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Why Do Some White Men Prefer Asian Women?


This is a common question. Since this question delves into topics of race, ethnicity and culture that we would generally avoid, it is normally not a topic that we would bring up on this website. Because a number of readers have asked this question and similar questions, we are going to cover the topic anyway.

The question that we hear a lot is about why some Caucasian men prefer Asian women. You see couples where there is an Asian wife and Caucasian husband, and you don’t think about it at first. When you keep seeing this pattern repeated over and over again, you start to wonder why it is happening. Every couple is different, so there are a variety of reasons why you may see this pairing. We will cover some of the most common reasons why this happens.

why asian women prefer white men

Why Do Some Caucasian Men Prefer Asian Women?

As much as we hate generalities, we are going to generalize a lot on this topic. Remember, every relationship and individual is unique. There are many common reasons why some Caucasian men seem to prefer Asian women, but these are only true in some of the cases. With that said, let’s dive into the topic.

1. Location, Location

In the past 100 years, there have been a number of occasions where Western powers like the United States or the United Kingdom have occupied Asian nations. Because of this, there were military men (and women, in more recent years) stationed abroad. Lonely and in a foreign land, it is unsurprising that these military personnel would seek out a date. They were often at the right age to fall in love, get married and start a family. Basically, a situation was created where many Caucasian men were in Asia and looking for the right partner. While some of these couples surely broke up, others ended up staying together and moving back to the United States together.

In more recent years, there has been a non-military trend behind some of these relationships. Teaching English abroad has become a popular option for recent college graduates. While there are many women teaching abroad, there is still a higher percentage of males in the English-teaching population. This means that, even if the guys were interested only in Caucasian women, there still would not be enough Caucasian women to date. Plus, there is no guarantee that they will have the same interests and commonalities.

As primarily young graduates, a number of these teachers and foreign workers are single or unmarried. Like many single people, they might want to date around and find the right person. With slim pickings among the foreigner community, it makes sense that many of them would end up dating a lady from the local community.

why do men prefer asian women

2. Exotic

For men in Western nations, Asian women seem impossibly pretty and exotic. It is like having a foreign exchange student at your high school. At home, that Belgium exchange student was normal looking at best. When they started studying in the United States, the student’s accent, appearance and culture made them exotic.

The same concept applies to any group. If you are unique and stand out from the crowd, it lends you an exotic appeal. Another reason for this love of exotic beauties? Our own standard of beauty.

3. Western Beauty Standards

If there is one thing I learned abroad, it is that ideas of beauty vary drastically. In Asia, they preferred white skin over a healthy tan. Large, wide eyes were thought to be beautiful. My button nose? Not beautiful. Where we lived, they liked strong, large, straight noses that looked foreign.

Westerners have different concepts of beauty. While tanned skin is less popular today than it was a decade ago, there are still tanning salons all over the place. In Western nations, tanned skin, large lips, big eyes and thin figures are quite popular in the media. These petite, impossibly thin figures are not easy to maintain with the Western diet. In Asia, naturally petite physiques and a healthier diet make this Western idea of beauty a bit more attainable.

While there are certainly individual variations, a number of Asian women easily fit American and European tastes in beauty. They are more likely to have the petite figure that you see in fashion magazines.

4. Ephebophila

Some readers have suggested that the preference for Asian women is because of ephebophilia. While this is generally not the case for most relationships, there are certainly a few guys who fit this description.

The term ephebophilia originated in the late-19th century. It refers to an adult sexual interest in teenagers between the ages of 15 to 19. Obviously, this type of interest is generally illegal in most nations today. For men interested in younger partners, a more societally acceptable option would be to find a partner who looks younger than she is, has a tinier figure and stays looking younger as she ages. In a small subset of Caucasian-Asian relationships, this could be the reason.

why do men prefer asian women

5. You Could Be Looking at it the Wrong Way

We live in societies that tend be highly patriarchal—and, at times, paternalistic as well. For some reason, people automatically want to know why Caucasian men prefer Asian women. Men are assumed to be the actors and the deciders of their love lives, while the women are assumed to wait around for the first eligible bachelor to ask them out.

This is, frankly, not true. Women have just as much agency in most countries to decide their romantic partners and their futures. Why do we only focus on why men want a particular woman? Why not the other way around?

In this particular case, there are a number of reasons why Asian women might prefer Caucasian men. If they meet abroad, the relationship could have started out as a language exchange. As they learned each other’s language, they developed a romantic relationship as well. She could like her Caucasian partner because he makes a higher average income, because he has a foreign passport or because she likes his culture. She could also just be more attracted to Western guys.

In some cases, culture plays a key role. One of my Japanese friends in college swore that she would never marry a Japanese guy. To be successful, the Japanese husband had to work 70 (or more) hours a week at a corporation to provide for the wife he would never see. In relationships, she said that there was a tendency for Japanese guys to be more controlling and dominant. She preferred dating Western guys because the balance in the relationship was better, and she could have a partner that she would actually see each week.

6. Love Is Blind

The biggest question this article brings up is why it even matters. People fall in love. Everyone is attracted to a different look or physique. Some women like red-heads or muscular guys. Some ladies love guys who are bookish and kind-hearted. It is unsurprising that guys would have the same trait. Some guys love the girl next door, and other guys want an exotic partner. For many men and women, there is something incredibly enticing about having a unique, unusual partner. The differences add an air of mystery that gets both partners interested. Afterward, mutual interests, passion and romance end up fueling a loving relationship.


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