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Why Do Guys Ignore Girls They Like?


You have been dropping hints to a cutie that you are interested in. You send him flirty texts but no reply. You comment on his pictures but he just seems to be like another ghost follower. You even send him a message through Snapchat but you notice that he does not even open it.

But here is the cold truth: just because you like someone, does not necessarily mean they will like you back. No matter how hard you try, things won’t always work in your favorite. Because of that, people tend to hold back their true feelings towards others. The fear of rejection has been injected in our system and nowadays, we do not even bother with entertaining any type of possible relationship.

Guys do this quite often, not only because they are afraid of being embarrassed of putting their feeling on the line but many other valid reason as well. Here are why guys ignore girl they like.

i thought this guy likes me but now he ignores me

1. They don’t think the girl likes him

Sometimes, it is hard to determine who is interested in us. With guys, they need validation that a girl is into them in order for them to make their move. If they get no sign then they do not waste their time or feelings.

2. His crush was occupied with someone else

This is a valid reason to not bother with a person. When guys notice that their crush is with someone else, why should they interrupt what she has going? Guys tend to separate themselves from the situation and not engage with his crush if he sees her with another guy.

After all, there are other fishes in the sea.

3. He doesn’t want to come off as ‘desperate’

When it comes to relationships, guys tend to play it cool – which also makes it difficult for women. This ‘act’ of being cool is built from the fact that do not want to come off as desperate or too pushy.

Unfortunately, this act can be a downfall in their pursue of getting a girl because playing it too cool will make them distant from their crush. Guys do not their crush to think they are creepy or too pushy so they would rather keep a distance until the time is right.

4. He is insecure

Our insecurities can get the best of us and often times, prevent us from doing many things in life. With guys, their insecurities can stop them from going after the girl they want.

Their insecurities can stem from different reason and because of their own thoughts, he might think his crush will never like him. Because of that, he is afraid of putting himself out there because he is insecure.

Sometimes, a guy might know a girl is interested but still would not believe it and completely ignore her.

i thought he liked me but now he avoids me

5. He doesn’t want to ruin the friendship

We have all heard of the story of a relationship that first started off as a friendship and it slowly blossomed into something else. For some guys, they think it is best to keep it at a friendship level to not ruin the relationship already built.

It can be risky doing this because the girl might not feel the same so instead of following their intuition, guys do not do anything. Taking the risk is too much for them to handle and guys do not want make the relationship awkward.

6. He is afraid of making a move

When we are around someone we like, we think about every move we make just to make sure we do not make a fool out of ourselves. Because of that, guys who are afraid to make a single move on their crush tend to avoid them.

Guys do not want the constant stress of having to act a certain way if they know they are not going to pursue their crush in the first place. So to reduce their anxiety of being around their crush, they will just stay away.

why is he ignoring

7. They do not have time to pursue a relationship

A guy can have everything going for him but that is the issue, he might have too much going. Relationships are something that will take time out of your day and a guy who is serious about relationships is willing to make time for it. But once a guy notices that he does not have time to pursue a relationship, he will not entertain a woman even if he does like her.

He will keep his distance from her so both of them can move in the direction life has planned for them.

8. The girl proved not to be worth it

When a guy ignores his crush, the reason isn’t always because of his internal issues. Sometimes, his crush proves to not be worth the pursuit. His crush then turns into another girl because she was not what he expected her to be.


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