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20 Reasons Why Women Cheat So Easily


Between men and women, it’s known that men tend to be the ones that cheat the most. But is that really true? The truth is, we’ll never know who cheats the most because many people won’t fess up to it. But we do know that there are cheaters out there – women included.

But what makes women cheat so easily? Why is it that people cheat in general? While you may be thinking it’s because they’re really horrible people, there are actual reasons women cheat and we’re going to cover all of them.

Now, keep in mind that this definitely isn’t true for all women. However, the women who do cheat on their partner may have done so for some of these reasons. Even if these don’t justify their unfaithful behavior, they are the reason for it.

  1. They’re insecure.

This is a huge reason people cheat in general – and not just women. When someone is feeling like they’re not good enough or not pretty enough, they seek validation elsewhere. For this reason, some women will cheat on their partner just to feel desirable and wanted – especially if they’re lacking that attention with their significant other.

  1. They’re not happy.

If a woman isn’t happy at home, they’ll try to make themselves happy elsewhere. And if the right guy comes along and is making them very happy, then she’ll find herself in bed with him. The point is, if a woman isn’t happy where she is, she’ll often go out and find someone who will bring her that happiness.

  1. Their partner is not there for them emotionally.

It’s one thing to be there for someone and please them in bed, it’s another to have someone who can emotionally support you and be there for you. In the case of women, we need that emotional support. If a woman feels as though she’s not getting that somewhere, she’ll go out and find it. And often times she’ll find it in someone else’s bed.

  1. Their partner is cheating on them.

This is referred to as revenge cheating. If a woman finds out her significant other has been cheating on her, she’ll go out and have sex with someone else just to get even. It’s sad that this type of thing happens, but it’s definitely a reason women cheat.

  1. They fall very fast.

Women become connected with people emotionally very fast. This means that she may meet someone who affects her greatly and fall for him really quickly. Often times, this can lead to cheating before she even realizes that she’s making a huge mistake. The rate at which a woman falls in love is definitely a reason she cheats.

  1. Emotions can cause them to do crazy things.

It’s not secret that women are far more emotional than men. They feel things on a much deeper level and sometimes their emotions can cloud their rational thinking. This means that if a woman is feeling highly emotional and connect with a man that’s not her partner, she will cheat without thinking her actions through. Many times, this results in a woman feeling extremely guilty afterwards.

  1. They want reassurance.

If a woman has self-esteem issues and isn’t confident in herself at all, she’ll seek reassurance from others. This can be in the form of her fishing for compliments amongst friends, but it can also manifest itself in her cheating on her partner. If she doesn’t feel assured from him, she’ll go out and find someone else who will make her that way.

  1. They like to feel special.

Girls like to feel like they’re different form every other girl out there. They want to feel special to someone. If a guy knows that and is singling a girl out and making her feel like the best woman in the world, she’ll fall for it fairly easily. She’ll want to hop in bed with someone who makes her feel really special – especially if her current partner isn’t doing that.

  1. They are drawn to those who make them feel great.

When someone makes a woman feel great about herself, she is automatically drawn to them. She wants to be around them as much as she can in order to get that self-esteem boost. So if a man is offering her that, she’ll be more likely to stick by him and want him to be around all the time. Which can often lead to cheating.

  1. They’re driven by their DNA to cheat.

This is true for everyone. We aren’t hardwired to be monogamous beings. Humans DNA is designed to seek out those who will provide them with the best offspring. Therefore, our minds and bodies are always searching for someone who will give us great kids. This isn’t something you are consciously aware of, but it’s also a reason women cheat.

  1. They want more attention.

If their partner isn’t giving them the attention they need, they’ll definitely search elsewhere. Women want attention and they want it from a man. However, if their partner isn’t giving them the attention they need for whatever reason, women will often cheat in order to get it. It’s definitely a reason women cheat so easily and why they even flirt with other men when they’re in a relationship.

  1. They get manipulated.

Not all women are easily manipulated, but some are. When girls connect with a guy and end up talking to him about her current partner, the other guy may manipulate her. He’ll make her think that her boyfriend isn’t treating her right and that she deserves so much better. He’ll also make her believe he’s the one that can make her feel better and she’ll end up cheating with him.

  1. They’re feeling neglected by their partner.

Relationships go through many different phases. It just so happens that sometimes women end up getting neglected by their partner for whatever reason. While some women can handle this and realize their partner may just be busy, others panic and need to go out and feel loved and appreciated. So they end up cheating when they feel neglected.

  1. They just don’t care for their partner at all – but don’t want to end it.

There are a lot of reasons why someone would stay in a relationship they’re not happy in. For women, this is often the case when they have children or are married to their partner. They fall out of love with their partner but can’t end the relationship for certain reasons, and so they cheat with someone they have feelings for.

  1. Their sex life is boring and they want more.

The thing about being in a long-term relationship is that the sex can get boring after a while and if you’re shy about talking to your partner about it – as most women are – it can lead to them cheating in order to feel satisfied. They’ll go out and find someone who is different and more adventurous in bed.

  1. They want something their partner can’t give.

People are very limited to what they can offer – and successful couples realize that and accept what they have and work to make it great. However, some people can’t handle that and always need to have everything. Women like this will go out and cheat in order to get something their partner can’t give them – no matter what it is.

  1. They get intoxicated and make a bad decision.

When women get drunk, they’ll do stupid stuff – just like with men. Sometimes they drink a little too much and get too flirty with a guy. This can lead to them fooling around and ultimately cheating on their partner with the help of alcohol and other stimulants. Although this isn’t an excuse – it’s definitely a reason women cheat.

  1. They’re feeling down on themselves.

Women can get upset very easily and will bond closely to someone who makes them feel better about themselves. For that reason, if a girl is upset and ends up talking to a handsome man, she may just cheat on her significant other because that man is making her feel good about herself.

  1. They’re influenced by cheating friends.

There are facts that tell us that if one person in a friend group cheats, others will as well. Why? Because we’re influenced greatly by our friends and their experiences. If a woman’s friend is having an affair and raving about how happy she is and how satisfied she’s been – even though her partner has no idea – it’ll be more appealing to a woman and she’ll want to try it.

  1. They just want someone else.

Some women have a hard time being satisfied by just one person. And so she’ll go out and cheat purely because she wants someone else. She’s bored with her partner – even if she loves him – and wants to experiment with another person.

We can all agree that cheating is never acceptable. No matter the reason, it will always be wrong and harmful to the other person. That being said, these are some of the reasons women feel compelled to cheat.


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