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Why Do Guys Tell Me, A Girl, “You’re So Cool” When They Don’t Want To Date Me?


We certainly love hanging around the guy that we like. It’s nice and fun, but we always keep wondering when things are going to move forward. However, whenever you approach him he says something like, “You’re so cool, but I don’t want to date you.” Yeah, that blows. But there could be many reasons as to why he is saying it. It doesn’t mean that he hates you or that he would never date you. No, it could mean a variety of different things. Keep reading to find out what those things are!

what does it mean when a guy says your cool

Reasons He Said It

He Legit Thinks You Are Cool: You might not believe this, but he actually may just be saying what he really means. He might really think that you are a totally cool girl to hang out with. He thinks that the two of you have a lot of things in common and in his eyes that makes you cool. You might bond over something that he considers pretty special. He might just like spending time with you, because he thinks that you are a neat person to be around. To figure out whether this is the reasoning or not it is important to pay attention to the context that it was said in. You will know this is the reason if he said it after the two of you connect over something. Such as a game or a movie. So if he thinks you are so cool, why isn’t he wanting to make you his girlfriend? Well, there is such a thing as just being friends. It could be that he doesn’t have any interest in pursuing a relation, but he thinks you’re an awesome person. He might just prefer to keep things platonic between you. Or it could be that he is just getting to know you and isn’t ready for that step yet.

He Thinks You’re Out Of His League: He could be telling you that you’re so cool because he truly thinks you are cool. However, he might not want to date you because he actually thinks that you are much too cool for him. As in you are way out of his league. He might be intimidated by you. It’s not that he wouldn’t date you if the opportunity came about. It is just that he does not think he has a shot with you. He doesn’t even want to give it a go, because he has high doubts that he will get rejected or the whole thing will blow up in his face.

He Doesn’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings: Did you ask him out? Is that when he suddenly blurts out, “You’re so cool, but I don’t want to date you…” Yeah, that is a pretty big sign that he just isn’t interested in you that way. He thinks you are a cool person to be around, but he does not think that you would be a cool person to make his girlfriend. He probably does not think that the two of you would make a good match. Or you might not fit his personal beauty standards. That does not mean that you aren’t beautiful, you just aren’t his type. So he is trying to soften the blow with a compliment before letting you down.

He Wants To Just Hang Out: He doesn’t want to stop hanging around you. So now he is trying to think of nice things to say to you so that you will still want to be friends with him. He really does not want to lose you as a friend, but he does not want to date you at all. So now he is scrambling to let you know what he thinks of you to make you stick around. He might not be ready for a relationship now, but the door is still open if this is the reasoning.

He Is Entertaining Other Girls: So it is pretty clear that he thinks you are a cool person, but why wouldn’t he want to date you? There is a chance that it is because he is hanging around with a lot of different girls. You aren’t the only one. He might spend time with others and, at this point, he probably has not decided who he wants to settle down with. He is feeling out a little bit of everyone. So he’s going to tell you he thinks you are a cool person and that you should keep hanging out with him. Until he finds out who he really likes as more than just a friend, that is.

Or He Is Taken: Or, sadly, he could actually be in a committed relationship. He might just not have mentioned it yet. Or it could be that he is trying to hide it from you. Yes, that would make you the side chick at this point. He doesn’t want to put a label on the two of you, because he already has a label slapped on him and somebody else. Yeah, this one is pretty heartbreaking, but it happens more often than we like to imagine.

He Just Isn’t Ready Yet: The last reason we have on the list is that he just isn’t ready to take the next step with you. If he shows all of the signs of wanting to date you, but keeps turning the idea down then this might be why. It just takes time. So you can either wait it out or tell him it’s now vs. never.


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