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Why Do Guys Like Long Hair?


I’m sure you have heard a guy say, “I love a woman with long hair.”

We’ve all heard it. Why? Because it’s such a common thing that comes out of their mouth when we find ourselves discussing personal style preferences. Sure there are some guys who love short hair, but guys who like long hair take the cake. Why is that? What is it about longer locks that draw a man’s attention? Well, we are here to tell you the reasons why they love it and what it means.

Why Guys Love Long Hair

It’s Feminine: The main reason guys love longer locks on you? Because it is the definition of femininity for some of them. They like the look because it makes you look more like a woman. Short hair can often come off as boyish or masculine to men. Even though it doesn’t make you either of those things… It is just how they see it. They may have been conditioned by media over time to believe longer hair is what’s to yearn for. It is the exact same reason that men prefer long eyelashes, makeup, big breasts, etc. It reminds them of the softer sides of you and makes you more womanly to look at.

It’s In Style: Right now long hair is all the jazz. Although people chop of their locks all the time in the media, most women have longer hair and that’s what the public takes after. That is why in the more recent years hair extensions have become widely bought and used by women around the globe. Of course there are times when shorter hair was all the rage. Like in the 1960s and the 1990s. Like when Edie Sedgwick, the supermodel from 1960s, came around with her beautiful short cut it was all anyone wanted! Soon after she debuted many women cut their hair to follow her likeness. Surely back then, guys liked it because it was the trend. It was what was considered “hot” as opposed to now where it is considered not so hot. Nowadays longer hair is what many find the most beautiful.

They Like To Play With It: Well, it’s safe to say that it is pretty hard to run your fingers through a pixie cut, right? A lot of men like having hair to play with when they are cuddling someone. They like the feeling of running their hands through it, too. It is a form of bonding for them and for you. Not to mention it kind of feels good for both of you! They also like to see you play with it. Playing with or twirling your hair is often a sign of flirting. So men tend to pay attention for this when they are trying to flirt with you. To them it is a good sign.

They Think It Suits You: Unfortunately not all women can pull of short hair and not all women can pull of longer hair. Of course that does not mean that women shouldn’t have the right to do whatever the heck they want with their hair. However, a man might think that your personality or you face is better suited with one style or the other. So, it could be that he really likes long hair on you. He might not even like it on some other women, but for you he probably thinks that the style is pure perfection.

They Might Be Put Off By Shorter Hair: It seems strange, but some men might just be turned off by shorter hair because of how they perceive the personality that comes with it. Even if they don’t know you personally, they might see a shorter haircut and associate that with traits they don’t like. Often times short hair is seen as a way a woman says, “Screw the norm! I’m different.” They might think that you are too feisty with it. Longer hair might make you appear a little bit softer to them.

Although a lot of guys might prefer longer hair over shorter hair it is not always the case. Some guys definitely like it when a woman wears short hair or even medium hair. But now you know all of the reasons why they might have a preference directed at longer hair vs short hair!


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