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Why Do Guys Send Selfies?


In today’s era, selfies are taken any and every where. You can always catch someone with their phone at a 45 degree angle getting ready to take that perfect picture of him or herself. It has become so common that it’s not strange to see people doing it in public.

The key to getting these perfect selfies consist of one thing: lighting. Once you get the lighting handled, everything depends on which angle you decide to use, what pose and sometimes, what filter. Women have been known to be the queen of selfies. They seize every opportunity to get a great picture to post on their social medias. But did you know that guys are also coming on strong in the selfie game? They even like to send a few every once in a while. So what does that mean if you receive one from a guy? 

Sharing selfies with your close ones have become as common as sending a text message or calling. It shows the true relationship you have with one another and mean no harm. On the other hand, if a stranger or someone you just met is sending you pictures, it can definitely be eyebrow raising.

Nowadays, guys have found that sending selfies is a great way to get closer to a person they are interested in. It is not meant to boast on how they look but just to feel closer to who they are talking to. If you think about it, sending a picture is allowing the person to live in the moment with you hence why guys do it. He wants to share the moment with you.

On the other hand, he does it for one reason: to capture your attention. When you look down on your phone and get a notification of an image, you are instantly going to open it and reply. He knows that you will stop doing whatever you were doing to pay attention to him which is his ultimate goal.

Sometimes, we do things to get something in return. The same concept goes with these selfies guys send – they want a selfie of you too. Depending on the relationship and the conversation between the both of you, this can either be a harmless act or turn sexual. If the conversation is casual and he seems genuine, he just wants to see your face because he is interested. As mentioned, this gives him a sense of you being there with him. If the conversation is hot, he definitely wants something other than your face.

Taking Control of the Selfie Game

If a guy sends a selfie in the early stages of your relationship, it is obvious that he is interested. There is a deeper connection he wants to build and buy breaking the barrier of sending a picture, he wants to create comfort between the both of you. As a receiver, you have to think if you want the selfie game to continue.

Sometimes, you might not find a connection with the guy and feel no need to send him a selfie. If you send none, he will understand that you are not into those types of things. Or if he asks you for one and you do not want to, there is nothing harmful about letting him know that he won’t get one. Instead of making you feel uncomfortable, he will immediately stop with the pictures.

What you must consider is what kind of selfie you are sending that will set the tone on how your relationship will continue. For you, sending a picture of yourself is too intimate for someone you see no future with and that is completely fine! But if you feel compelled to send a selfie, sending a goofy one is the best way to create a friendship vibe between the both of you. Everyone knows that you send all the goofy or ugly pictures to your close friends and by sending one that is not too serious will put him in the friend zone. Since you do not care about looking sexual or cute for him, he won’t try so hard either.

The Types of Selfies You Can Receive

Depending on the type of guy you are talking to, you might expect more than just a face picture. Here are a few types of pictures he will be sending you.

1. The Classic Selfie

Everyone knows that a classic selfie is just of your face. This is considered one of the most innocent ones amongst all the selfies you might possibly receive. A classic selfie is nice to receive because he is respecting you and not bombarding you will something sexual that will make you feel uncomfortable. He wants to keep the conversation genuine as he gets to know you more.

2. The Flashy Selfie

Some might find this superficial and others might be into it. He obviously wants you to know what type of lifestyle he is living and there is no better way than letting you know buy him showing you either his cars, money or any other item that shows you his earnings.

3. The Gym Selfie

Gyms have become home to many selfies. It seems as though everyone is on a health spree which is great! This calls for many pictures of muscles and dumbbells. If a guy sends you a picture of himself at the gym, he wants you to know that he lives a healthy life. It is also an indirect picture to check him out.

4. The Bathroom Selfie

Just like the gym, bathrooms are the go-to place to take selfies. For some odd reason, bathrooms have amazing lighting. Most of these bathroom pictures end up as mirror pictures where you get to see the entire body. If a guy sends you one of these full mirror pictures, he wants you to check him out.

5. The Silly Selfie

Not all guys are a suave as you might think so they reside in sending silly selfies. This type of selfie if refreshing because it shows you that he has a fun side and does not take life too serious. He also is not afraid of showing you his personality.

6. The Drunk Selfie

Just like sending drunk texts, drunk selfies are a thing. At the middle of the night, you might hear a ‘DING’ to find a drunk picture in your messages. These, of course, will lead to a lot of apologizes in the morning and the guy feeling completely embarrassed.

7. The Nude 

It comes to no surprise that nudes get sent not only from girls but guys as well. Sometimes, it will have you taken aback because it can be unexpected. Guys think if he sends one, he will get one in return. Don’t worry, there’s no rule on sending nudes so don’t feel obligated.


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