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Why Breakups are Tougher for Men?


Stereotype-wise breakups and divorces are harder on women. Man got tired of monogamy and of that bitch-partner that nags him all the time. So, he leaves her and starts a new life of freedom. She sobbingly follows him and begs him constantly to reunite, but he stays unshaken as he glorifies the freedom that he has regained. Sound familiar, right? But is that true? Only women suffer, while men enjoy their happy single life. Well, you can’t argue that men like that perspective, but that doesn’t mean that they are that happy being single. Actually, breakups are much more tougher on men than on women.

Sobbing Female Singles?

Stereotypes are hard to shrug off, but sometimes you need to do that. Women also leave men because of getting tired of them. Women also leave men because men nag them. And quite often women leave men brokenhearted. So, there is no reason to continue believing in that men are absolutely non-dependent on women. Considering male ego it is harder for them to realize that someone could have left them. Men are more likely to look for women to chat with online.  It can easily lead men into depression. So, sobbing male singles are the real thing. Moreover, certain studies claim that suicide rate among men after the breakup is higher than among women. But there are other things that make breakups tougher on men.

Change of the Lifestyle

Of course, men are happy it first when they regain their lifestyle of a single. No more nagging, no one asks you why you came home that late. No one asks you where have you been. You can do whatever you want and you can openly sleep with whoever you want. Now, you can drink as much booze as you want. You can have unlimited sexual partners. You can have weekends of sexcapades. It sounds great, isn’t it? All in all, you feel absolutely great about that. But you won’t even notice how your life goes down-spiral. You can become an alcoholic, a heavy smoker, and even a sex addict. You see, steady relationship encourage a healthy lifestyle that people quite often can’t maintain on their own.


Women generally have a lot of friends and are more open about their problems with their relatives. Which means that after the breakup they are going to have a strong emotional support from their family members and friends. Men, mainly, prefer keeping things to themselves. They don’t like discussing their problems. Quite often men have problems with acknowledging the fact they have problems. Here you can actually find the explanation about the higher suicide rate among men after breakups, they just don’t discuss their problems and the fact that they are depressed.

Starting New Relationships

When it comes to divorce, women are less likely to remarry. When it comes to breakups, men are also more likely to start a new relationship sooner than their female counterparts. But it doesn’t mean that men are happier. They are less picky when it comes to finding the new partner and quite often are unable to maintain a successful relationship after a breakup or a divorce. That’s why their next relationships are most likely to end up in a few months.


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