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Why Do Guy Friends Get Jealous?


Jealousy is definitely one of the uglier emotions, don’t you think? No one looks good when they are green with envy. But it’s just a part of human nature and one of the many emotions on the scale. Sometimes though, who the jealousy is coming from can catch us by total surprise. We may never have expected a person we know to be like that towards us. Like when a guy friend starts getting jealous and making a big deal about it. This can be cause for concern. Because we might not have known that they even liked us that way in the first place. Confusing, right? Right. But there are reasons that can explain why a friend might be participating in this type of behavior. And we know what they are! We’ve compiled a list below for you to check out to help you solve the mystery of why guy friends get jealous towards us!

 Is it normal for a guy friend to get jealous

The Reasons

He Obviously Has Feelings For You

Well, the most obvious reason that a friend might be getting jealous is that they like you as more than a friend. You may just not have realized it before. There could have been signs, but sometimes we are oblivious to them. Especially if we truly want to be friends with this person, but nothing more. If we suddenly figure out that someone has feelings for us and we don’t have feelings for them, we might end the relationship. Therefore sometimes we ignore those signs, because we don’t want to give up our friendship. But that could be why he is getting jealous when he sees you hanging out with other guys. He might find that it is difficult, possibly even painful, to watch you flirt with someone else. This brings out the jealous side of him. It’s best to address the situation and make it clear to him that you are not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him. If you don’t, you risk him getting jealous over and over again in the future.

You Led Him On

Although you don’t feel like there is anything besides friendship between you, he might not see things that way. You could have been leading him on for some time. Making him feel as if there is some chance that you two will someday be more than just friends. What might make him think that? You could have been acting very romantic towards him. Or spending excessive amounts of time to him. Telling him sappy things. Flirting with him also might give him the wrong idea. And definitely if you two have been physically intimate with each other! These are all things that might give him the wrong idea. You will want to sit him down and tell him that you don’t have feelings for him that way. You will want to let him down gently, but let him down all the same.

He’s Being Overprotective

Consider that he might not actually be being jealous, but that he is being overprotective. Such as a ‘big brother’ would. He is looking out for you, but it is coming off as jealousy because of the way he goes about it. This happens constantly with guy friends that we are very close to. Sometimes they feel entitled to put their two cents in where it doesn’t belong. Which might make us feel like they like us romantically. However, they might just be looking out for our best interests and trying to ensure that we don’t get hurt in the long haul.

He Thinks You’re An Item

Or you two might have been romantically involved at one point and now you aren’t. This might leave some feelings of jealousy in him, because he will always care for you. It is always hard to be friends with our ex-boyfriends and girlfriends for this reason. Sometimes they never stop harboring those feelings for us. And eventually come to be resentful towards us when we show interest in a new person. He might have been fine and dandy with you until you started seeing someone else.

Men Are Competitive

Because they are full of testosterone, men can be competitive with one another. So if two friends are in competition for you, they are going to act jealous. This happens all the time when we date inner circles. Although you may not be interested in the one guy, he might start acting interested in you when you start liking his friend. We know that it isn’t very logical, but this is certainly a reason why a guy friend might be getting jealous.


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