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Why Do Guy Friendships Last Longer?


Some friendships are temporary, while others last a lifetime. People come and go out of our lives as just fast as the seasons change. Of course, that’s simply the way it is. It can be devastating to see someone you once cared so much about walk out of your life forever. But then again, you also have friends that never leave your side! Why is it that some friendships last longer than others? And why is it that friendships between guys seem to last longer than a friendships between women? It doesn’t seem to make much sense when you think about it, because sometimes the bond is stronger with women. They share the most personal stuff with one another. Whereas guys tend to keep things a little less intimate with one another. When it comes to guys, it looks as though they never stop “bro-ing out”. Men have bonds that appear to be eternal and are hard to destroy. But why? We were just as confused as you are! We decided that we were going to get to the bottom of the mystery and crack the case. Keep reading to learn more!

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The Reasons Why Guy Friendships Last Longer

Less Cat Fights

We all know women are notorious for being catty  towards each other. Passive aggressiveness is definitely not lacking when it comes down to it either.  Guys don’t usually slam backhanded compliments or make crude comments about supposed secrets. Men stay quiet with each other, even when they have a problem. They prefer to face it head on if anything and not beat around the bush. They also don’t seem to throw shade very often and if they do, it’s very little. This allows them to have longer friendships, because bridges are less likely to be burned. Instead, they are mended.

Guy Friendships Are More Chill

Women often put more pressure on their friendships, because they have high expectations. They think very highly of their friends, of course, but it can be strenuous because they place their friends on such high pedestals. This often creates a lot of a certain pressure. When something goes wrong, the pressure weighs down and one friend or the other tends to snap under it. Guys do not do this as often. They are more chill with one another. They seem to have no expectations for each other and possess more of a ‘go with the flow’ attitude. Which can be annoying in romantic relationships, but works perfectly in platonic friendships.

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Some Guys Are Low Maintenance

Like we said, guys don’t have as many expectations for each other. Or even for themselves. Which gives them the freedom to make a few mistakes here and there. Without judgement from their friends. Their friends will support them in most situations, because they understand mistakes happen. Women often hold other women accountable for their mistakes. Women possess more of a ‘I told you so’ attitude with one another.

Guys Keep Boundaries (Sometimes)

Sometimes being too all up in your friends’ business can be a no-no. However, some women don’t understand that. They will meddle in each other’s lives as much as they feel necessary. Guys let other guys do their own thing without a peep. Boundaries are important when it comes to maintaining any healthy relationship. This leads friendships to collapse, because at some point we get tired of people being too involved in our lives.

Women Branch Off

When guys become buddies, they become buddies for life. Women, however, have clique mentality. So guys can go make new friends and still remain friends with their current pals. Whereas when women branch off to make new friends, they drift away from their previous friends. This is another reason why friendships between men seem to last longer than friendships between women do.

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Guys Have A Bro Code

The bro code is life when it comes to guys. They follow that like it is the law. Usually, anyways. We can’t speak for every single guy out there, but it’s a general rule of thumb to follow the code. Women don’t have this! Sure, they have mutual respect for one another, but they don’t have a set of rules like men do! This can be the cause of many problems and ultimately lead to friendship failure.

Men Let Things Go

Forgiving and forgetting was never as easy as it is between two dudes. Women are more likely to hold a grudge. While men are much more forgiving in most situations. They work it out in one way or another. Even if it means laying down some punches on one another first.

Men Don’t Talk Badly About Each Other

What’s one thing that men absolutely do less than women? Talk crap about each other behind their backs. Women like to talk and talk about others when they aren’t around. But all it takes is saying something to the wrong person and then- BAM- no more friendship.


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