is figuring out how to take the next step. At the start of the relationship, it is hard to know when you should hold hands, kiss her or make your next move. If you are lucky, she will be confident enough to make some of the moves for you. If not, then you have to decide when the right time is. If you make a move too soon, she may not be ready for it and get upset. If you make a move too late, then she may wonder if you even like her or just want to hang out as friends.

how to get a girl to kiss you without asking

The first kiss is fairly important. This is the moment when you both discover if you actually have a physical attraction and chemistry together or not. If you want your relationship to keep going strong, then you have to find out when to kiss a girl. If you play your cards wrong, the relationship could be over before it has even started.

When to Kiss a Girl

Figuring out when to kiss a girl is important. If you kiss her before the first date or before she is comfortable around you, she might get upset. It will feel like an invasion of her space. If you are not sure she likes you and have not gone on a date yet, she may even feel like you assaulted her. Obviously, these are all bad things if you like the girl. You should be sure that she likes you and is interested in kissing you before you try to do anything.

You can have the opposite problem if you wait too long. While she assumed that you guys were on a date, a lack of a first kiss may make her think that you just want to be a friend. In general, she will probably be expected a kiss on the first or second date. By the third date, you can basically guarantee that she is thinking about the first kiss and wondering when you will make a move. After the fourth and fifth date, she is going to start to think that you just see her as a friend or aren’t attracted to her. At about this moment, she may decide to give up on you and stop investing so much energy into the relationship. If you try to kiss her now, she might even push you away because she won’t be expecting it and could already view you as just a friend.

what date should the first kiss be on

Choosing the Right Time to Kiss a Woman

People always say things like, “You will know when it’s the right time.” Honestly, you probably won’t. You will be so nervous about kissing her that every moment will feel terrifying and wrong. In retrospect, people always feel like it was just the right moment. All you can do in the present is make a situation where it feels as close to right as possible.

Pay attention to your gut instinct. Pay attention to how she reacts around you and if she sees into you. Do you feel a connection? In general, you will want to wait until at least the first date before you kiss her. Going on a date is a sign that she probably likes you, so it is a good indication that she could be open to a kiss. While many people kiss at the end of the first date, don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable and want to wait a few more days or weeks.

You can also do things to help yourself out. She obviously may feel uncomfortable kissing in front of a crowd or at a party. If you are stuck in a social event, ask her to take a walk in the moonlight. It will be more romantic, and you will have enough privacy to kiss her. If you can plan out the date ahead of time, keep this in mind. You want to be at a place where it is natural and easy to make a move, so some part of your date may need to be in a more private setting.

If you are unsure if she is interested in a kiss, you can try the face-to-face test. All you have to do is lean in slightly toward the woman. Don’t kiss her just yet. You want to see her reaction. If she pulls away from you, then she was definitely not ready for a kiss. Don’t go in for the first kiss and wait another date (or more) until trying the test again. If it was just an accident on her part, there is still no harm in waiting for when she is more receptive. It is always better to play it safe.

If she leans in toward you, then you can bet that she wants to kiss you. Don’t hesitate and go for it!

Sometimes, a girl will also tilt her head to one side in a kind of playful manner. This is generally because she is a little nervous or shy. She wants to kiss you, but is just a bit scared about it. In general, you can go ahead and go for the kiss when this happens. She’ll relax in a bit.

signs she wants to kiss

Signs a Girl Wants to Kiss You

One of the ways to know when to kiss a girl is by looking for the signs. There are a number of common body language gestures and movements that can show that she wants you to kiss her. Of course, it would be easier if she just made a move, but some women are uncomfortable making a move and don’t want to seem too forward. If she does any of the following signs, then it is definitely possible that she wants you to kiss her.

1. She Hangs Around

When you say good-bye, she doesn’t leave right away. It almost seems like she is trying to give you extra time, and she may seem awkward. This is probably because she is waiting to see if you are going to give her a kiss.

2. Licks Her Lips

If she licks her lips, it is a subconscious gesture that she is thinking about a kiss.

3. She Is Close

People have a large personal bubble when they are not comfortable. If she seems to be standing closer than normal or leans toward you, then she might be trying to get you to make a move and kiss her.


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