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50 White Dog Names


There are a number of different dog breeds that are white in color. While there are a number of things that you can name your puppy, these white dog names can help you start your name search. You can use these names to start your search or just pick one off of the list.

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1. January: January is a time of snow and ice, which makes this a great name for a white dog.

2. Opal: This gemstone is known for being white in color.

3. Nimbus: This is a type of cloud, but it could also mean a halo around a supernatural being.

4. Al Bino: This is a pun on the word albino.

5. Everest: Naming your dog after snowy Mount Everest would be an excellent choice.

6. Cirrus: This is one of the highest clouds in the atmosphere.

7. Q-Tip: This would be an adorable option for a little, white dog.

8. Ivory: This is a hard, white material made from an elephant’s tusks.

9. Blanco: This means white in Spanish. For girls, use the name Blanca.

10. Alaska: In the winter, this land is covered in snow and ice. As such, it is a great name for a white dog.

11. Cumulus: This is one of the lower clouds in the atmosphere.

12. Winter: This is one of the most adorable white dog names.

13. Cotton: This is a fairly obvious name choice for a white dog.

14. Wit: This short, hip name means white in Dutch.

15. Diamond: Are diamonds clear or white in color? You choose.

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16. Stratus: This cloud is one of the ones that you would find lower down in the atmosphere.

17. Ice: This is a hip, trendy name for a white dog.

18. Angel: Angels are heavenly beings cloaked in white robes.

19. Pearl: White is the most popular color of pearl.

20. Luna: You could call your name Luna or Lunar after the white glow of the moon.

21. Domino: This name comes from the popular game.

22. Frosty: This would be a cool name for a white dog.

23. Crystal: This bright stone can look white or clear in color.

24. Love: This is a pure emotion that is perfect for a pure-colored dog.

25. Cloud: This is a fairly obvious option for a white dog.

26. Blanc: This means white in French.

27. Cotton Ball: If you have a little dog that looks like a ball of fluff, give him this name.

28. Snowball: This is another adorable name for a tiny dog.

29. Powder: This name comes from the powder of snow and a 1990s movie.

30. Alabaster: This fancy-sounding name comes from a white material.

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31. Bianco: This name means white in Italian. For a girl dog, you would call her Bianca.

32. Blizzard: If your dog is full of energy like a blizzard, this would be the perfect name for him.

33. Polar: This would be an adorable name for a large, white dog.

34. Ghost: This is an obvious choice because ghosts are white. Plus, Jon Snow’s direwolf had this name in the Game of Thrones.

35. Jasmine: This is a white flower that is technically a part of the olive family.

36. Sugar: Sugar is sweet and white!

37. Caspar: Name your dog after the friendliest ghost of all!

38. Oleander: This evergreen bush produces a flower that is normally white in color.

39. Marshmallow: This is perfect for a fluffy, white dog.

40. Boo: This is another name that comes from ghosts.

41. Daisy: This pretty flower always looks so bright and happy.

42. Coconut: This is a great option because the inside of a coconut is white like your puppy.

43. TP: This is a silly name that is short for toilet paper.

44. Bones: This is a cute option for a dog that is as white as a bone.

45. Magnolia: This flowering plant often has white flowers.

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46. Cream: If you have a brown or black dog as well, you should name him Cookie. Then, you can have cookies and cream.

47. Salt: This is an adorable choice for a white dog. If you have a black dog as well, you should name him pepper.

48. Lily: This flower is often white in color.

49. Vanilla: This is a good option for a dog that is as white as vanilla.

50. Dove: Doves are known for being a peaceful, white bird.


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