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Why Do Guys Flirt With Other Girls?


It is never a pleasant feeling to watch someone that you like, whether a crush or a partner, flirt with another girl in front of you. Not only does this inspire jealousy, but it can bring about feelings of resentment as well. We know that this is a hard pill to swallow, but the sad fact of it is that it happens to everyone at some point. The real question here is… Why? Why would a guy that we like or love flirt with someone else in front of our very own eyes. Especially if they know that we have feelings for them. Don’t freak out just yet, though. We know you might be thinking that this definitely means he doesn’t like you anymore. But that is simply not true. There are a few different things that might be bringing him to flirt with other girls. What are they? All you have to do is scroll a little farther down and you will soon know!

why do guys flirt with another girl in front of you

It’s Natural To Flirt Sometimes

We are all a little guilty of being too flirty every now and again. It’s just a natural part of being human. Sometimes we have really good social chemistry with other people. So even if we don’t feel like we are flirting with them, it just appears that way because conversation flows so smoothly between us and them. We know that’s most likely not what you want to hear. However, it is true. We all do a little flirting here and there. Sometimes we don’t mean to even do it. It just happens!

He’s Cheating On You

Don’t jump to any conclusions, but you can consider this reason still. You might want to keep your eyes peeled for other things that give away behaviors of cheating. Like working late hours consistently, finding other women’s items around, him hiding his phone from you, etc. There must be more than just flirting as evidence before you can decide that he is cheating on you or not. If you notice that he always flirts with the same woman, be cautious but do some investigating.

You Did The Same Thing To Him

You might not think that he is capable of revenge, but don’t ever underestimate someone who is full of jealousy. He might have saw that you were flirting with someone else at some point. Now he feels he is justified to flirt with another girl to get back at you for it. This is a very common reason that guys flirt with other girls!

He Doesn’t Know How You Feel

Have you told him that you have feelings for him? Or are you still in the friend stage with each other? If he doesn’t know that you like him, then why wouldn’t he flirt with someone else? He has not committed to you in anyway. Therefore you do not really have the right to be upset with him! Tell him how you feel and maybe, just maybe, he will change how he acts in front of him.

he's in a relationship but flirts with me

He Doesn’t Care How You Feel

Or maybe he does know how you feel about him… But, he just doesn’t care. He doesn’t have the same emotions for you romantically that you have for him. That means that he doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be flirting with other people. If you two are not an item, he is going to keep doing his own thing without regard to your feelings.

You Aren’t Exclusive Yet

He might need to hear from you that you want to be something more. Even if you two are an official ‘fling’ you might not be officially a couple yet. This means he doesn’t feel required to stay faithful to just you. It might mean that it is now time to start talking about commitment. Otherwise things may never change to your liking.

He’s Bored

He might be bored with your relationship. We know this is a really crappy reason, but it definitely does happen more often than we’d like. You can always try spicing things up between the two of you to get his attention refocused on you. Although if things are faltering to the point where he feels the need to flirt with others… It might be time to consider ending things between you.

He Didn’t Think That You’d Find Out

Did you find out from a friend or co-worker that he was flirting with another girl? This could mean that he was sure that you wouldn’t find out what he was doing. He might not expected someone to rat him out. You will need to confront him about this if the two of you are in a relationship.

He’s Trying To Make You Mad

He might be purposely trying to make you jealous to get a rise out of you. We aren’t sure why he would be doing that, but you can always ask him to get the answer. We’re sure he wouldn’t mind telling you what’s on his mind if this is the reason! There’s obviously a problem that needs solving if this is happening.


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