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Why Do Some Guys Have Significantly More Female Friends Than Male?


You just started dating a guy. All of a sudden, you realize that every comment on his Facebook page is from women. When he talks about hanging out with his friends, he rarely says a guy’s name. Now, you want to know why some guys have significantly more female friends than male friends. More importantly, is this something that you should be worried about?

Starting in the 1990s, there was a new culture where tom boys were accepted and the different genders could become friends. While shows like Will & Grace imply that only gay guys are friends with women, this is entirely untrue. There are many straight guys who have female friends.

Many people think that a guy who has primarily female friends is interested in them. Like the movie “When Harry Met Sally,” people think that girls and guys cannot be friends unless one person is interested in the other. While this is sometimes true, it is not always the case.

1. They Have the Same Interests

Guys like cars and girls like makeup, right? Wrong. Throw out all of those old-fashioned gender stereotypes because they are just not true. Some guys like to hang out with women because they genuinely share the same interests. He might like talking about celebrities or going shopping. Or, he is one of those guys who thinks that only reason to watch football is to bet on it. For whatever reason, the guy finds that he shares more interested with his lady friends than he does with the average guy friend.

2. He Wants a Deeper Conversation

Again, this stereotype is not always true. The reason why it is still pervasive is because our society raises girls to be one way and boys to be another. When it comes to emotions and conversations, parents raise their daughters to value social interaction. If a guy goes to a pub with a lady friend, he can talk to her about his fears, the latest gossip, what he wants out of life and how frustrated he is at work. With the average guy friend, that conversation is reduced to a few basic sentences devoid of any feeling. While this is not true with every guy or gal, it is true often enough that some guys deliberately make friends with women instead.

3. He Likes the Advice

Girlfriend and boyfriend problems are common. Unfortunately, guys in our society are not generally raised to open up about these issues. If a guy wants to find out what his girlfriend really means or what he should do to improve his relationship, he’ll probably look for a female friend to help him out.

i have a lot of female friends but no girlfriend

What Kind of Guy Has Female Friends?

The type of guy who has primarily female friends is probably looking for one of the previous qualities in his friendship. He may not be interested in hanging out with guys or does not feel like he has as real of a connection with them. Of course, there is always the chance that he likes the girl involved, but she probably won’t remain a friend for that long if this is the case. If they have been friends for years, then they will probably just remain friends for the foreseeable future.

Relaxed, fund guys tend to have a lot of female friends. If he is someone who is comfortable to be around, then women will want to hang out with him. A guy may also have a lot of female friends if he doesn’t feel comfortable around the guys. Perhaps he grew up with a family of sisters, so he just feels more comfortable unwinding with ladies around.

Should You Be Worried?

In many cases, you do not have to worry too much if your crush has a lot of female friends. Before you decide for sure though, you have to look at what his relationships are like. Are they really his friends or just ladies that he flirts with? If he likes to flirt and play the field, then those “friends” could just be dating options. If it seems like he is genuinely friends with them, then relax! You probably have nothing to worry about.

There are only a few times when you should be worried if a guy has genuine friends who are ladies. If it is from an insecurity thing, then you might worry that he needs more attention than you can give. Likewise, you have a right to be worried if you are pretty certain that his friends are actually more interested in dating him than being friends. This does not mean that he reciprocates their feelings, but it is an understandable thing to be worried about.

As long as his female friends are actually just friends and you get along with them, there is probably nothing to worry about. The good news is that a guy who has a lot of female friends already has a good idea about what women like. He is used to talking to women, so he will be a good listener once he becomes comfortable around you. And if there is a problem in the relationship, his lady friends will set him straight and help him to see your side of the argument—as long as you are in the right, of course.


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