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Why Did My Boyfriend Cheat on Me With His Ex-Girlfriend?


When you find out that your boyfriend has cheated on you, it is devastating. You thought that you had a great relationship, and you completely trusted him. Now, you feel betrayed and wonder if he ever really loved you at all. Was he ever as committed to the relationship as you are? Can you still have a relationship with him when you know that he betrayed you completely?

I think my boyfriend is cheating with his ex

Why Did My Boyfriend Cheat on Me With His Ex-Girlfriend?

This is by far one of the most common questions that people ask. You were totally committed to the relationship and never even wanted to cheat on him. You want to know why he could cheat on you when he always told you how much he loved you and how committed he was. Was everything that he told you a lie?

There are several reasons why he might have cheated on you with his ex-girlfriend. The main thing is that he did. No matter what the reason was, you have to decide if you can stay with him. It is totally understandable if you cannot get over the betrayal and just want to move on. You have to decide if you think that he will remain faithful in the future or if he is stuck on his ex-girlfriend. While this might be just a one-time thing, it could also be the start of a pattern of cheating. Right now, you have to decide if it is worth it to stay in the relationship and try rebuilding the lost trust.

He Never Left His Ex-Girlfriend

my boyfriend cheated with his ex wife

This is one of the reasons why boyfriends cheat with an ex-girlfriend. Even if they actually broke up and he thought he was over her, a part of him may have remained emotionally involved. He couldn’t get rid of all his feelings, and a part of him may even still love her. When an opportunity came up to be with her in any way, he took it. If this is the reason why he cheated, then you should definitely end the relationship and move on. Until he is actually over his ex-girlfriend, he won’t be able to have a real relationship with anyone.

He Thought He Was Stronger Than He Was

We all think that we will remain faithful. There is a decent chance that your boyfriend met up with her without any plan to cheat on you at all. He may have wrongly assumed that he was strong enough to turn down any advance and to ignore any attraction that he had for her. When the opportunity to cheat came up, he found out how wrong he was. He wasn’t actually strong enough to resist the temptation.

In a case like this, what you do depends on the situation and what he plans to do next. If he realizes that he was not strong enough to resist the temptation, then he might also be willing to change. Instead of relying on his strength and willpower, he may now realize that he just has to avoid being in any situation where cheating could happen. It is entirely up to you whether you want take a chance on him and stay in the relationship or not.

He Wanted Sex

My ex boyfriend cheated on me with his ex because he still had feelings

Sometimes, the reason is simple. He wanted sex, an opportunity came up and he had no desire to turn it down. He could be just a jerk who uses people for his own needs, or he may just have terrible control over himself. Either way, you should really think of leaving him if this is the reason.

He Doesn’t See a Future With You

This reason is depressing, but it happens all the time. Sometimes, people start a relationship as away to kill time. They don’t want to be alone, so they date someone that they don’t actually plan on being with forever. When this happens, the guy doesn’t value the relationship the same way you do. He would be faithful if he planned on the relationship lasting, but it was worth risking the relationship to have some fun with his ex-girlfriend. Again, this is another example where you should probably just break up with him. If the cheating happened because he doesn’t value the relationship, he is certainly not going to start prioritizing your relationship now.

Sometimes, the Situation Is More Complex

There are times when a guy is untrustworthy and just wants sex. In other cases, the situation is more complex than that. Human beings are complex, emotional creatures. Over the weeks, months or years that he dated his ex-girlfriend, he developed strong feelings for her. Those feelings die down, but they don’t just go away. He may have seen his ex-girlfriend without any negative intentions, but he found that he was not as strong as he thought he was. She could have deliberately tried to get him to cheat in the hopes that he would end things with you and return to her. She may have also manipulated him just because, while she doesn’t want him, she wants the power and ego boost of knowing that she could have him at any time. Because the reasons might be complex, it is important to look at the entire situation. Once you understand what is going on, you can make a better decision about whether to leave him or not.


  1. hi dear ,my boyfriend cheated with a same girl he used to cheat in his previous relationship. It hurts me so much that history is repeating itself.i lost completely trust from him . I feel so cold for him but we had a lot in our relationship.i confronted him about it but he didnt say a word thats what makes me mad.i still need answers from him.should i insist talking about it until he reply?. We living together for a year but three years in relationship,dont have kids together. But we rising our kids from our previous relationship…..um emotional and depressed as i dont trust him at all. i want to save my relationship and how do i rebuild trust again…..please help i want to heal my heart and move on with relationship

    • I completely understand that it might be hard for you to trust him again. After someone cheats on you, it is hard enough to trust them again. Since he cheated on his last girlfriend too, it makes it seem like a pattern. It can take months or years before you trust someone again, and only time will really help. You may also want to take some more time to really decide if you want to be with him still because he is obviously making a pattern of being untrustworthy, which makes it even harder to trust him.


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