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Why Do Guy Friends Become Distant?


They say that at a certain point everyone drifts apart at one time or another. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t always wonder why it happens! We know that it can leave you with a feeling of confusion and maybe even feelings of disappointment. Especially if the person that is growing distant was a good friend of yours. Was it something we did? Was it something that was said? What could bring this problem to the surface? But the ultimate question is why do our friends, especially guys, become distant without giving a reason? It’s easily explained. No, it’s not just one thing that could tell us what’s going on. There are actually various reasons that men distance themselves from us… And we know just what they are! Keep reading to find the answers that you are looking for. We have them laid out for you below.

guy friend acting distant all of a sudden

The Reasons That A Guy Friend Might Become Distant From You


You Offended Him

Let’s face it- We don’t always see eye to eye with our friends. And sometimes we disagree even more with the opposite sex. You two may have gotten into a fight or disagreement that brought him to the decision to back away from your friendship. He might be hurting because of something you said or did to him. You may have really hit him where it hurts in some way. Think about it, did you say or do anything that might have offended him? If so, then you probably found your reason behind why he’s pushing you away. You can always try to salvage the relationship by apologizing for whatever it was that you did to him. He might just be waiting for that apology. You never know!

He Got Jealous

You might not know this, but he may have had feelings for you. Guys sometimes develop small crushes on their friends that are girls. He may have been keeping it to himself so as to not jeopardize your relationship. He would rather remain friends that risk losing you because he likes you. However, if he sees you with someone else it might make him feel sad. He might not want to put himself through those emotions anymore. That’s understandable, if you ask us.

my guy friend is pulling away

He Had Feelings For You

As we mentioned in the previous reason, he might harbor some hefty emotions for you. He likes you as more than a friend. But you might not reciprocate those feelings. And if you don’t, he might not want to waste anymore time with you. He probably thought at one point that there was a chance to date you. The more he realizes there isn’t, the less interested he is in getting to know you. Which is pretty harsh, but such is life. And sometimes it’s best for us to let those kind of people walk away… Before they get even more hurt by us.

You Have Feelings For Him

Or it could be that he knew you had feelings for him. That you wanted to be more than just friends. However, he doesn’t want to lead you on by being close to you emotionally. He might think that putting some distance between you is a good idea. He doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea at this point. So his best option is to walk away.

You Hang Out With Someone He Doesn’t Like

Sometimes our friends grow apart from us, because they don’t like the things that they see us doing or the people that they see us hanging out with. He may feel like you are associating yourself with a bad crowd or a bad person. This might make him not want to be around you anymore. At least until you stop hanging out with those people!

Why is my best guy friend suddenly acting aloof and distant

He Has A New Partner

We know that when we get in relationships we tend to stop hanging around with our friends of the opposite sex. Not always because we want to, but because we know it makes our partners uncomfortable. Jealousy is a huge reason for this. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it as long as he is in the relationship with his new partner.

You Have A New Partner

Or he might not want to be around you anymore because he doesn’t want to annoy your new partner. This happens a lot when relationships form.

He Just Lost Interest In The Friendship

Sometimes people who were really close drift apart. It is just a natural part of life. You two may have grown to like or dislike different things. You may not have that many common interests any longer.

Someone Said Something To Him

Yes, unfortunately rumors can be the destruction of friendships. He might have heard something about you that made him not want to hang around you anymore. It’s best to confront him about this so you can understand and clarify the truth of the situation.


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