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What’s the Real Meaning, When You Dream About Your Crush Over and Over?


Each night, you fall asleep and dream about your crush over and over. In some ways, you may enjoy this. You may not get to make a move or kiss your crush in real life, but your crush is extremely loving and attentive in your dreams.

On average, people dream seven times each night. Often, you do not even realize that you are dreaming. Many people do not remember their dreams when they wake up, so they may assume that they never dream. If you normally do not remember your dreams, it can be even more surprising to dream about your crush over and over again. You may feel hopeful that your crush likes you, but this is unfortunately not something that you can determine from just your dreams.

The most simple reason why this happens is because you think about your crush a lot. Even if you don’t feel like you think about them frequently, your passion has a habit of giving specific thoughts more weight in your subconscious mind. You may try not to think about your crush, but your mind is extremely focused on the thoughts and ideas around your crush. Because of this, you are more likely to dream about him or her.

Your subconscious mind is allowed free reign when you are dreaming. Your dreams are made up of the memories, thoughts and feelings that you have every day. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were a road to the unconscious mind. Dreams, to him, showed what you focused on or thought about. Often, the mind uses symbols and images to represent a certain desire or feeling that you have.

The most obvious reason why you dream about your crush over and over again is that you think about him or her a lot. They are a frequent fixture in your mind, so they reappear in your dream. What happens in your dream depends on how you feel about your crush during your waking life. If you do not feel like he or she likes you, then they may just be friendly in your dream. If you think that they could like you if they really gave you a chance, then you may have dreams where your crush is romantically involved with you and seems to be your date in the dream.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that your crush actually likes you. A dream can only show your own thoughts ,feelings and desires. Because of this, it would be impossible for your dream to show how your crush actually feels unless you already know how they feel. You should never just assume that your crush likes you based on a dream.

Specific Dreams Interpretations

Sometimes, people have a dream where there crush is sending them a text or handing them a letter. This type of dream tends to have a specific meaning. It generally means that you want to receive a message or sign from your crush. Most likely, it means that you want them to tell you in some way if they are interested or not. Again, this only reflects your own subconscious thoughts and desires. For you to find out how your crush feels in real life, you would have to make a move.

If something negative happens in your dream like your crush becomes injured, it shows that you care about them and are afraid that they could be hurt. If you dream that your crush leaves their girlfriend or boyfriend, this is just a sign that you want them to be single and available in real life. If your crush appears in the dream with a date, it may mean that you are afraid they could be taken or that you respect their real life relationship and do not want to make a move yet.

Death is often a sign of transformation, so you may have a dream that your crush dies. Thankfully, this does not mean that your crush will actually die in real life. Instead, it just means that you feel like a change or transformation is coming. You may hope that your relationship to your crush is transformed and you are able to actually be with them romantically.

More Dream Meanings

If you dream that you were arguing with your crush in a dream, don’t panic. Arguments often represent an internal conflict or tension. Since the argument is with your crush, you may feel internally conflicted over whether your crush likes you or not. It could show your frustration about just being friends or a desire to be more than friends.

If you dream that you are kissing your crush, it shows a desire for love and affection. This also reflects strongly on your own self-esteem because it indicates that you feel confident that your crush could like you back if he or she really gave you a chance.

Why Do You Keep Dreaming About Your Crush Over and Over Again?

Your dreams only reflect your own subconscious mind. Dreaming about your crush over and over again just means that you really want to be with your crush and have thoughts about him all of the time. What happens in the dream tends to show your own thoughts and feelings about your crush and if you think that a relationship is possible about it. If you never get to talk to your crush in real life, you may have dreams where you are finally able to talk to them and show your feelings. Telling your crush that you like him or her in a dream shows that you want to be able to do that in real life.

As for the real world, you have to be cautious about what you do. It is very easy to confuse your dream feelings with your real feelings. In addition, your dreams do not mean your crush likes you or not. The only way to find out if your crush is interested for sure is to ask them. If you think that they could be interested, make a move and see what happens. You never know—your crush could be having dreams about you as well.