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Why Do Guys Stop Texting And Then Start Again


Isn’t it maddening when guys do that? But don’t worry, we have a couple of explanations for this perplexing behavior. when a guy stops texting you everyday

1. He wants to seem mysterious. He’s probably wondering, “what’s the fun in staying available for her all the time?” Naturally, when you start texting a new guy, you’ll have all these fun things to talk about. You want to get to know each other, and you do that by talking about as many things as you can when you’re not out on a date. But then, when you’ve already discussed your favorite movies, your favorite bands, your pet’s names, the last book you read, and what you had for breakfast, conversations get stale pretty quick. The guy’s solution? He might suddenly stop texting you to build up some anticipation for his next message. It’s his way of seeming like a mysterious guy who can’t be available too often.

2. He wants to play hard to get. We’ve all heard of the three-day rule of the 90s, wherein you go out on a date, but you don’t ask about the next date until three days later. It’s said that this technique helps you seem harder to get because you’re not too eager for your next date. In today’s world where everyone is on their phone for hours each day, not texting for days is the equivalent. He wants you to know that yes, he sees that you’re online. But no, he’s not going to text you first. It’s like he’s testing you to see if you would be the one to message him first.

why do guys stop texting and then start again

3. He just wants you to miss him. This is like playing hard to get, but in a way that’s a little more innocent. He’s not manipulating your feelings by being unavailable. Instead, he’s just trying not to be too in-your-face about his attraction to you. He wants you to know what it’s like when he’s not around for you to text. He wants you to see just how dull a day can be when he’s not texting you. He’s basically just saying “see how much less awesome a day becomes when I’m not in it?”

4. He has other things on his mind. They say that when a guy treats you as a priority, he will always find the time to text you. However, when your relationship isn’t serious enough to be his priority, he might suddenly disappear for days at a time. It’s not that he doesn’t want to text you, it’s just the might just have other things on his mind. For example, he might be trying to beat a deadline, he might need to be with family at the time, or maybe he’d just rather relax on his work day and not worry about what to say to you.

5. You’re not the only one he’s texting. Don’t be surprised when you’re not the only one he’s texting because in today’s fast-paced dating scene, it’s so much easier to contact a lot of girls in order to pick the right one. When you suddenly get radio silence from his end, it’s very possibly that there’s another girl he’s consistently texting. And when he comes back, it might mean that he’s realized that he likes you better.

6. You ran out of things to talk about. We’re not all master conversationalists. In fact, there are moments when we feel the glaring awkwardness breathing down our neck as we’re trying to keep up a conversation with someone. In cases like this, a guy might opt not to text you instead of inviting any more awkwardness in. It’s not that he doesn’t like you. Think of it more as him recuperating his conversational skills so that you can have a better talk the next time he texts… in about a week or so.

when a guy stops texting you everyday

7. He wants to take things slow. Many people are under the belief that texting on a daily basis is reserved only for your significant other. If a person isn’t significant enough (yet) it’s better to text them once every few days or maybe just once a week. Not everyone has the same communication pace, and that could be the reason for him disappearing and reappearing. He might see you as a pretty cool gal, but he’s not quite ready for a daily texting commitment yet.

8. He’s just not that into you. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but when a guy suddenly stops texting you, it might mean he’s just not into you. And you may ask, “so why is he texting again?” Well, he could either be thinking that since you were texting before he has better momentum this time (i.e. easier for him to get in your pants) or he could just be looking for someone to talk to that he doesn’t have to commit to.

If you don’t want any more of his on and off texting behavior, either tell him about it or tell him to just get lost.


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